Friday Free-For-All: Do You Care About Google Page Rank?

Friday has rolled around again which means it’s time for the Friday Free For All! The “Friday Free-for-All” #FridayFreeforAll series of posts is a way for all of the small business owners and entrepreneurs that read my blog throughout the week to come together and share tips and opinions on an aspect of the small business world.

Do You Care About Google Page Rank?

It’s all about the page rank…or that’s what some people would have you believe. For some people the end all and be all of everything is Google page rank but I want to hear what you guys have to say. What are your thoughts about page rank? At one time I used to believe the same thing as all of those other people, that there was nothing more important than Google page rank but now that’s not so true. I believe that page rank is an influencing factor, particularly when it comes to advertising services assessing the worth of your site in order to sell ad space; however, when it comes to the value of your site as a whole I know there is a lot more to it than page rank. What do you guys think?

Do you care about Google Page Rank?

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Page Rank is the power of the site.You have heard that Google award instant ranking to all those sites that have high PR sites page links.

I care about Google page rank and voted yes in your survey, but recently I have been getting more concerned that it is not quite as important as I think it is. I guess I mainly thought it was important because that’s what everyone talks about on the web, but when you get for example 50 additional inbound links to your website and your page rank remains the same you get a bit miffed, but then when your search engine rankings go up as a result of the links you are happy and then wonder if the page rank really mattered anyway?! By the way, just as I was about to post this comment a message came up saying that your commentluv is out of date and will stop working soon and to let the webmaster know.

There’s a good chance you’re right David, especially with the recent release of Google Plus One and Google+, Google is already ranking things from within your social community. Wait until Google+ sets in.

I believe that page rank is an influencing factor, particularly when it comes to advertising services assessing the worth of my site.

In that respect I agree 100%

Hi John,

I actually don’t care about Google PageRank, but since a lot of people do, I care about it to some extent :)

I have stopped looking at stats, and started looking at people instead. What I discovered is that one person is not just one person. In stats, and in Google PR, it’s like we’re all the same, but we’re actually very different. A PR 3 can in my mind be a whole lot better than a PR 4 (or PR 5) blog. So, and if I look at the stats or the PR, I will start to think like a machine, and that’s not something I’m willing to do :)

Have a great weekend.


I think your approach is a very good one my friend, stats are pretty and posting your monthly numbers is cool but having real people and a real following with interaction is where the big difference is. At least for me.

I care because it is a metric by an important independent third party that I can use to measure my progress. Of course it is not the end all and be all. A move of one point doesn’t matter but if I dropped two points or went up two points I think that says something.

I try to not care, but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed to see a little bit of erosion on all my sites during the latest update. Like others have mentioned, this is despite increased search rankings so I really shouldn’t be upset! I keep telling myself that, anyway :)

I care about page rank but only in certain cases otherwise i don’t give it much it is helpy in certain cases as told by John in advertising services etc..

Yes.. I believe that google page rank is important to the success of my business as well.. but then again, the worth of the site is not in it’s page rank as you said.. It may be just a measure of your current state in popularity.. relative importance is not the site’s overall worth.. that’s all.. 😀

Thank you Jaust I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment and share your thoughts about Google Page Rank.

Well of course I care of google page rank, It’s like a good comment from a famous man.. If google thinks my site ranks high, then people will find it that way as well.. 😀

They wouldn’t use it if it had no significance. I think it has a small portion to do with deciding on a sites overall quality. Quality of inbound links as well.

I would say it depends from profession to profession, for someone who markets his website to sell products, and good Page Rank always speaks well for your website and gains confidence in your customers eyes, in short it can be a good selling point.

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