English Bulldogs at 6 Months Old

It’s been a while since I have posted some new pictures of all of the puppies and I am almost sure it was before Kennedy went back to All American Dog Training Academy for another round of training. I didn’t have anything exciting to yap about today so why not throw some bulldog pictures up.

Ladies first – Six Month Old Female English Bulldog Kennedy 35lbs (give or take)


Reagen – Six Month Old Male English Bulldog 31lbs


The Leader of the Pack – “King” Abe – Six Month Old Male English Bulldog 38-40lbs


I really need to stop wasting my time video taping all the BS stuff and take a few video’s of these guys, when it comes to entertainment they are non stop. If they aren’t play fighting they will gladly spend the time real fighting over an ice cube or a rock or whatever else they think is important.

Kennedy jumps on the couch now so she can go to a nap, somehow she claimed it as “her spot”. Abe has the funniest bark you have ever heard in your life and Reagan is the little “Brain” of the group, he knows what time it is and when he should start moving in a certain direction, he watches everything constantly, almost as if he’s saving up the info for later. Kennedy is an early bird, she likes to hit the sack around 8:45 which is way to early for us, but when Kennedy has had enough, she heads to her cage and tucks herself in for the night. Abe is still the dominate kid and will go out of his way to taunt Kennedy and Reagan with any item he might have. They all love to DIG and it’s a pain in the ass, but still cute as shit… They recently dug  nice size hole right down to the sprinkler system, hey at least they get the job done. All of the puppies like to take stuff out of the house and run outside with it, recently Abe built up a nice collection of Brendon’s socks on the side of the house… He’s like a sniper!

Hope you enjoyed the pooch pics.

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Haha, that’s awesome bro! I cant wait to see them again, it’s been a while and they look HUGE now!

he is adorable, love english bulldogs, always have done. Please post updates when you have some, would love to keep an eye on his progress.

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