Facing the Facebook App Monster and Losing

Earlier today I wrote a post that outlined the 6 steps I took to stop my Viral Marketing Campaign from Imploding. If you read it you know that things got out of hand pretty fast once our social media marketing campaign on Facebook went viral. In my post I mentioned that the final step to correcting the issues that came up as the campaign grew included a custom Facebook app.

Since writing that post it’s been a wild ride through the world of Facebook and trying to use Facebook for growing your business with creative ideas. It’s meant facing the Facebook Monster. I tweeted about the Facebook monster when I realized what was going on and think I might have made a little comment on my Facebook Page while I was at it.

To say the Facebook Monster pissed me off, puts it’s lightly.

No! My Facebook App was Deleted by Facebook

Say it isn’t so. I know it’s a common occurrence in the world of Facebook, especially amongst entrepreneurs using Facebook Pages on a daily basis to generate an income. However, it’s hardly the norm for a small business owner looking to implement a tool that makes life a little easier for customers.

It turns out that Facebook has a sweet little auto-bot that will delete a Facebook app if a few very specific rules are not followed. Makes complete sense to me, but it would certainly make more sense if they would outline, or at least warn before just DELETING a Facebook app.

About my Deleted Facebook App

The intention behind the Facebook app was to make it simple for our customers to spread the word about our Free Tanning til Labor Day promotion, because some of our Facebook friends were having a hard time with tagging. As you can see by the screen shot below the Facebook app was simple, click the Tag It button after granting permission to the app and you were done.

Facebook App Deleted

Nothing too sexy, but it got the job done.

Within 1hr Facebook auto-bot deleted the http://apps.facebook.com/free-tanning/ app that we released to our customers. As one can imagine this didn’t help the “viral” situation at all. Here’s what the app page looked like after the Facebook Monster nailed it.

Facebook App Removed

While writing this post we’ve had two more Facebook app’s deleted. Good stuff.

Facebook App Tip

Now after looking a little further and digging a little deeper we’re very close to having a finished Facebook app to handle our free tanning promotion. One VERY important thing to remember is to get at least 10 Facebook “likes” to your app page BEFORE releasing it, and be sure to submit the app for approval. Doing this will stop the Facebook Monster from putting the monkey slap on you.

If you plan on developing a Facebook app, read the Facebook Developers Policy first. If you had one of your Facebook apps disabled you can appeal the removal by submitting a Facebook Disabled App Appeal form.

Parting Shots

In my post earlier today I said the learning experience was the best part, this is another excellent continuation of it regardless of how aggravating it might be. Look for an update as soon as our new Facebook app is approved by the Facebook gods.

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This is practical aspect of facebook that you have mentioned in the post.I think one should abide by the rules that are declared by the facebook administration.

That does seem to be the only option. Lol

Nice one John,

I went thru a similar process with Clcikbank’s ad team and it was tough… but you gotta work thru it. Got there is the end :)


Thanks for taking the time to read and comment Ivan. Keep pushing along and results will come.

Facebook can be a source of income because it really has the power to communicate with millions of people. So, posting or advertising in Facebook means advertising to millions of people.

OMG! 1579 Posts is really insane for me, you really are a CEO Blogger, I hope people will also follow your steps to enlighten them.

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