This is How Your Guest Post Looks On the Main Page When You Don’t Include an Image

There’s really a bunch of excellent guest authors that contribute articles here on my blog. Those of you that read on a daily basis might have become familiar with the likes of Angel, Jill Tooley, Amanda DiSilvestro and  Mike Writer, each contribute killer articles here on a regular basis. I can’t thank them, as well as all of the other contributors that take the time to submit articles here.

I’m constantly getting new guest contributor requests, which is a big plus, especially during my busy season (now). With the increase of contributor requests I’ve been receiving lately I wanted to take a moment and post a tip or two for those of you that might be considering writing an article for in the future.

Guest Article Submission Tip #1

Include a picture in your article. It will stand out on the main page and it completes your article overall.

Article submission WITHOUT an image:

No Guest Post Image

Missing thumbnail because no image was uploaded with the article.

Articles shown: “The Importance of a Blog in Fitness Marketing” and “Not So SexySwagg After Easter Spam

Articles posted WITH an image:

Guest Post Tip

Articles shown: “Sticky Finger Sally Strikes Again” and “How Do You Keep Employees Motivated?


Parting Shots

If you would like to write a guest post, see my guest posting information page.

Your Turn

Do you have a tip for guest contributors? Leave a comment and share, we would all appreciate it.

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Something else I noticed is the paragraphs don’t seem to have line breaks, both in the post and in the comments John… is that on purpose?

Hi Keith, thank you for noticing. I believe that issue has been resolved, we were making some backend changes and it screwed something up.

Hi, I’m EJ. I break stuff.

It makes no doubt an article more interesting if it containsimages, but unfortunately, I have to forget to add a picture every time even on my own blog…. :-\

Regarding guest posting here on the blog, what are the rules on links in the article to others sites for example google, and other sites and blog.
I got an idea for a article I could write, it would be about the consequences it can have to relax withyour link building, once you have a good ranking on google.

Where I would to of course link to that site, but also to relevant articles and Google articles/statements.

Short and sweet but very important!

I agree. I’ve spent several hours writing about Columbia SC Real Estate, since I am a real estate broker, with detailed information about different communities in our city. I could have taken an hour to slop some words together, but instead I spent about 5 hours researching and writing a good article. It’s still sending me traffic. Everyone has told me that “Content is King” but I’ve found quality writing will get you better results than stuffing keywords into an article that us not at all informative.

Dude, thanks so much for the mention! How did I just now notice this post?!? I feel like a terrible person.

I love writing for your blog, and I’ll be around as long as you’ll have me. Thanks again, John. I’m smiling like a champ now! :)

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