Eminem Relapse Leak Update

As true Eminem fans patiently await the arrival of Eminem’s new album “Relapse”, we also patiently await any sneak peek at a leaked Eminem track. If you remember earlier this week I wrote about the early leak of the Eminem Relapse Track featuring Dr. Dre titled “For Old Times Sake“, and the leak of the Eminem Album Art late last week. I have decided to make this my Official Eminem Relapse Leak post so the fact that I am a huge Eminem fan doesn’t overhwelm the site everytime a new Eminem leak occurs or when the Relapse album is release.

It might be a good idea to Subsribe to my RSS feed to stay updated on any new Relapse Leaked Songs. Earlier today two more Eminem Leaks rushed the web, one of them being in the form of snippets from the Eminem video “Crack a Bottle”. The other in the form of a new Eminem song from the Relapse album titled, “Insane” yes Eminem made this track just for Insane Limos. Ok that couldn’t be any further from the truth but it’s nice to dream. The latest Eminem song leak is exactly the type of song that I come to enjoy from Eminem, maybe he heard our plea’s in my Countdown to Eminem Relapse post. I will leave the comments to the Eminem fans reading Extreme John.com and join in.

UPDATED: May 11, 2009

Eminem Leak Insane
Eminem Leak Insane

Click below to play – and you better buy the album on May 19th!

New Eminem Leak Insane

To take a timeout for some sad self promotion I decided to share one of our Insane Limos commercials with you, it fits the new Eminem song Insane. Enjoy me in a straight jacket.


The next song that everyone might want to look for to leak from the new Eminem Relapse album is “My Mom. I have not confirmed that it has been leaked, if it does in fact happen I will post it here.

As most of the hardcore online Em fans already know, the entire Relapse album has leaked and is available on torrent sites like Pirate Bay & Pirate Bay. Remember if you are a TRUE Eminem music fan you will be buying them album on May 19th.

Eminem Relapse Track Listing
1. “Dr. West” (skit) 1:29
2. “3am” Dr. Dre 5:20
3. “My Mom” Dr. Dre 5:20
4. “Insane” Dr. Dre 3:01
5. “Bagpipes from Baghdad” Dr. Dre 4:43
6. “Hello” Dr. Dre 4:08
7. “Tonya” (skit) 0:43
8. “Same Song & Dance” Dr. Dre 4:08
9. “We Made You” Dr. Dre, Eminem 4:30
10. “Medicine Ball” Dr. Dre 3:57
11. “Paul” (skit) 0:19
12. “Stay Wide Awake” Dr. Dre 5:20
13. “Old Time’s Sake” (featuring Dr. Dre) Dr. Dre[52] 4:35
14. “Must Be the Ganja” Dr. Dre 4:03
15. “Mr. Mathers” 0:42
16. “Deja Vu” Dr. Dre 4:43
17. “Beautiful” Eminem[25] 6:32
18. “Crack a Bottle” (featuring Dr. Dre, 50 Cent) Dr. Dre 4:58
19. “Steve Berman” (skit) 1:29
20. “Underground/Ken Kaniff” Dr. Dre 6:19

I am listening to the new leaked Eminem Relapse album right now, I will be posting my Relapse Review shortly.

The beginning of my Eminem Relapse Review:

At this point I have listened to the Eminem Relapse album leak twice, which is the main reason behind me saying that this is the beginning of my Relapse review. I intend to review each and every song on the album and before I can do that I need to hear each song at least five times. I mean after all it is Eminem and I have been impatiently waiting for him to come out with some new stuff, I plan on milking it for all it’s worth since it could very well be another decade before we see another album.

I will say that my first rip through the album put an instant smile on my face, this might very well be Eminem’s best work yet. Before I make the claim that it is his best work yet I will need to hear it a few more times, but at first glance I am sold. May 19th will be a multiple purchase day for me in regards to Eminem Relapse, he clearly shows that he has not lost the lyrical genius touch. It’s nice to see the legend come back and come back with something you would expect from a legend instead of some crap, his first couple of releases had me very concerned. I will be posting a song by song review of the Eminem Relapse after I plow through the rest of his twisted lyrics and some of the best beats and hooks I have heard in a while, no auto-tune…. thank fn god!

2. “3am” Dr. Dre – At first I hated this song, it also led me to believe I probably wouldn’t like the album. At this point I hadn’t really liked any of the songs released. For some reason now that I have listened to the entire album it fits in perfectly and stays in the constant rotation.

3. “My Mom” Dr. Dre 5:20 – In most cases not typically my type of song of choice, each and every line in this song is more nasty than the last. People can bitch and cry that they are tired of hearing about Em’s Mom, they should really take a step back and listen to the lyrics.

4. “Insane” Dr. Dre 3:01 – This was the one, instantly loved the song… The first vs is beyond insane. Em shows exactly why he is who he is with this song, at this point one of my most played from the album all though it is far from the best.

5. “Bagpipes from Baghdad” Dr. Dre 4:43 – I can see people cruising past this song solely based on the first 3 seconds of it, big mistake. Even if Em is still bringing up Mariah, that entire vs is incredible. I would type it here but it wouldn’t do Eminem or the Relapse album any justice. A must hear.

6. “Hello” Dr. Dre 4:08 – By this point of the album it was very clear to me that Eminem is back. Another must play and must play over and over again, the flow as well as the beats are unreal. Excellent to cheeba to.

8. “Same Song & Dance” Dr. Dre 4:08 – Easily in my top five songs from the Eminem Relapse album, the flow…. the flow…. the flow and the beat are hot as shit on this track, as twisted as it might be. Eminem at his best, over a killer track.

9. “We Made You” Dr. Dre, Eminem 4:30 – Not really my thing and another letdown from the initial Eminem releases from the album, Im not into this type of Em song… However I still let it play and still get down to it.. Yeah I get down to it I said.

10. “Medicine Ball” Dr. Dre 3:57 – Easily top three for me. I either put this, Underground or Stay Wide Awake on the minute I get into the whip. I can’t even put this song into words.

12. “Stay Wide Awake” Dr. Dre 5:20 – One of the sickest beats ever with a certainly sick ass Em over the top, unreal ability displayed by Em on this track. It’s simple to see why he is one of, if not the best.

13. “Old Time’s Sake” (featuring Dr. Dre) Dr. Dre[52] 4:35 – I like this song, it’s got that old school Dre vibe which I can listen to during any old school lunch or anything else. It’s fresh to hear Em do his thing and it’s a nice sample of some Dr. Dre to hold us over until Detox…. Thats an Album right?

14. “Must Be the Ganja” Dr. Dre 4:03 – Probably one of my most least listened to tracks on Relapse, it needs a few more plays before I can really say if I LOVE it or just Like it.

16. “Deja Vu” Dr. Dre 4:43 – More darkness just the way I like it, I often relate to the feeling.

17. “Beautiful” Eminem 6:32 – As I said in response to someone that commented, this song (if it gets airplay) will explode. One of my favorite tracks and very easy to get lost in.

18. “Crack a Bottle” (featuring Dr. Dre, 50 Cent) Dr. Dre 4:58 – This is what it is. I don’t hate it, but I don’t particularly love it either. I felt like I was listening to Encore the first time I heard this song, certainly nothing like the Relapse album.

20. “Underground/Ken Kaniff” Dr. Dre 6:19 – My most played song, and I find myself playing it multiple times in a row. This it the Eminem I have been waiting the last couple of years for, this is the Eminem I was hoping would show up.

I can probably go on and on about each and every beat on the album, as well as every line that Em spits… and holy shit does he spit. Instead of wasting your time doing that I will close by saying it is by far my favorite Eminem album. I am not sure I have ever heard a more complete album than Relapse, each song grabs me more than the last.. I am never disappointed when the “next” song comes on. Unreal.

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UPDATE: Eminem to perform live on the Jimmy Kimmel show on May 22nd.

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The entire album leaked yesterday. there are a few torrents on pirate bay.

So you heard it than? What do you think of it?

Yeah new Em leaked in full yesterday. It’s really good. Better than the last few albums.

So far I agree the album is sick, best Em stuff in a while and a pleasant surprise. I will post a review shortly, but jesus how hot is “Underground”? Sick.

Eminem’s Relapse album is definitely growing on me!

His stuff always gets leaked too…I’ll be buying it either way!

[…] Eminem Relapse Leak Update | The Extreme John Blog […]

[…] Eminem Relapse Leak Update | The Extreme John Blog […]

:mrgreen: 😐 ❓ ❓ ❗ 😥 😥 :roll: 😛 😳 💡 😀 👿 8) 😕 :):) ➡ 😈 ➡ 😉 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 :roll: :roll: ❗ ❓ ❓ ❗ ❗ :( 😆 😮 😮 😆 😆 8) 😯 😈 😐 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ➡ 😛 😆 ❓ ❗ 😡 😥 👿 😕 :) :mrgreen:

this album is very good, probs not his best (i still think marshall mathers Lp is his best) beautiful will b #1 1000000000000% if it gets air play. extremely good song, reminds me of stan in terms of its meaning. undergound is the other song that has got me excited. i have heard each song and skit once so far, beautiful about 5 times and underground twice. my mom is another good one.

Without a doubt “Underground” is a bad ass song, “Beautiful” would be a banger for sure, if it gets air play. It’s a Yellow Brick Road with a pretty sweet story and a solid message.

“Medicine Ball”, “Stay Wide Awake” are also nasty ass tracks as well, I have now heard each song 10x, the Skits I listened to once even though as far as Skits go on an album they aren’t that bad.

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yea i heard undergorund thats is crazy

Relapse is bananas!!! Copping that ish for sure.

Wanna set the record straight on Em’s “voice”….95% is normal Em flow….not much of that “arabic voice” shit

EM is on another level right now

I will say this….lots of old flow/wordplay that is reminiscent of SS LP……reading from some comments above…i think its the best album since MM LP and…..ANNNND….could be better, need to listen more

Flow- 9/10
Rhymes -10/10
Concepts – 9/10
BEATS 15/10!!!!!!!!! That classic Dre Boom bat. boom boom bat is ALL OVER RELAPSE

“Beautiful” – powerful rhymes/concept, and def has that Stan x YBR feel

“My Mom” – ridiculously catchy hook, 3rd verse kills anything out out this year…other than a Slaughterhouse joint

“Underground” 1st verse flow and rhyme scheme…completely insane and best Em in a long time…serious grit in his voice…hungry as ever

“Deja Vu” – Again, ridic flow and wordplay….3rd verse mentions Proof and drug addiction annnd his Pneumonia incident being “fake”

even the SKITS are bad ass best ”Paul” skit ever!!!!!!!1

FINALLY, i will end by saying this…..i cant find a “Proof” dedication track or a DJ Premier “keys to the city” track

Soooooo, that being said…if those show up on Relapse 2 ANNNND it says consistent with Relapse…….

Well then Relapse 2 will be EMINEM’s best album EVER!!!

im out

@Tee what an excellent review very nice! Without a doubt one of Em’s masterpieces, I can’t even think of a Relapse 2 at this point. This album will keep me full for a while.

In regards to the beats, you hit the nail on the head I was trying to explain that to a few people last night as we listened. They didn’t get it though. Not true Em fans. haha.

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this SHIT

@ EJ

Me too. I dunno, man. Some heads just dont get it. Dre has been silent for a long time…his beats on Busta’s “Big Bang” and anything after that, all the way up to Bishop Lamont’s “Grow Up”…kinda sound the same….which is still fire becasue those beat are banging (think of Busta “Been Thru The Storm”, Jay-Z “Lost One’s”, Snoop’s “Imagine”, Bishop Lamont “Grow Up”)

But fuck me running…..the beats on Relapse….so Dre-ish, yet such a unique style of Dre’s that….man, Relapse 2…fuck that…if Detox sees the light of day….i dont think I’ll need another hip hop album ever….fuck i sound like such a wack ass Stan.

But regarding Relapse, still gonna buy it for sure….absolutely has the POTENTIAL for being a CLASSIC ALBUM and I will outline why below in simple, point form….

1. Em’s been quiet for some time now….and his first release’s “Crack A Bottle” and “We Made You” are better than his previous album singles. Following Em’s formula, he releases the cathy-ass, pop-ish tunes first. “My Name Is”, obviously the best one…..but fuck, I actually think the hook in C.A.B. is catchy as fuck, and pretty dope (My posse’s kickin up dust…)

2. 3 a.m. – Ok, so Em digs up some of that psycho-killer shit and spits riduclous verses over a dark Dre beat. Em fans eat this Slim Shady side up, and Im one of them. But what makes this song even more dope is the VIDEO. No MTV/BET play for that doosy….Still, no one, not even Non-Phixion, Ill Bill, or ICP (for anyone who thinks I have not done my homework) can rap about the gruesome shit with such style, swag, rhymes, delivery, flavour….whatever u wanna call it

3. EMINEM’s RHYMES SCHEMES/FLOWS – there are so many different styles that Em plays with on the album, every track is unique, and therefore every track sounds different. His various flows, (think “Underground”, “Medicine Ball”, and “Insane”) and ridiculous. They are a fresh, new style that Em hasnt displayed before.

P.S. that “Insane” track, the 2nd verse….hands down, no one can ride a Dre beat like Em…and he is so damn on point in that verse, go back and listen, its bananas.

4. DR. DRE PRODUCES EVERY TRACK…EXCEPT 1 – what else can I say about this duo. Like I said above, no one can ride a Dre beat like Eminem can. Their chemistry is so dangerous, no wonder there is 2 albums, holds on Detox, Obie and Stat getting droppped…..These two are up to something. They are gonna bow outta the game within the next few years, and they are gonna change the game upon their exit. Relapse 2 and Detox will end everything we thought about this wach-ass,tight-jean wearing, hipster Kanye generation and usher in a new age of West-hop, Detroit-rock, Ny-swag hip-hop that will last for years to come.

And the one track that Em did produce, I cannot overtly tell which one it is….I mean, I know which one’s it isn’t but the point I am making is that his beats used to be so easy to point pout, and extremely bland!!!! But he seems to get his music lost amongst Dre’s, which is a massive big-ups respect in the beat making circles which I hail from…


[…] am very thankful for the very delightful posts from http://www.rollingstone.com, therapup.uproxx.com, http://www.extremejohn.com – all of them 3 helped me forming my […]

@Tee there is no doubt that even after only two posts here, you know your shit… especially your Eminem shit. Your right on the money, and on a lot of points that a lot of people would miss or don’t even consider.

I have now heard each of the songs enough to write my review on the Eminem Relapse album. If it were up to me I would sit around and listen to the album for a month straight. The lyrics are beyond ridiculous.

On a personal note it has to out sell Lil Wayne The Carter III. I have nothing against Lil Wayne, I just think everyone needs a quick reminder to who the real legend is.


Absolutely Relapse has to outsell Lil Wayne…and of course, all the Stans are gonna gobble this album up for sure. Some hip-hop heads might not acquire the album financially, but if they do, and if the Em fans that are gettin into their late 20’s and early 30’s cop the album…its a wrap. Game Over.

I predict the album does just shy of million in the first week….and I might even say that is modest. But in this age, 800,000 first week sales is strong. The leak will definately have an impact, how could it not? But if old fans, Stans, the heads, and even some haters buy the album in droves…like i said, lights out!!! I would say that over 1.5 mill possible for the first week.

So, it is what it is….but I believe sales dont mean much to Em right now. He is in a different place. That whole camp, Interscope/Aftermath/Shady, I think they just wanna get the new music out, build anticipation for Fiddy’s album, then drop Relapse 2 in the winter….then hopefully Detox in ’10, which will have a variety of appearances from up-and-comers and veterans, like “2001”, and there ya go, the game is changed….a passing of the torch.



Oh, yo…there is auto-tune on the album…Em’s kinda making fun of it. It’s brief, leading into the 3rd verse on “My Mom”


@Tee haha yeah I heard the line on My Mom one first listen and I took it like a “making fun of” thing too. Which of course gave me an instant smile, I hate the auto tune shit.

1.5 would certainly make me do a back flip, and at my age and size…. probably not gonna end well. haha

I agree though I think the Aftermath/Shady/Interscope.

“Soon as my flow starts I compose art like the ghost of Motzart, even though they all say they are real I know that most aren’t. Boy you think your clever don’t ya, girl you think your so smart. Come with me to another side of the world so cold and so dark.” – Love this hook and it’s a perfect kick off to “Stay Wide Awake”

Need at least a mill week 1, even with the leak. All though I have been saying forever that the leak’s aren’t an accident, my opinion. Is Winter the “planned” release of Relapse 2 for sure?

First time I heard all of the songs I was a little disappointed, I listened to it on YouTube (Don’t anybody do this, did a huge injustice to Dre’s beats.) Burnt it to a CD then drove around my city for a bit listening to it, it was raining and it was pretty nuts listening to the album.

1. Intro
Maybe the best intro I have ever heard, Gave me chills up my spine when i first started pumping it. Sets up the rest of the album perfectly.

2. 3 AM
Transitioned perfectly from the intro, really bringing back slim shady. Fans said that is who they wanted and they get him on this album. Really enjoyed the part in the video when he kills the security guard that resembles a young Rick Ross.

3. My Mom
Maybe the most bashed song on the internet, his lyrics and flow are out of this world, people are saying they are sick of hearing about his mom but this song is just amazing it seems like the haters didn’t even listen to it and just skipped over it. Hook could be a bit better but he absolutely kills it on this track.

4. Insane
Fearless. He is straight fearless. All I can say is that a lot of people will not like this track, then again it goes with my main feeling for the album. If people don’t like Slim than they won’t like it.

5. Bagpipes From Baghdad
Did not like this song first time I heard it for a couple reasons, reminded me of his triumph the insult dog a little too much. Didn’t he break up with Mariah 5 years ago too? Saying that I can’t hate, his lyrics are just so far ahead of anyone in the game its not even fair. “Nothing will stop me from molesting you/tittyfuckin you till your breast flesh touches my testicles”. Wow.

6. Hello
Haha this track makes me laugh, lets the listener see his life through his eyes: pills, strippers and booze. Good beat, find he is a little monotone throughout it though (looking for something to critique at this point).

7. Tonya – Skit
Much like the intro this skit is dark as hell, sets up the next song perfectly.

8. Same Song and Dance
One of my favirote songs, beat is a 10, flow and lyrics are great. Thought that Em produced this when I first heard it. Classic Slim Shady.

9. We Made You
Did not like it at first but fits the theme of his goofy first singles, some pretty funny lines that still make me laugh when i hear it. Do not mind the song now.

10. Medicine Ball
This beat goes hard just wish that he didn’t mention Christopher Reeves.

11. Paul – Skit
Agree with Paul haha let him RIP.

12. Stay Wide Awake
Feeling this track, really like his slow flowing songs on this album. Just keeps impressing me with his lyrics, no one in the game right now is even close to him.

13. Old Times Sake
Strangely one of my least favirote on the album, just seems like a too typical Dre beat (is that a bad thing?!?!) but the songs seems a little stale, I don’t know why. Looking at the tracklist I thought it was my early favirote.

14. Must Be The Ganja
Not one of my favirotes but still great.

15. Mr. Mathers – Skit
Once again a dark skit that leads perfectly into the next song.

16. Deja Vu
One of my favirotes as well, gives a deeper look into his problems, beat even seems like its high on methadone. Reminds me of “Stimulate”.

17. Beautiful
The only song fully produced by Eminem, my personal favirote. Beat is insane, flow matches perfectly, lyrics are dark as hell and let you into Slim’s head, been listening to this one on repeat.

18. Crack A Bottle
Been out for a while I usually skip over it, thought it was supposed to be on 50’s new album but it is still a good listen.

19. Steve Berman – Skit
Love how he drops two CDs off at the end.

20. Underground
Hard song, you guys have already said exactly how I feel about it.

I have read a lot of reviews and most are bashing the album, true fans will realize that this album is most similar to The Slim Shady LP. If you don’t like the SSLP then you won’t like this album, if you don’t like this album than you don’t like Eminem. It wil It is too bad Eminem didn’t produce more, a lot of his best songs (in my opinion) he produced which is why I like ‘The Eminem Show’ so much. Album is great though, so happy to hear him again this is a great rebound from Encore. Everyone needs to remember to go out and buy this album when it comes out (and that is coming from a guy that has not bought an album in 4 years).

I know a few tracks have been released already but does anyone know the date it is set to be released? Ive researched and found that there either isnt one yet or its in march or feb.

All songs have been leaked as of a few days ago. Relapse is set to hit stores May 15th (this Friday).

first of all finnally oh my god what a great album been so anticipated so glad its out my review of this album is 10/10 back to his best and more to come !!!!!!!

This album is fuckin sick, my brother got it yesterday and I havent stopped listening to it. I think it could be his best album ever, when you get the album put on headphones and just listen to the lyrics. Although I have it already I will purchase it just because I want to see the sales go through the roof. Lord knows how good relapse 2 will be because if its gonna be better than this one wacth out. Relapse 2 prepare to DROP.

@MilesReLaPsE without a doubt an album that is worth a few headphone listens, I hate interruptions while hearing Relapse, it pisses me off.

I LOVE Eminem 😛

Christina Bledsoe’s last blog post..Mrs. Eva Longoria-Parker

@Christina really? I wasn’t sure what your Eminem opinion would be. That makes me smile.

Like Lace said, I’ll be buying it either way. And yeah, it always gets leaked. I think he does it on purpose!

The Constant Complainer’s last blog post..The Mail Bag

@TCC without a doubt a TRUE Eminem fan will buy it when it is released :) (aimed that at my cousin who was saying otherwise earlier today).

Leaking the album makes total sense to me, it offers a tremendous amount of feedback before it’s even released, thats one single very good reason to leak an album. I am sure there are 100’s of more, it’s not like I know what Im talking about.

All u people complainin about no proof tribute should get ur heads out of ur asses cuz if u actually bought the album like any real em fan would then u can look in the album booklet in it eminem himself says that there was no proof song cuz he couldn’t think of anything good enough and worthy of proof so the whole album is dedicated to deshaun dupree Holton AKA proof. We all miss u man Big Proof 4eva. Shady is back!!!

@Nick Just for the record Nick you have to keep in mind that 95% of the comments were written before Eminem’s new album came out, it was at a time when you couldn’t have read the album art.

At least the leaking of tracks is a better way of promoting his new album than getting involved in feuds with Mariah Carey
.-= Hard Rocking South African´s last blog ..Featured Video =-.

@Hard Rocking South African he still takes some shots at Mariah but that’s ok, it’s all in good fun.

[…] time coming and I am pretty excited about the time finally getting here when we would either hear Eminem vs Lil Wayne in one of raps largest rap battles ever, or we would get a chance to hear Eminem and […]

Howdy, I found your site a few hours ago and have got through all the posts slowly. I decided I would make my firstpost. Not really sure what to write but anyway. Nice website. Will call back in a while to hear what else youve got to offer.

Detox has always been part of my life.

Nice one its unusual for albums to be leaked that early.

Relapse 1 is great, but Relapse 2 is gonna be even better!!! Remember my words!! :high:

good description of the tracks, i agree i nalmost every point

relapse 2 drops on 6.3. or 6.5.

I’ll definitely give some of the tracks a listen – I like how you reviewed each track, you definitely did some thorough listening. There was a time I couldn’t get “Guilty Conscience” out of my head: loved that song.
.-= ashok´s last blog ..Emily Dickinson, “Impossibility, like Wine” (838) =-.

I’ve finally got my hands on the album and love it. I dont think it lives up to some of his other albums but does have a few sure fire hits! I give it a 6/10.

@Paolo @ Peanut Costume, do you like Eminem Recovery better than Eminem Relapse?

i think recoverys better than relapse, but relapse is still a great album. the only bad eminem album was encore

in my opinion relapse is his best album, no matter what people say

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