Extreme Spray Tan Soft Opening Info and Pictures

Extreme Spray Tan, Extreme Spray Tan, Extreme Spray Tan! It seems like all of the rage recently as things picked up on the Extreme Spray Tan project that we started here in Largo, Florida sometime back in… May I think. Wow, now I guess it’s easy to tell why I listed this project as one of 5 Things I failed at as a Business Owner in 2010. Basically, the project has taken forever or at least five months longer than I thought it would take.

OK, maybe it isn’t ALLLLLL the rage lately but it certainly seems to be on a lot of people’s minds lately, “When is Extreme Spray Tan opening?”… “Hey John what’s going on with that Extreme Spray Tan building?” The questions and variations that question can be asked in is pretty amazing.

Hopefully the pictures and information below will be enough to keep everyone at bay until the Soft Opening.

Update: Extreme Spray Tan – Largo, Florida

Extreme Spray Tan Update

I have more Extreme Spray Tan before and after pictures if you care to see them.

I wanted to post a before picture of what the counter tops and cabinets looked like before the remodel but for whatever reason I can’t find them when I use Google Custom Search for my blog, that usually finds everything.

Anyway, next stop is the bathroom which was painted earlier this week. I know it’s not the best remodel picture ever, but as you can see there’s no lights in there currently. The bathroom is now at it’s final stage, needing a new mirror, ADA compliant door knobs, toilet, sink, and handrail.

Extreme Spray Tan Update 2

Extreme Spray Tan Soft Opening Info

All though still in the very early stages, I only tweeted about this and shared it on my Facebook Fan Page a few hours ago and a lot of things can change in a VERY short period of time. Sorry, I needed a little disclaimer especially when it comes to the Extreme Spray Tan project.

It looks like Extreme Spray Tan will soft open on January 17th, depending on how the soft opening goes I’ll schedule the Grand Opening and get that information posted here as well.

Extreme Spray Tan Details

Extreme Spray Tan will provide sunless uvfree tanning options to both indoor tanning bed tanners and outdoor sun tanners that would like a safe alternative to tanning in any type of uv light. When Extreme Spray Tan opens it will open it’s doors as the largest sunless spray tanning salon anywhere in the Tampa Bay area with over 4,000 sq.ft of sunless tanning services, LED light skin rejuvenation and personal massage.

Extreme Spray Tan, Inc. is being built under the premise that it will become a franchise option for entrepreneurs and individuals looking to invest in a new small business, the overhead is low and the ROI is high. Seems easy enough. Extreme will service Largo, Clearwater, Seminole, Countryside, and Palm Harbor, all of which are within a 15 minute drive time.

Off Topic

Hey when you get a chance head over to one of my favorite new blogs, Big Fish Top Dogs.com, I’ve written about it here a few times because it comes up in my reader daily. Without a doubt a killer site, Theresa has things on lock over there. Anyway, aside from needing to check out Big Fish Top Dogs because it’s a home run, you also need to check it out because Theresa was nice enough to write a post about me.

Between Theresa and Fiona from Abnormal Marketing listing me as one of the 10 Great Bloggers of 2010 I just don’t know what to do. Maybe it’s time to retire and re-visit that cabin in Breckenridge, Colorado that I love so much.

Parting Shots

To say there’s still what seems like a list of a million things to do in order to get Extreme Spray Tan opened on the soft opening date would be a pretty fair assumption, there is what seems like a million things to do. This goes right down to the smallest of things like ordering file cabinets, coaches or chairs and the damn neon lighting. Neon lighting companies in this state truly suck, either they don’t care about making money or no one ever taught them the importance of showing up to appointments.

Anyway, in order to get Extreme Spray Tan ready for the soft opening it’s going to take a pretty large team effort. Everyone on the team is pretty fiyahed up, so I really can’t see getting a team in there to get it done being a problem. Now let’s just hope the other 999,999 things go smoothly before the 17th.

You Go

Have you ever seen or been to a dedicated sunless tanning salon before? If so, take a moment to leave a comment and tell us about the spray tan salon you visited.

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hmmm… great progress. all the best for your new business.

Congrats on the writeup and woot to getting your spray tan thingee moving along! Best of skill in meeting your opening goals.

Thank you Barbara, Ill have some pictures when it’s done.

Congratulations on scheduling your soft open John! Thanks for sharing the photos. I didn’t realize you we’re franchising your business… good to know. Perhaps there’s a market in Colorado — not sure about that one. It’s great to look tan on the slopes though (and I’m not talking about a goggle tan)!

And, speaking of Colorado, I kind of got lost in your posts from your February vacation in Breckenridge before coming back to leave this comment. Yeah, that altitude sickness is not good. It was great seeing a picture of ‘the family’ too! If you come out again, you’ve got to look us up!

Thanks for the mention in your article… again. You are the best and most generous guy John. Congrats again on your Extreme Spray Tan opening(s)!


Thank you Theresa, it’s taken forever so I’m pretty ready and I think an Extreme Spray Tan would be excellent in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Its getting close, cant wait to see cars mobbing the parking lot.
That sure was a extremely awesome post she wrote about you.
Very Nice

I hope so, fingers will be crossed. It’s all risk in the end.

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