Friday Free For All: How Do You Use Social Networking to Grow Your Business?

It’s that time of the week again and this week I want to know about your social networking habits! Yes, it’s just the “Friday Free-for-All” #FridayFreeforAll series of posts, my way for all of the small business owners and entrepreneurs that read my blog throughout the week to come together and share tips and opinions on an aspect of the small business world.

How Do You Implement Social Networking to Expand Your Business?


Social networking is a huge part of keeping both my blog and my small business “in the loop” as it were, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take a lot of work. Social media is a great channel for promoting your business and gaining exposure to your products and services but it is also time consuming and requires a lot of upkeep. The upkeep required by social networking is exactly why I have an assistant on hand to take care of a lot of my business’s social networking information for me. By having someone who can keep a vigilant eye on my company’s social networking presence I not only benefit from constant back and forth with my customers, but I also have someone who can address and problems or concerns that my customers might have!

Parting Shots

Social Media is a great avenue to grow your business but it also requires a lot of pruning and maintenance along the way.

Your Turn

How do you implement social networking to grow your business? Leave a comment below and share your experiences.

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I use my social network accounts to keep my customer base updated about my business, I make it a point to upload some enticing photo at least once a week to keep my audience interested.

So far I see positive results, I hope it will last.

Social media is all about selection and concentrated efforts. You cannot and should not be present on every single social media site. You should choose the best that fit your needs and your businesses needs. If you are present in all of them it will end up being a wasted effort that looks half complete and insignificant. For example, I am present on Twitter and Reddit because most of my users are. I will be making a transition to Facebook soon, but not until I have something of value to provide to my readers and more potential readers.

Totally agree with you, Social media play a big part on growing someones business and it only requires to thing, the maintenance of you site and updates because that is what your follower or costumers are after off when you are advertising and growing you business…

Thank you for sharing a great post.

Social Networking Sites are really very helpful for us to promote our business. It’s good and beneficial for us to post interesting news, questions, updates or quotes for our fans during Saturday, Sunday and other times. Most people like to watch photos than reading articles or post. Post pictures daily of the office, new products or something we think our fans will enjoy.

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