Friday Free For All: Do You Celebrate Halloween In Your Small Business?

It’s time for the “Friday Free-for-All” #FridayFreeforAll series of posts, my way for all of the small business owners and entrepreneurs that read my blog throughout the week to come together and share tips and opinions on an aspect of the small business world. This week I want to know about how you incorporate Halloween in to your small business!

Do You Celebrate Halloween In Your Small Business?

Celebrating Halloween in Your Small Business

With Halloween coming up we are having an awesome time at my indoor tanning business putting up some crazy Halloween decor! I love Halloween in my salons because it’s not only a great opportunity to run some holiday related promotions but it’s also a great way to encourage my clients to have a little fun and interact with my cast of team members! This year we went sort of crazy with the cobwebs, skeletons and even some bloody fingers hanging from the ceiling! Take a look and see for yourself!

Clearwater Tanning Salon

Do you celebrate Halloween in your small business? Why or why not? Leave a comment and share your thoughts below.

Do You Celebrate Halloween In Your Small Business?

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A Pet Store is the prime spot to celebrate Halloween.
Yes we do.

Did you have a good Halloween, Dave?

Halloween has slowly transformed from being a scary holiday with lots of decorations to a fun continuation of April Fool’s Day. An elaborately well-planned prank always makes for a great Halloween. Happy Halloween!

Haha! Hope you had a good Halloween, Corey!

Hi John,Happy Halloween in advance but I dont celebrate it in my business.

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!

Hi John, I love how you’re always making the most out of the holidays and your business. I don’t have a store front but I’ve managed to get a nice Halloween image up for our banner. I still remember your 4th of July marketing campaign it as awesome! I think your store front looks great nice work bro!

Thanks Brian! Appreciate the kind words :)

I’ve helped some friends to decorate their shops! It was so funny!

As I’m writing this I’m dressed up as a witch, we’re listening to a monster-related-mix (he did the monster mash etc) on the office iplayer and we’re soon to stop for a large Hallowe’en lunch slash party – so yes, you could say we celebrate Hallowe’en!

Either that – or we just find ways not to do any work!

Haha hi Samantha! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, wish you could have posted a picture of your witch costume.

It’s a pity but we decided not to celebrate Halloween this year at work, so it was just an ordinary day. BUT… of course we celebrate it at home)) This is as always very interesting and exciting!

That’s not any fun. How can you work in such a bland environment? haha

Hi John,
I love the decorations and I think client do too! We dress up and actually go to our clients and ‘treat’ them with candy and other goodies. We wear our costumes all day too. What fun and what a great way to create customer relations. Hope you have a blast for Halloween!

Had a great time! Thank you Ann! Hope yours was just an enjoyable :)

Wow that’s so cute. I only decorate my house not my business but hey that’s a good idea. I never thought of that before. :)

Frank @ solar power for the home

Thanks, Frank! It helps quite a bit and gives it a more relaxed feel for sure.

Hi John,
You have an awesome pictures there, We have celebrated Halloween with my nieces having their trick or treat. But we also go out and eat dinner with the whole family.

Thanks, Rachelle! Always good to have family around during the holidays. :)

We don’t celebrate Halloween at work. Too much of a distraction!

Hi John, I wanted to try a Halloween theme for one of my blogs. Later, I decided not to as I did not plan for it. I must think of implementing such a theme a few days before Christmas.

You could always just add a simple icon representing the holiday next to your logo instead of changing your whole theme :)

Your Pictures are awesome and I Scared.your blog really nice.

Halloween is the best holiday ever, first it is my wedding anniversary(I really got married on OCT 31,2010), second I love dressing up!

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