Christmas Pictures of the House 2010

I always feel like I’m way behind whenever I post Christmas pictures from the previous year in the new year, actually almost decided not to post these because of that very reason. No sense in going on and on about why i didn’t post pictures yet, I still have the Extreme Tan and Smoothies Christmas party pictures coming up in a little while.

We added the green and white trim lights around the base of the flower beds this year.

Christmas Pictures 2010

Without the car.

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Pretty cool Christmas decoration. Some how I wish we would do more of that over in this part of the world, but on the other hand, I guess we are already using plenty of electricity with airconditions and such.

Do you happen to know approxiatemly how much power those lights are using?

Hi Klaus, thank you. We went with LED lights about two years ago because the others pulled so much more electricity and had more issues, the LED lights don’t pull much at all.

You got a beautiful home… and nice decoration for Christmas.

Thank you I appreciate it.

Looks good, even tho your in FL and thats not xmas haha

Oh I vote for the pic WITH the hot car in it haha

Trust me, I would love to see snow covering those lights.

Very Nice Pics there Bro.
Especially love that huge wreath hanging on the house.
Top Knotch đŸ˜‰

Looks great, I didn’t get around this year to decorating the outside mostly because my roof line is way higher then my ladder can reach I may do some ground stuff like you have going on next year I think that may be a bit easier.

I’m not big on the heights either Crystal :) Thank you for commenting.

I hope you and your family had a nice holiday season. I managed to get all of two posts published and didn’t comment on anybody’s blog. Pretty sorry blogging behavior on my part. But I’m trying to get caught up as we speak. I enjoyed the holiday pictures. Happy New Year.

Fun pictures. Thanks for sharing. I love the psalm tree.

Damn man you have a beautiful house. Nice decorations without overdoing it as well!

Thank you Tony I appreciate it.

Thank you Elena, all though the picture quality is always so crappy. haha

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