Candid Pool and Jacuzzi Pictures

I am sure by the picture to the left your probably wondering what the hell is going on. It’s actually very simple to explain, Kandra and Laken decided to have some fun with one of the “oddly shaped” balloons that Mark the Balloon Guy made.

Mark the Balloon Guy is a balloon artist, he can create anything from balloon fashion wear to anatomically correct male and female “private parts”.

Leave it to the amazing girls from Extreme Tan and Smoothies to have some fun with the moment and provide some excellent pictures for everyone to chuckle at.

I would like to thank the girls for coming, looking great, and wearing some very hot bikinis. I had an excellent time seeing all of you, and getting a chance to talk with all of you about things other than “work”. What a kick ass time, hopefully we can do it again soon.

Kandra finds “Mr. Happy” in the pool

Kandra and Lakin pose with “Mr. Happy”

One lucky Sang and Reagan is always the Mac

All of the [intlink id=”954″ type=”page”]pictures for this set will be here[/intlink] once I add the album. If you like these pictures you might want to check out the Water Slide Pictures, Body Paint Pictures, or check out the story about the Crazy Lady.

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john since you love all your employees so much you should fix my name! Lakin Lakin Lakin. 😆

@Lake damn it damn it damn it!! You know how many places I probably eff’d up the spelling, you can beat me the next time you see me. In the meantime I will get the name fixed asap thank you.

hahahahahahahaha i loveeeeeee these, oh man. mark is amazing with the balloons! and i love you “Lakin” 😉

Hahahah the cock balloon is awesome

Jeez life’s soo rough! lmao. Thanx for the KILLER PARTY again John.

I’ve been catching up on some reading tonight. I’ve enjoyed your last few posts on the weekend’s events and enjoyed all the pictures. Very cool. How do I get an invite if I’m ever in FL! Sweet.

The Constant Complainer’s last blog post..Not So Kingly Behavior

@The Constant Complainer any time your in Florida man just let me know ahead of time, we will roll out the red carpet.

Absolutely Great!!!, I like all the photos of the pool party, I would like to thank you for posting this in the blog.

Nice to see that “Gadget(lol)” in their hand 😆 ..
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[…] Candid Pool and Jacuzzi Pictures | Extreme John Business Blog May 31, 2009 … I am sure by the picture to the left your probably wondering what the hell is going on. […]

Interesting pictures dude

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