Cracked Android Screen

Taking this Sunday to enjoy the day in the pool with the family and relaxing before the weekly grind gets fired up again. Here’s what my Motorola Droid smart phone looked like after I dropped it getting out of my car, as you can see the screen is pretty cracked. Believe it or not the phone still turns on, all though it can be a little brutal on the finger tips when you use the touch-screen options :)

Cracked Motorola Droid Screen

Cracked Droid Screen

I have no idea if this is a common thing with Motorola Droid smart phones or not, and to be honest it really doesn’t matter because it was my own fault for dropping it in the first place. Have you ever had one of you’re cell phone or smart phone screen crack before? Leave a comment and share you’re destroyed smart phone story, it has to be better than mine about dropping it that’s for sure.

Enjoy you’re Sunday!

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Hi John,

Bummer about your phone … hopefully they replace it quickly.

I’ve never had one crack on me. But right now, while we’re waiting for our contract to run out so we can switch carriers, I’m just using a cheap phone that I paid $15 for. I drop that sucker at least 3 or 4 times a week, and it still works just fine. Maybe there is some benefit to “cheap” after all. :mrgreen:

@Todd Morris, hey Todd thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

It is a little strange how the less expensive stuff seems to always have a little extra bounce, lol. Lesson learned :)

My last phone i had was dropped from my balcony while I was on Treasure Island for a party. It didn’t look quite as bad as yours believe it or not. The kicker was, when I went to pick it up the glass was so sharp that it cut my hand longways along my index finger. I guess a pint of Jager at 10:00 am is not such a great idea when you are picking up a phone with a broken glass front. Anyway, 4.5 hours at the ER, seven stitches and two nurses that could of doubled as strippers made for an interesting afternoon. After I was stitched up I was fine to go back to the beach party and the two nurses ended up making it out to the beach for the party. My friend Sang ended up hookin up with one of them. What a Day.
My phone did not work after the fall though.

@sangalicious1, What an awesome party if you don’t remember dipping your noodle.

@sangalicious1, if you don’t remember I am very concerned about what drinks Dave was feeding you :)

@SafariDave, waiting for a picture of the scar :)

@Extreme John, Check your phone for the picture, Oh wait that may be an issue for you right now. Anyway I did send it, check it out.

gutted – a friend of mine had a faulty iphone and then as he was just about to send it back to apple and spilt a cup of tea over it making the warranty void!

I drop my phone like 2 times a day and it still works just fine. But i have to mention that is not a smartphone or an expensive one! If my phone display would crack it wouldn’t be such a problem, it costs only 30 $ or something.

hey John,
Bummer on the droid. Would be nice if they were a little more robust.
My wife was being environmental and decided to smash and save an “empty” Hansen’s drink can at a picnic. She stuck the crushed aluminum can in her bag, which also had her cell phone in it. We found out that an “empty” aluminum can still have enough liquid in it to end the life of a cell phone… bummer. ~ Steve
PS. I found your comment on my blog in akismet. I have no idea why. Was it too “extreme”? :) Just wanted to let you know… it was “approved” of course! Thanks for dropping by!

She stuck the crushed aluminum can in her bag, which also had her cell phone in it.

my omnia phone drop 5 times already but not like that.

That is what keeps me from investing in fancy phones. I’m always afraid I would manage to break it.

You would think the screens would be made of plexi-glass or something non-breakable. My girlfriend takes out the extended coverage on her cell phones which is a good call since her kids drop them several times a year.

Looks more like you ran over it with one of your Hummers John 😉

I’ve dropped my phone a couple of times and it’s never cracked the screen, but then I suppose it all depend on what or how it lands.

I doubt that will be covered by your warranty. You could always tell them that it cracked while you were using it as a mirror, you might have more luck with that excuse. 😛

The Mirror comment is to freakin funny. 😛

I managed to catch my hand on the power cable on my N95 whilst it was charging, and launched it across the room like a trebuchet. Of all the orientations it could have landed in it managed to hit the ground ‘butter side down’ and about two thirds of the screen became filled with lovely lcd juice.

I can still use it for txt messaging, so long as the messages are no more than 3 characters in length.

@Asha Carlos, that was good for a morning laugh, thank you. All though the end result stinks.

I’ve had so many “accidents” with phones over the years and the majority of time it’s down to them been dropped, but between you an me, it’s usually done to get a new one … Shhhhh! 😉

With the Android being such an advanced operating system for a cell phone you would think that in regard to self-healing the cracked glass there would be “an app for that”. 😆

@san diego seo, haha wouldn’t that be nice.

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my phone just cracked on the inside….my contract is not over and i dont know what to do!! 😐 :(

Sorry to hear (and see) about your phone. Must be a nightmare when that kind of thing happens!

I have never had a screen crack on me. It sounds like your one cracked pretty easily, would that be fair to say, John?

I dropped my 4 day old Motorola Droid on my driveway while getting into my car. It was the perfect drop and landed flat on its screen, with a little rock under it. Due to a series of events, I hadnt put the insurance on it yet. Luckily, you can send the Droid to Motorola and for $75 they will put new glass on it and certify it. It only took 5 days and it is brand new again.

No kidding Tom I didn’t realize you could do that, did you need any special paperwork or anything for them to process it that quickly or at all?

Great info Tom. Thanks for posting that. If I ever crack my screen and I will now know what to do! Thanks to john of course for writing this blog post and give us the chance for us to find out this info :)

Oh no! Nightmare! Think there is a market for a device that prevents the dropping of a cell phone? Maybe making it stick to your hand?! Or a tie which means if it drop it nevers hits the ground but hangs on the tie/string!?

I have an iphone and have a crack at the bottom left corner of the screen. I got crack on it when I dropped it from my pocket while taking it out. It felt on the carpet though but it cracked somehow. I think manufacturer make the screen in such a way that it will break easily and user will buy a new one !

Ouch! John, did you have the phone insured?

Oh no that looks expensive to fix! I’ve dropped mine in the toilet a couple of times but luckily it still worked after I dried it out in box of rice – I didn’t eat the rice afterwards you’ll be pleased to know.

you can buy a kiddie-proof holder for iPhones – turns it into a toy, not really going to help you now I’m afraid (and doesn’t make it much of a practical phone either) but you can bounce it off the walls!

Touch wood I have never cracked the screen on my smartphone. One thing I cant stand is all these protective cases people use. Why would I buy a sleek and stylish phone and hide it with a hidious plastic/rubber cover. “Resale value” is always the excuse I hear….but I buy the phone for me, not the next guy!!

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