Florida Frost Pictures

Leave it to me to get wrapped up in all the excitement of Frost Warnings, Frozen Trees and being forced to “scrape yur Winders if yer livin in Florida”.  Craziness here in Florida I tell you, just last week I was in my favorite pink thong layin out in my backyard and workin on brownin my bunz of steel and now I’m dressed like an Eskimo at the Alaska Igloo Dance and freezing my ass off. Just for the record, I know you clicked a few of the naughty links I snuck in above…. Freak.

Ok let’s get back on track, I wake up this morning and Im thinking, “Should I really wear Jeans again today? I know it’s not really thhhhhaaaaat cold out.” Than I went outside before I left, and said by to the dogs and I realized it was cold as ____insert whatever_____. I figured it was a special occasion so I slapped on my Fonzy Leather Jacket and ran off to work, have to be honest here…. Wearing a Leather jacket my me feel like a big douche, not sure exactly why but I would guess it’s because it has that little stiffness to it. It made me think that any guy that wears a Leather jacket is either a douche, looks like a douche or feels like a douche when he wears one, period. The things just aren’t right.

Cold bathroom tile, cold water out of the shower head, heat running and Im still cold… Doing my hair and listening to the news and there’s some poor news chick from Bay News 9 (a local thing) standing by a kerosene heater in some crazy ass jacket freezing her ass off talking about 17 degree temperatures and Palm Tree’s being “Burnt”. Don’t get me wrong it’s not 17 degrees here and I doubt it will be in my lifetime, but it was in the area of 30 when I walked outside for the first time this morning. There was some actual “True” frost on the car, not some media generated panic this time it was actually frost. I figured since I rarely see frost here I might as well take a few pictures, so here’s some Pictures of the Florida Frost.

Florida Frost picture of a Mercedes with Frost on it

Overall I can’t express my happiness about the frost or cold weather or “cold front” or whatever else you might want to call it. I love it! Traffic was 1/3 of what it usually is in the morning, getting to work was a breeze, same thing coming home. I am also finding out how comfortable the couches are INSIDE of the house as opposed to outside. I still can’t stand cold shaving cream or turning the shower on and it shoots out cold water, but I will take it in trade for more customers in the Extreme Tan and Smoothies salons and a chance to wear some long sleeve stuff without sweating like a a drunken raver. You can see more pictures from the Florida Frost or maybe you want to click another naughty link… just for the fun of it… Go ahead.. Clicky Clicky.

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Wow…that’s thermometer actually works! I’ll tell ya, every time I’m down there, it never moves. Stays right around the low 70’s if I remember correctly. LOL.

Hey John
I just saw the high here today is only going to be 58* which means I don’t go out basically LOL
ahh I might go downtown I like to check out the homeless people I check on and bounce around. Anyway YO that twitter widget is hot I followed and grabbed that bad boy. I stumbled a bunch of your stuff and thanks for the DIGG almost stunned me see I do that for people but it don’t happen often on the otherside
Anyway it’s a joy to keep in touch and i wish you the best
Thanks again
John Sullivan

John Sullivan’s last blog post..Are they really social in Social Media 😉

So I almost had to break out my ice scraper, which I never in a million years thought I would have to use after moving out of NY…..but then I didn’t want to admit that it was fricken freezing, so I did the ghetto “spray windshield wiper fluid until the frost went away” move. I thought this was Florida….WTF????

Frost in Florida… it’s been ages, but I remember when I was young the frost in Orlando. Tons of citrus trees got wiped out, as I recall.

Debby’s last blog post..Lodging at the Seaside in Sea Isle City, New Jersey

I can’t remember the last time Ive seen frost in Florida and might not have since we have lived here (about 8 years). We actually had a couple of days of it and I can remember hearing about the frost that destroyed all the citrus tree’s when I was a kid.

Wow and some people talk about global warming.

Climate changes really rapidly in florida.

I remember I was in florida for 3 years and it was never so cold out there.

I guess it broke some sort of record.

It is such a nice place though. It rocks.

I hate leather jackets.

Climate kills fashion. Period!

It must be really cold out there.

You didn’t post your picture with leather jacket .

It must be really cold out there.

You didn’t post your picture with leather jacket .

Yeah it must be a fun.

My granny lives there and she hasn’t came out for weeks.

The lace looks incredibly beautiful in winters.

I also hate leather jackets.

Frost Is very bad. I remember my uncle loosing his finger , but he was in Alaska.

Nobody is loosing finger here. Period!

I love florida such a nice place.

You guys are rocking . Keep it up.

I love the feel of your blog. It is so cool.

I have subscribed to your blog.


I didn't knwo it could actually freeze over at 'sunshine state'! Everytime I go there, I feel like vaporizing!

I know right, it does actually get frosty here in Florida for a few days out of the year. The drought is killing us more than the frost ever would have, it feels like 100+ everyday here.

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