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I hope everyone’s having a sweet Friday thus far, I’ve had another one of those crazy ass weeks tied in to another one of those crazy ass Friday’s. I intend to spend a little time writing about what’s been going on this weekend, it’s something I’ve waited about a year to write about and something that will probably make most of you go, “WHAT!?!?!”.

Earlier this week I had an article come up in my reader from my friends over at Social Media Examiner, well can’t really say, “friends” since they probably have no clue who Extreme John is or what I do. It just sounded better saying, “my friends over at Social Media Examiner”. Anyway, focus here. After reading the article and sharing it via my Twitter account @extremejohn I moved on and never thought twice about it. I mean let’s face it, tanning salons are a micro niche, even worse off a micro-niche slowly being killed off by the government (already 37,000+ jobs lost in 6 months). I wouldn’t imagine anyone paying any attention to the incredible customer interaction, service, and promotions that we have on my small business Facebook Page for Extreme Tan and Smoothies. I won’t even get in to how I created  the first Facebook game for indoor tanners or the Free Tanning til’ Labor Day promotion and app that went viral on Facebook. Again, it’s indoor tanning, a small niche, who cares outside of tanners and tanning salon owners.

Favorite Small Business Facebook Page

A day or so went by and out of nowhere I received an email from Elena, a frequent commentor here on my blog, socialmedia addict, small business supporter and Websites Give Back blogger. Elena was nice enough to nominate MY Facebook Page for favorite small business Facebook page. Needless to say, even with the failures, successes and my experience with using social media for small business I underestimated the power of my Facebook page. It’s most likely due to the fact that I put about 99% more time in to my small business Facebook pages for Extreme Tan and Smoothies and Extreme Spray Tan and just consider my Facebook page as an option for anyone that “might” care about what I have to say about business, or whatever else I might ramble about. I really never thought anyone would nominate, vote for or even consider my Facebook page as one of their favorites, to say it’s flattering doesn’t put it in to perspective.

Here’s what Elena had to say when she nominated me on Social Media Examiner for Favorite Small Business Facebook Page.

Best Small Business Facebook Page

Everyone is different, for me I can tell you I’ve always been amazed by the fact that anyone would even read my blog, never mind commenting, retweeting, sharing on Facebook and GooglePlus. It’s wild to see someone take the time out of their day (everyone’s day is busy for one reason or another) and mention you on someone else’s blog. Wild, I can’t really put it in to words I guess. Either way, to say it’s appreciated is a massive understatement.

Parting Shots

In reality I realize there’s not really a shot in hell that I’ll be picked as one of the best small business Facebook pages, but I will say that the simple fact that Elena has been nice enough to tweet and retweet about it on Twitter, nominate me, write me and even read what I’ve written is more than enough for me. THANK YOU Elena, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

You’re Up Baby

If you would like to nominate my Facebook page for the Social Media Examiner please comment here, and thank you in advance if you do. You know it’s appreciated.

Connect with Elena on Twitter @WGB2U

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Very well deserved EJ… It still baffles and impresses me how you can still run all these tanning salons and keep up with your blog and whatever else you goin on.. Truly a person that is many steps ahead..I will never forget any advice you have given me . You will always be someone I respect and lookup to.

Thank you Sangalicious I appreciate that bro and I hope you put that advice to good work for you and your family. As for how I run everything, that answer is simple. I don’t, I have amazing associates that work on my team and make everything happen, without them I wouldn’t have time to breath.

Well John, first … thank YOU so incredibly much for mentioning my input in this at all! I’m humbly grateful. Honestly, I didn’t think twice about it because as soon as I saw this from the Social Media Examiner, it was a total no-brainer! Second, I think you sell yourself and your impact far too short here. Without a doubt you, for me, you have had more impact than any other individual in way of small business and social media! I have learned an enormous amount from you and really you affect so many others because I share your information; so it’s circular and the benefit carries on.

I think people should always be recognized for their greatness (and God knows you don’t need me for that); however, it’s a privilege to tout about people and companies that I respectfully admire and make a difference. I think they would be hard-pressed to find someone better and I truly mean that – only politics or “favorites” could perhaps get in the way. I hope they really base it on what they say they do!!

I sincerely hope people go and vote for you and I’m going to continue my vote EJ campaign! :)

Thank you again and good luck, you deserve it!!

Much kindness,


There wasn’t a chance in the world I wasn’t going to thank you for starting a Vote for EJ campaign, impossible and every single positive word you’ve had to say is greatly appreciated and means a lot. Something else I wasn’t going to let go by without saying it.

That’s a really good point, the way pages are built for small and large business is different b/c the clients are different so we should try to first understand what they need and then build the pages instead of copying the big fish :)

Be creative, build off of others ideas to make your ideas better. Sounds easy enough :)

I tend to prefer when facebook pages do *not* employ the various flash and java plugins available, and instead provide traditional text, images and links to fully developed websites separate from facebook. I’m not sure why, maybe the plugins just don’t look integrated enough or look to different from the rest of the profile, and sometimes they behave wonkily.

I can see where user preference comes in, I personally prefer to add a little zest to things while trying to keep them clean. I did have text based apps in place for a long time, but the overall results were never as good as the results I’ve seen from adding some excitement and making my connections feel more welcome on their first visit.

Great props given to you there, I will do my part to vote also.

Big thanks Dave, I appreciate your vote!

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