Christmas Decorations 2011

I managed to snap a few pictures of our Christmas lights and decorations from around the house and figured I would share them here. One might even admit, it’s a nice break from the everyday “business as usual” motif that goes on around here daily.

Christmas Lights Pictures

Christmas Lights

Front of the house.

Christmas Lights Palm Harbor

Other side.


Reagan (English Bulldog) likes to get involved in the Christmas excitement…

Christmas Tree and Fireplace

Stockings are ready for the chubby one.

Christmas cookies in development :)

Christmas Tree and Mantel


Bulldogs in front of Christmas Tree

Kennedy and Reagan in front of the Christmas Tree

How to Edit Photos in Google+

I’m always talking about Google+ and how easy it is to edit photos on Google+ that I couldn’t help but add this picture that I edited with the Google+ picture editor. It took me (and my VERY amateur skills) about 13 seconds to add two sexy Santa hats to the baby beluga’s in this picture, the hats come as a holiday option in Google+. Seriously, a monkey with half a brain and a South Park addiction can use this.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s to you and yours! Here’s to a safe one!

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Nice home. I also enjoy decorating with my wife and kids. We are all involved with the decorating and cooking for Christmas.

Hi Mark and thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

I have to say that I enjoy the family stuff that surrounds Christmas and the holidays so much more then the actual gift getting part of it. The kids are older now so they handle a lot more of the decorating, they nailed the tree down this year which thrilled me because putting ornaments on the tree isn’t really one of my favorite past times.

Your dogs are adorable, it’s hilarious that their eyes are glowing green though hahaha, totally in the Christmas spirit.

Reagan seems to always have those super crazy eyes going, he’s a little wacky so it only makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment I appreciate it.

Congrats for the Christmas lights..Good job EJ!
It’s amazing how you’ve managed the Palms lights,green and yellow/white,I really like them

ps: Your dogs are so cute!!

Haha, thanks Albert I appreciate the kind words :) As for the little bricks, they aren’t too bad. All though they aren’t very helpful with the lights.

Nice pics! You would make a great photographer 😉

I’ve heard that once or twice before 😉

Hey buddy you know I love the dogs! the place its looking great John! Thanks for sharing with us! Now all you need is a foot or two of snow right? I’m in north bay Ontario as you know and we still haven’t gotten any snow lmao…

Thank you Brian. I wouldn’t mind having some of the powdery white stuff thrown our way, it’s like 83 here everyday and I hate it.

Nice decorations . My advance christmas wishes to you and your family.

Thank you Nirmal and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Nice house there Martha Stewart :) very well done.
My house has one red strip of lights across the front & a table top tree, pretty boring this year around my place.

Unique decoration. Best wishes for your family and staff.

I hope you put some more gifts under that tree, it looks a bit too empty :-)

Gifts go under the tree when Santa comes on Christmas eve at my house.

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