Business Tips – Re-ignite Your Business Focus

Guest Post by Andreas of Money Super Market.

At one time or another it’s inevitable that you will lose focus or motivation in your business. You may feel tired with what you’re doing on a day to day basis, or you may feel like your simply losing ground on your competition, so how do you re-ignite your business focus?

If you’re running your own small business and you sometimes feel de-motivated, have a quick read of these tips to help you find your focus.  They may not always work but I hope they’ll give you a much needed boost.

Look for Inspiration

If you ever feel like you don’t know what the next step is or that you need some sort of motivation, turn to the people who inspire you to offer that much needed boost.

So first things first, who inspires you? Who was the person who made you think about becoming an entrepreneur? It could be anybody, maybe it’s somebody famous or maybe it’s a blogger like our good friend Extreme John ;-). If you can speak to this person either via e-mail or phone call then do it.

It’s important to remember that everyone will get into these types of situations at one time or another so ask your inspiration what they did when they felt like that and how they prevailed, it should give you a much more positive outlook on things.

Business Focus

Improve your skill set

So that we can constantly feel like we’re progressing and moving forward in our business lives, it’s important that we build on our knowledge and skill set.

By building on your skills you’re constantly adding something different to your business. I enjoy reading and I constantly try to build on my skill set by doing research. I do this by monitoring social networks like Twitter and reading blogs that interest me on a regular basis.

It doesn’t really relate to business life but I was recently looking at taking out a mortgage on my first home but I thought it would be an endless search and to be honest I didn’t really know where to start. I read a great post on a site about using a mortgage calculator to help buyers and it helped to keep me focused.

Another way to build on your skill set is to undergo in some training courses. Is there something you would love to learn about that you feel would add a lot of value to your business?

Look back on past successes

Another way to get yourself motivated is to look back on your past successes. Was there a particular highpoint in your career that you are immensely proud of?

Look back on that particular moment, remember how you felt and strive to get you and your business back to that moment, if you did it once then why can’t you do it again?

Take some time out

This might sound a bit strange but when I want to re-energise myself I like to take some time out. Sometimes we feel like we’re doing too much of the same thing so having a holiday or just a few days off can re-motivate you and help you to rediscover your focus.

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