Business Blitz: Why In-Person Socializing Is a Mandatory To-Do Item

Good morning out there all you entrepreneurs and small business fiends! It’s the start of another week and time to hit the Business Blitz here at Extreme John!  Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: Culture Beat: Understanding Culture Is Essential For Every Business, Consider the Colors in Your Next Marketing Campaign, Talk less about you, more about them  and Why In-Person Socializing Is a Mandatory To-Do Item.

Hot Business News For December 12, 2011

Using Colors In Marketing

First up this morning: Culture Beat: Understanding Culture Is Essential For Every Business. Culture is what makes us who we are but not too many small business owners recognize the importance of culture in business. This article covers the experience of one woman who recognized the importance of understanding and conforming to culture in order to succeed in business and whether you agree or not it is definitely worth a read.

Also in news this morning: Consider the Colors in Your Next Marketing Campaign. I may not have a degree in psychology but the fact of the matter is that colors play a significant role in how your marketing campaign is received. Whether it is the decor in my indoor tanning salons or whether it is the design of my tanning lotion bottle I always pay attention to colors. This article covers the importance of recognizing what colors mean subconsciously to your audience when marketing your small business and your products.

Next up this morning: Talk less about you, more about them. This article is one of my favorite finds of this mornings small business news because it’s not something that people particularly pay much attention to in small business and yet it is one of the most important aspects of connecting with consumers. This article covers two particular ways in which you can focus more on your consumer and less upon yourself including: answering THEIR questions and becoming a social media mirror.

Finally in news this morning: Why In-Person Socializing Is a Mandatory To-Do Item. I have always been a huge proponent of doing things in person rather than over the phone or online. Certainly non-personal communication can be important but when it comes to truly making an impression as a small business owner there is no better way to do that than with in person socialization. This article covers just why you should begin socializing in person.

Parting Shots

There were a few articles that stood out to me this morning but I think the one that most appealed to me was the article on socializing in person. Too few small business owners neglect to recognize the importance of showing their face to represent their small business and this article covers why this is a mistake.

Your Turn

Do you show your face as much as you should to represent your small business? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on this article!

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I totally agree with you John it is necessary to concentrate on the color of the Marketing Campaign. I’ve seen successful Campaign like in India Bleed Blue by Nike . It was a super buzz. What’s in for Christmas .. cheerful Red ?

Showing my face to introduce my business is what my consultant told me to do very recently. Reading this now, I think she was right. Thanks.

Glad you found the tip useful Anthony.

Absolutely correct. In person contact always helps. Personal rapport is built up. Phone and email etc. are comparatively impersonal.

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