Garland Jack’s Secret Six Sweet Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce Review

Every once in a blue moon I’ll dive in the car with @TanTush and head over to the local Sweet Bay food store to see what extra goodies I can wing into the shopping cart along the way. On Sunday I took one of those very trips, during my journey one of the items I managed to wing into the shopping cart was Garland Jack’s “Secret Six” Sweet Brown Sugar BBQ sauce. After rushing home and hosing down everything I could I figured it might be a good time to write a quick BBQ sauce review.

Sweet Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce Review

Garland Jacks BBQ Sauce Review

Extra Sweet

When I pick up a BBQ sauce that says, “Sweet Brown Sugar” I’m expecting a very sweet BBQ sauce. Garland Jack’s delivers on the sweet and in a big way! I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible the bacon that was wrapped around the shrimp kabobs tasted. It truly was like candy bacon coated in sweet heaven.

Sweet Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce

Not Tangy

I can’t stand when I buy a BBQ sauce that screams mega-sweetness only to be disappointed with a slight sweet taste mixed in with tangy flavor. If I wanted tangy flavor I would pick a BBQ sauce that offers “tangy”, in no way shape or form do I want tangy in a sweet BBQ sauce and Jack’s doesn’t lie. FINALLY, a truly SWEET BBQ sauce that doesn’t have some hidden extra.

Chicken Kabobs

This is a big plus for me because I constantly try to get my daughter to try BBQ sauces and she hates them all, I have a strong belief that it’s because the others she’s tried are all tangy. Once I get her passed the initial concern of trying another BBQ I think she’ll love this no-tangy sweet brown sugar BBQ sauce.

Spreads Easily

Garland Jack’s BBQ sauce is thick enough to stick, but not too thick to work with. This BBQ sauce glides on and layers perfectly.

Garland Jacks BBQ Sauce

Parting Shots

I’m sure by now it’s safe to say that you have a pretty good idea of how much I enjoyed Garland Jack’s BBQ sauce. I’ll be heading out to pick up a few additional flavors of Garland Jack’s to try and hopefully review here on my blog.

You’re Up

Have you tried Garland Jack’s Sweet Brown Sugar BBQ sauce or any other flavor of Jack’s? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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John you have presented a creative review of Garland Jack’s BBQ sauce, and because of this review I have make my mind to eat BBQ.Thanks

Haha, that’s good Nawaz

I’ve never tried this, but I enjoy BBQ sauce in general (I also love trying new kinds of hot sauce – yum!). So maybe I’ll pick some up! :)

It’s kind of funny, this isn’t the first time I’ve thought about BBQ sauce today! My co-workers and I stumbled upon a Ron F***ing Swanson brand in the NBC Universal store and decided it’s a must-buy, if only for the “Parks and Recreation” fan cred. Not sure if you watch the show, but I’d HIGHLY recommend it!

picture perfect kabobs, who preped them?
Is the sauce a local item to the Tampa area?

Hi Dave, thank you. They really were amazing. As for Garland Jack’s Secret Six, I don’t believe it’s local to Tampa.

I prepped the bobs.

Johnny "ZeeMan" Zeigler

Try Winn Dixie if in your area. We have a team in Jacksonville doing demos of Garland Jack at Winn Dixie store there.

Thank you for helping out Johnny, I appreciate it.

Excellent article. Keep posting such kind of information on your
blog. Im really impressed by your blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Garland Jacks.

Do you know whether Garland Jack’s sauces are sold in the Northeast? I don’t remember seeing the name on a store shelf, but my family and I would like to try it. We’ve got some serious sweet teeth.

Johnny "ZeeMan" Zeigler

No, not at this time. It’s only in the southern states. However Bullseye bbq sauce has came out with new flavors and is available in all states. I’ve heard good things about the new flavors.


That’s a really good question. I should post the Garland Jack’s Secret Six phone number here so inquiring minds can find out where to get Garland Jacks locally.

Johnny "ZeeMan" Zeigler

I do not know which stores carry Garland Jack but there is a team in Nashville that is demoing it. Call around. My first guess would be the bigger food chain stores.

It looks like some good stuff, I will have to try it.

I tried it and it’s my new favorite. The thickness is perfect. I tried the sweet brown sugar because it was on sale. I’m kicking myself for not stocking up on it.

Johnny "ZeeMan" Zeigler

Garland Jack Secret Six can be found in Winn Dixie, Rouses, Albertsons stores in the New Orleans area. Winn Dixie stores throughout the south also I know carry it. If you want to try free samples of Garland Jack Secret Six sauces on our pulled pork just come on out to Winn Dixie on12125 Hwy 90 in Luling this Saturday (7/14) between 11-3. Eddie from 101.1 WNOE will be out with us.
Sunday (7/15) between 11-3 we’ll be at Winn Dixie on 9701 Chef mentor Hwy in Orleans Parish.
Come by and get ya some and we can talk bbq with you, plus, give you a coupon or two you can use if you decide to purchase Garland Jack Secret Six while shopping.
My wife and I are a professional bbq cooking team, Pop’s Blazin Smokers out of Livingston, Louisiana. We slow cook the pork and the boys in Garland Texas make the sauce. The two together makes for a real bbq treat.

Hope to see ya! ZeeMan

This is by far the best BBQ sauce I have ever eaten. I used to like Pat’s Homeade but this far and exceeds that. Try it, is a treat waiting tio happen

I’m with you Wayne, I still haven’t tried anything else since going with Garland Jack’s.

Had a coupon it was on sale, so I bought it. Poured it over the country-style pork ribs shoved it in the oven cuz’ I don’t own a grill. These ribs were the best I’ve ever attempted to cook, I only wished I had a grill(not) LOL. I went back to the store and bought the last six on the shelf!! this sauce is the “BUTTER”!!! THANKYOU FOR MAKING MY LIFE LOT EASIER FOR BBQ. I’ve already done chicken and sausage. Can’t wait to try spare ribs. You have any tips send’em my way.

This is the BEST BBQ (Sweet Brown Sugar) sauce we’ve ever had. Problem is it’s not always available in our local stores so we have to make sure we stock up when they do have it. GREAT STUFF

I’ve heard that a lot since writing this review. Hopefully their service area continues to grow, they have a couple of new flavors I need to review sometime soon.

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