Candid Pool Party Pictures

Now we are starting to get to some of the kind of pool party pictures that I prefer, the candid pictures. As much as I enjoy the Water Slide pictures, Body Paint pictures and of course the Crazy Lady pictures, when it comes down to it I like pictures of people being themselves.

Sure people know when you are taking their picture but there is something more exciting to me about the “Hey there’s a camera” pictures than other pictures.

This picture album of candid pool party pictures contains over 140 random pictures of people doing whatever, or doing nothing at all. This is also the set of pictures that really does not fit into any other category, I didn’t create a “Girls in Bikinis”, “Butt pictures”, or an album for people doing crazy things with ballooon art either so this is pretty much the spot to find all of those pictures and more.

Barbie and Melissa pose for a quick picture

Yes I am one of those morons at a party that feels forced to check the Blackberry and see if anyone loves me. Or maybe I was just making sure I didn’t miss anyone needing to get in the front gate.

Pool Party Pictures
Melissa, Extreme John and Kandra – click to enlarge

Every party has that one person that is a sheer drinking machine, there is no stopping James when it comes to partying. Nah James hardly gets smashed and I am almost certain he didn’t actually drink the straight vodka out of this jug…. If you did James, you are an animal! Thanks again for all of your help bro it’s greatly appreciated!

Lisa and Shayna for a quick pic

Mike, Lace, James and Matt

I would like to throw a quick thank you out to the following for helping out with taking pictures and video from ther party, I honestly can’t remember the last time I didn’t take pictures at a party or event. Special thanks to Lace @lacerocks , James @mmapunk, Mike @shotofcoffee, Barbie, Kandra, Melissa and anyone else that I might have missed that helped out with the pictures during the Extreme Tan and Smoothies Memorial Weekend Party. THANK YOU.

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Those are some sweet pics. I had a pool party last weekend too and it was nothing like that…pretty lame in comparison. Keep the pictures coming.

Tycoon Blogger’s last blog post..Entrecard Market is falling apart

@Tycoon Blogger hey as long as you had a good time right 😉 A party is party.

damn…I need to figure out how to get on this guest list…

Keg of Wisdom’s last blog post..K.O.W Shooters: Back again for the last time

hahahahahaha i love the ass shots, definetely my favorite

@Kandra I knew you would

Some great pics. Most excellent!!!

The Constant Complainer’s last blog post..Not So Kingly Behavior

@The Constant Complainer glad you enjoyed the Pool Party pictures.

I was perfectly sober there…I swear.

Mike’s last blog post..Coffee Gifts For Father’s Day

@Mike oh yeah me too without a doubt

Pic of the guys wouldve been dope if shage was in it!

I’m with Kandra I love the ass shot too!! Definitely a huge fan

james’s last blog post..Dana White’s video Blog On WEC and Kimbo Slice

@James Im sure there aren’t many people that don’t like the ass shot, it is excellent.

Hello John, You are looking nice with the girls, anyway you are lucky, Best wish for all your businesses.

nice pics, but not sure why you call them candids. a candid picture is a picture taken of someonewhen they don’t realize they are being photographed.

@Ray thank you Ray, I couldn’t decide on a better name so thats what I went with.

Thank Melissa and Kandra especially! My my, how Melissa has changed. I can see it in her eyes.

Great pics John, haven’t been on here for a little while but this post caught my eye. Look like it was a cool party!

We had a good time James. Thanks for coming back through.

Attractive pictures.John you seems very happy between the girls.Am I right?

I work with great people, and having a few attractive girls around is never something to frown upon.

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