Extreme Accounting – Are you extreme enough?

During my time as a contributor to ExtremeJohn.com I’ve wrote about social media and other small business tips, this time I thought I’d go a little bit more extreme. Who’s heard of extreme accounting?

Don’t worry, I didn’t expect any of you to actually have but I have seen a few people discussing the possibility of extreme accounting online. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself, where do you do your small business accounting?

Small Business Extreme Accounting

Small Business Accounting Tips

If you haven’t got the luxury of your own accountant then you might reply with the study, office or bedroom, somewhere where you can concentrate right? Wrong!

I heard about the “extreme” craze when I watched a TV show about extreme ironing. Extreme ironing is an extreme sport where people take an ironing board to a remote location and basically do their ironing.

Extreme ironing has been said to have taken place on a cliff, in a forest, in a canoe or whilst snowboarding or skiing, you get the idea right?

So who thinks they could go all extreme with their small business accounting? I personally couldn’t imagine reading my credit cards bill while snowboarding, but hey you only live once.

Now I’m obviously not advising anyone to go out and do their small business accounting in a forest or on a cliff, but if you really wanted to then you probably could.

All you need to do your extreme accounting is a laptop or web enabled device and somewhere where you can get a signal, then you’re free to account in the most extreme of places.

If you do decide to do some extreme accounting, then make sure you take a picture and let Extreme John know about it!

A spokesman for the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting said: “It’s a phenomenon that pushes accountants to their limits – and beyond.”

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I’m aboard for some Extreme accounting. I have an accountant for my business but I do my personal accounting. I will send you a pic of some
Extreme accounting that we do around the house.
I like this post, “good job”

It is an idea … I do not do complex accounting, but I can make ordinary accounting in an extreme place. Why not!
I will go on the walls of my city, a beautiful place where to do math.
I have not pictures yet.

Actually, this post can be applied not only in accounting. Sometimes you just have to push yourself to realize that you can do things you thought you cannot do.

I know that the current perception of accountants may be hard to shake – from the world and even amongst the accountants themselves – but for Extreme-Accounting members it is another day of combining the rush of accountancy with the everyday routine of extreme sports.

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