Gravatars, DoFollow, CommentLuv and KeywordLuv

Ok, before I even get started It’s probably important to let the people that read my blog on a daily basis for the [intlink id=”2178″ type=”post”]juicy pictures[/intlink] or ultra [intlink id=”1481″ type=”post”]sexy videos[/intlink] know that this post won’t be that exciting to you.

Now if your a Blogger or someone who likes to surf the web and read some of the [intlink id=”1467″ type=”post”]excellent blogs[/intlink] that are out there or someone who makes money online than this might be of some interest to you. New Bloggers or “Noobs” might also find some of this Blogging information useful in their own online social networking ventures. Take it from someone that has been making money online for over 10 years, every little piece of the puzzle matters when your trying to build a blog or make money online. This post will tell you a few of the tools that are out there that you can add to your blog in order to increase your comments, and gives you a chance to benefit from being a Do Follow blog.

I wanted to take a little time and post an article that informed new bloggers of a few things that they can use to grow their site, I also wanted to post the article to make people aware of some of the features I use here on Extreme and some of my other blogs. I hope you find some of the Do Follow information, information on Gravatars, CommentLuv and KeywordLuv.

You may have noticed that there are a few places on Extreme that this image (gravatar) appears:

This is the default Gravatar for Extreme, and basically will show up in the comments of any article here when someone does not have a Gravatar. Many of you are probably thinking what is a Gravatar or “What the hell is that?”, either or this will tell you what a Gravatar is. In short a Gravatar gives you an identity or better yet a “Face” of some sort, you can use a cartoon image like I use or you can use a normal picture of yourself like Roseli E.Baker (who comments here) uses either way, if you comment on blogs, read blogs or your a blogger I recommend giving yourself an identity by getting a Gravatar. It makes people more comfrotable having discussions with people that have identities as opposed to some ugly blue square which gives you or your website no identity at all.

If you would like to add Gravatars to your WordPress Blog you can use WordPress Gravtars 2.7.1 which is a WordPress Plugin.


In short, a Do Follow blog like my site tells search engines like Google to follow links that get crawled by search engine spiders. I first heard of Do Follow thanks to John from Pot Politics and have been utilizing it ever since, it allows for people with their own website or business website to post comments and links here and recieve link love from search engines when they crawl Extreme

You can easily turn your own WordPress Blog into a Do Follow blog by using DoFollow 4.0 a WordPress Plugin that allows your to selectively remove the “nofollow” from your comments section. Once you remove your “nofollow” links and turn your blog into a Dofollow blog be sure to add your site to the DoFollow Blog Directory so other DoFollow Bloggers can find you.



CommentLuv which recently moved to a new server is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to display your most recent posts on the blogs that you visit that also use CommentLuv.

I started using CommentLuv here a few months ago and immediatley noticed that I had more comments coming in. Sure people might be posting their comments solely based on the fact that they want some link love or traffic from it, but it still benefits the site by increasing reader participation.

CommentLuv allows you to reward your blog readers by posting a Titled Link to their most recent article, you can see an example of it in action in the comments here.


The WordPress KeywordLuv Plugin allows you to reward your blog readers by seperating their name from their keywords in the link to their website, giving them improved anchor text. If you scroll towards the bottom of this post and look at Lacerocks comment you will see that his name is displayed seperated from his site name.

“Comment by lace of Extreme Tan and Smoothies”

which is different than the default which would be displayed as follows:
“Comment by Extreme John”

You can take advantage of KeywordLuv here on Extreme John by entering your name as follows when leaving a comment:

Username@Your Web Site Name

This would be the same for any blog you come across that uses the WordPress Plugin KeywordLuv.

All of the things listed above are easy to install, take advantage of these WordPress Plugins on your own blog and when you see a site that uses CommentLuv, KeywordLuv or is a DoFollow blog take advantage of it and leave a comment.

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After reading you article I can now see where I was going wrong with using the anchor text effectively. You have to make sure its the main keyword and correct URL, however what do you think about varying the anchor text and how it effects seo ranking?

Many thanks fo rtaking the time to install the comment luv module. This is a great plugin that really helps smaller sites like myself. 😆

My pleasure. It’s nice seeing you take advantage of the Keyword Luv plugin also.

I bought up into the DoFollow, CommentLuv, KeywordLuv hype and put well thought out relevant comments on their blog. My blog was not relevant to their niche because well frankly my blog is one of the few non-scam blogs in my niche. I found that few of my comments made it on to the blog. Let’s look at why. knee surgeons richmond

Hi Jon. You have a nice blog here and I appreciate the way you make ur blog live by replying the comments making it a conversation. Good work and do this all the time. KeywordLuv is my favorite plugin of all time. And authors who use it are awesome from my point of view and hence you to my dear.

Thank you Andy I appreciate it. If you don’t mind me suggesting a shorter keyword phrase for when your blog commenting, you will see better returns and it will look a lot less spammy.

Commentluv is the plugin which really necessary for increase traffic.

Yeah it can increase traffic, it certainly doesn’t dump it off by the piles but it helps it move along.

KeywordLuv is a great plugin to build pagerank. Regrettably some people abused it by posting spam comments just to get backlinks.

Pretty much anything good on the web will bring the spam on, sad but true.

These plugins help both the blogger and the commenters… it’s a win win situation. You do have to watch out for spam though!

Good traffic on a blog that managed, is the main goal of each blogger. Do Follow Blog, Comment Luv, Keyword Luv, Top commenter very helpful in achieving that goal.

Very well put Jack and thanks for taking the time to comment.

What a great idea to put luv on your blog and reward all your commenters and viewers. Everyone should have this app. Iam going to do the same and use this on my blog and hopefully get somemore views and comments. Maybe make my blog a bit more popular lol thanks for the read best of luck witht the app.

Thats how I do. You should too.

😉 :roll: Hey Extreme John, I don’t know to many people who have Do Follow activated on their site so great to hear that you use it also. I often wonder how many people actually understand what the nofollow does or that they have it on their WordPress platform by default!
thanks for stopping by

I would say there are limited people that actually understand or even know about the No Follow / Do Follow attributes and rightfully so there are people out there who probably care less. Being Do Follow increases the community and along with it comes increased annoyance from spammers and crap Do Follow comment droppers, but other then that it’s great. Haha.

My pleasure and Im happy you found something useful here today.

Hi John, I think it’s really important that people who are just starting out in affiliate/Internet marketing learn the ins and outs of linking. With the right number of links from quality sites a site has the chance of ranking well and giving the launcher a good return. However, being lazy about linking can spell many difficulties ahead for a site!

I also think that KeywordLuv is a great idea as I’ve always felt it too rude to leave a keyword in lieu of a name, with the result of this being a not-so-effective backlink. Many thanks for the list.

Great point, leaving a keyword in place of a domain here always gets the link stripped and username changed.

when i install the commentluv plugins i receive hundreds of comments daily and all of them are spam

KeywordLuv hasn’t been tested with most DoFollow plugins but problems are very unlikely. If you do encounter any, please let me know.

No problems with KeywordLuv, works great.

I think the KeywordLuv plugin look interesting, because you have the opportunity to gain follow a link that is increasingly hard to get nowadays and the advantage of it you can use a anchor text.

Thanks for this Information.

Very nice and want knw more about this article ..I really enjoyed reading it..plz keep updating..
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I’m a noob to all this, I got me a new website and followed your instructions and grabbed a gravatar, so thank you. Also, this is my first backlink (so long as you publish it kind Sir) and it’s only taken me 20 minutes :)

Thanks for this post, I had difficulties initially trying to figure out how Commentluv or keywordluv worked. Glad that I figured that out! Also I believe the Checkbox below is to combat comment Spam. What plugin do you use for that? is it GASP?


Yes that plugin is called GASP. Ive written about it on here before.

This is funny. I like it when people just come out and say why we are commenting on commentluv. To be honest I just found out about it and shared it with my boss to add it to his site. As I was spending a couple of hours a day deleting the infamous. Hey nice site or cool I will check it out later jargon, but most of them had nothing to do with anything. Anyways, thanks for Keeping is real and giving the Luv.

I didn’t know about the keyword and name separation with the keywordluv plugin that’s pretty nifty I’ll have to add that to my blog. Thanks for the tips!

KeywordLuv is a fantastic plugin and thank you for installing it on your blog.

This is funny. I like it when people just come out and say why we are commenting on commentluv. To be honest I just found out about it and shared it with my boss to add it to his site

That is a very good tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere.
Short but very accurate information… Thank you for sharing this one.
A must read post!

Hi there this is kind of of off topic but I was wondering if blogs
use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.
I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding expertise so I wanted
to get advice from someone with experience. Any help
would be greatly appreciated!

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