Friday Free for All: How Do You Deal With Lazy Employees?

It’s time for the “Friday Free-for-All” #FridayFreeforAll series of posts, my way for all of the small business owners and entrepreneurs that read my blog throughout the week to come together and share tips and opinions on an aspect of the small business world. This week I want to know about how you deal with lazy employees.

Friday Free for All: Are Lazy Employees a Problem for You?

coping with lazy employees

Nothing in particular sparks this question this week other than an interest in how you cope with employees that are just not living up to their potential. I’m not talking about employees who deliberately break rules and regulations at work, or even employees who are chronically late – I’m talking about employees who do just enough to get by at work but don’t meet their potential. I always try to step in and provide additional motivation in the form of contests or recognition for hard driving employees and that seems to work pretty well for me and my business. What about you?

How do you cope with underachieving employees? Leave a Comment Below

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I throw them out of my team after 3 warnings. My money comes when I work really hard. I don’t want to waste my money on a lazy employee.

in the past i have talked to my ¨lazy¨ employees and have always found that they were only working for me for the ¨money¨, fair enough but i want people who have a passion for my business, i have come to realise though that not everybody is into the same things as me…fair enough

I don’t have a problem with lazy employees these days but did in the past. I always give my employees flexibility and encourage them to be honest. If someone tries to take advantage of that, I realized it is better to let them go right away.

Having lazy employees is certainly a problem but the fault doesn’t lie completely with the employee. Often the problem is born from the example set from above. If an employee sees the management wasting company time and using it for personal gain this will send a message to the employee that this is acceptable behavior.

Motivate, seperate (from other employees) and bribery (bonuses).

I found a great idea for a small business. When running a bonus or spiff program, make each of the employees hit a certain minimum goal or nobody gets a bonus. It makes them all work together to achieve the goal you have set out and increases the bottom line. When one over achiever does all the work or is stealing sales from other associates its not as effective in creating new sales.

There is only one way to deal with lazy employee to display patience and start their learning and also make their potential kinetic.

How about a surveillance system? Even some obvious cameras, they don’t even have to be hooked up. People act so much differently when they think they are being watched.

I warn them twice, then they are gone. Too many out of work here in Tampa to put up with lazy employees.

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