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Over the weekend I had a chance to sit down and watch the news on CNN and MSNBC, I stayed away from Fox News because they had some chick on that was driving me insane. Seeing people get crazy on Twitter due to the lack of coverage by CNN of the Iran Elections, I decided to see what was going on and flip between the two news stations.

I try to avoid watching the news on TV since it usually just seems to bring me down, unless there is a story that really grabs me I stick to reading one of the local papers. You very rarely see any positive anything from the huge outlets like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News and local news really isn’t that much beter, I do like the TBT because they do have a pretty funny persepective on some of the BS news that goes on around the world, Tampa Bay and of course in Celebrity news.

Anyway, before I get off track and miss the entire post I need to get focused and get back to some of the Disgusting News that I unfortunately sat through over the weekend. Each of the topics below piss me off for their own reasons, I will hold off on my comments the best I can and leave the commenting up to you, I am curious as to your opinions on each of the news stories below. Don’t hold back.

New Police Sport? Texas Cop Tasers 72 Year Old Great Grandmother
In short this 72 year old woman was pulled over for a routine traffic violation and became difficult when the officer returned to deliver her traffic citation. As you will see in this video an argument of sorts followed and the Grandmother was Tased. This brings up a few very good points of discussion in my opinion, was the Granny out of line or should the Police Officer have used a different approach in resolving this situation, leave a comment and share your thoughts with everyone.

Video Texas Cop Tasers 72 Year Old Granny

Let’s Fight: Tennessee Police vs EMS with Passenger
It seems that this Ambulance driver was pulled over by a Tennessee Police Officer, with a woman stashed away in the back needing medical attention, well I assume she needed medical attention based on the fact she was in the back of the Ambulance. Anyway, this video was actually made by one of the woman’s family members who was also traveling in the Ambulance at the time, the video below is of the Tennessee Police Officers dash cam view of the altercation that followed.

Tennessee Police vs EMS Dash Cam Video

Local News: Florida infant dies after being left in car
This is one of those stories that some of you will jump to a quick opinion on and stick with the entire time, others will read the story before forming their opinion which is probably a good idea in this case. Regardless of what my views on this story are, I think it is more important to point out how sad I feel in regards to the final outcome of this story is. My prayers go out to the family involved in this tragedy. This article titled, Baby Dies in Hot Car reveals just how often babies are left in hot cars and points out a few key ways for this tragic situation to be avoided.

I would love to hear your opinion on the news stories above, if you don’t feel like leaving a comment but you like the article or would like to be notified of my future articles you can add Extreme John.com to your Feed reader.

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I don't know why I always read posts titled something I KNOW is going to scar me mentally, yet I continue to.

I've written posts in the past commenting on certain incidents, like these, that have happened involving the police. Sometimes I just shake my head. I mean, on one end, I can't imagine having to deal with a potential criminal and not know what will happen the next second (and I'm sure they are trained to think everyone is a threat). But on the other end, he pretty easily overpowered that old lady.

I wish I could have seen more of the EMS video, or maybe that's all they took. If the EMS had their lights on, I'm not sure why they were stopped.

John, excellent examples that could cause a very interesting debate.

I do it all the time Jule, especially in regards to news stories like these.

Yeah some of these stories can easily get you thinking, I agree I feel he did easily over power the old lady. To a point where I felt the only one she was a threat to was herself, I also feel that everyone knows sometimes as people get older…. they get hard headed, stubborn and problematic when they feel strongly about something, there was no way this feisty 72 year old woman was going to let someone shove her, especially not a man and especially not a Police Officer.

What is crazy about that situation is the fact that she got so hot headed so fast, she could have just taken her ticket and moved on like 99% of the rest of us do when that occurs.

So twisty. Haha.

Ahhhh… the typical situation of some high school geeks turned into cops. Clearly the situation in these videos portray some nobodies (cops) that are portraying to the world that they now have power and justice, but over who??? Are lives not important anymore to cops??? We hear so many shootings of cops that misinterpret a “real” visual of a gun just to shoot one themselves, which in most cases leads up to a fatality. I guess what it really boils down to… is America really that bad of a place to live or are we (government, protection agencies (fbi, dea, officers, cia, etc) turning our world into a “world of conflict”.

In regards to the videos, what man has the right to lay their hands on a woman… I thought we were engraved as kids (boys) by our parents to never put our hands on a female. Clearly this cop is either a serious dousche bag or he just does not respect nor cherish life. This lady was of no threat. We have all met people like her in our lives… HER BARK IS BIGGER THAN HER BITE!! So to the cop that felt it was necessary to taser a 72 year old lady, congrats on being introduced to the world as a DISGRACE!

With regards to the cop pulling over a EMS when someone was in critical condition I have two things to bring up… first off you should quit life… secondly, it is a LAW… let me state that again… it is a LAW to move out of the way of a ambulance in pursuit. As a COP, working for the government, did this redneck not comprehend the rules of the LAW? Just because you have a badge, does that mean we should give a shit about your opinion, your bias argument or your lack of knowledge… I will let you be the judge of that one. With that said, to this cop, I hope you go home with a sour taste in your mouth knowing that you had the chance of ending someones life because YOU as a stubborn moron could not take the opposition of moving the F out of the way of a ambulance in pursuit. Go pat yourself on the back there guy and once your done, do the US a favor and turn in your badge, your outfit and most of all your identity back to your station because you my man do not deserve to “DEFEND” us in any aspect!!!

Better yet… here is a song that portrays cops in a census that maybe some of you do not agree, but to me, is quite blunt and on topic. Yes it is a bit explicit, but hey freedom of speech and in accordance and relevance to these stories, why not…


Hay, It's nice, I always like to keep such videos with me, It's my hobby. I also want to download this video. Thanks.

Very passionate rant indeed my friend very nice, this may spark a little fire storm if your not careful :)

Yeah, It’s right. A lot of main news are being neglected by several news channels like CNN and BBC due to Iran Elections.

[…] Disgusting News Posted on Monday, June 15th, 2009 in Current Events – Comments: (9) Over the weekend I had a chance to sit down and watch the news on CNN and MSNBC, I stayed away from Fox News because they had some chick on that was driving me insane. Seeing people get crazy on Twitter due to the lack of coverage by CNN of the Iran Elections, I decided to see what was going on and flip between the two news stations. […]

I always love a good TAZ, whether its 12, 22, 52 or 72. Any age is good for tazing. Don’t mess with the PoPo and you wont get tazed.

Haha are you drunk Dave?

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