Custom Facebook App for Free Tanning Approved. Finally!

I almost feel bad writing about this again. It’s the continuing saga between Facebook and the custom Facebook app that I’m having developed to make our current viral marketing campaign much easier for our customers. If you’ve been following my blog over the last 48 hours you’re well aware that I’ve been in an ongoing battle with the Facebook Monster. A battle that started to seem impossible to win.

After the Facebook Monster stomped, crushed and disabled 4 custom Facebook apps we finally received approval for a new Free Tanning til Labor Day Facebook App.

Custom Facebook App for Free Tanning

Free Tanning App

Above is the output to our Facebook wall after a customer completes the 2 step app process. The same output is displayed on the customers wall as well.

Facebook App Features

Approved Facebook App

  • Drop down to select a saying to display with your tag
  • Customer can add a personal comment while tagging
  • Once tagged it output is displayed on our Facebook Page and customer wall
  • Output allows for interested users to click to app
  • No more confusion

Parting Shots

With the app finally done and now in full compliance with Facebook Developer policies I can get back to the Facebook Game that I’m having developed for our Extreme Tan and Smoothies Facebook community. A little time killer to add to the day.

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What exactly will your app do? Are you using a set of tools that anybody could use to make an app?

Just curious.


This app makes it simple for our customer to tag us and share the app and our free tanning until Labor Day special

Thats cool man that it has been approved…Hope that it gets on going and becomes famous…

Not sure I foresee our new Facebook game TanMeToday becoming famous, but a few players would certainly make it fun.

The work you do about tanning is really very appreciable and helps us alot in a number of ways..hope so that this application starts kicking on Facebook..:D

Thank you, I hope it does well also. If not maybe we’ll try something new :)

So finally its approved…hmmm…looks hot…i will check it out soon.

Everything is “soon” with you, get on to it and stop putting things off :)

haha i’m on to it John..when i say soon i mean in a few hours :)

So with this application we can do free tanning or what?

If you play long enough and earn enough points, yes.

Looks great John, I hope to check it out really soon :-)

John do you have a FB page?

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