Guest Rant: Comcast Blows

I have only had one other “Guest Post” here on Extreme before and it was for a very good cause, it was an article to help catch the killer of an innocent family, the husband was arrested.

One of the guys that works with me daily has been bitching and complaining non stop about Comcast, and when I say bitching and complaining…… I mean relentless bitching and complaining, I figured since I have almost 100 of my own rants posted here I might as well let him post his.

I hope you enjoy @lacerocks from Lace and his very detailed and passionate rant about Comcast cable. Be sure to leave a comment or two and let Lace know what you thought of his rant, especially if your a previous unhappy (or happy) Comcast customer. The video below has a pretty funny story about a Comcast Vigilante… Caaarrrraazzzy!


I have been a Comcast customer for at least ten years now and throughout those ten years, it’s always been something from broken equipment, service going in and out and those insane prices just to name a few things that irritate the hell out of me. Why should I pay $50+ for “digital tv”, plus another $15 for DVR and $10 for HD service? Roughly $75/mo to watch TV that is nothing but ads? Hell, Comcast spams you with their message system constantly trying to hire employees or tell me about $50 PPV events…No thank you!

I recently moved into my new house and had no clue the process I had to go through just to get services installed here and I REALLY wish I had other options. There is DSL here but it’s only 3MBPS and when you work from home, you’re online ALL day long and constantly uploading and downloading – 3MBPS isn’t going to work. Compared to Comcrap’s speeds, Verizon is basically back to 56k.

It all started May 14th when I finally settled on my new home. I got hung up at settlement a bit longer then I had imagined. I received a call from Comcast telling me the ‘install tech’ was at my place with no answer. I told them I was on my way and would be there in 20 minutes max. When I pull up my driveway, there is no one. I found a note on my door, the ‘install tech’ left literally five minutes before. Great, that’s my fault and that’s fine. So, I call up Comcast and reschedule for Sunday I believe it was.

Sunday comes and a SERVICE tech shows up at my house, not an install tech and explains that the lines are not even ran and would need to be laid underground before anyone can even install. This guy also repeatedly told me I should “Ask if they’re scheduling an install or service call.” Why the hell should I check THEIR work? I’m not the one entering this into the system, now am I? You’re the company, I’m the customer – your job, not mine – get it? Needless to say, the guy was EXTREMELY rude and unprofessional to say the least. As soon as the guy leaves, I call Comcast once again and explain to them what I was told and they’d schedule to have someone dig. I was told that they need to get permits and it would all be completed in 7-10 days.

I left for Florida on the 23st, two days after they came and spray painted my grass and driveway on where to lay the lines. I come back from Florida on the 26th and nothing has been completed. Lines are not dug; I haven’t received any phone calls to update me on the status of things, etc. I call them once again and was told by AT LEAST four different people that the lines were dug after I continuously told them they weren’t. Great way to insult my intelligence!

After speaking to multiple Comcast reps, I decided to hop on Twitter and complain since the Comcast reps usually message me on there within an hour or so. @ComcastSherri messaged me shortly after and within a few hours I received a phone call from their administrative offices stating they contacted the contracting company who digs their underground lines and confirmed that they were dug and we schedule an install for May 30th.

So, Saturday comes around and the install tech (they sent the right person this time) arrives only to tell me NOTHING has been done yet and he can’t install my services. Just as I had figured AND told them! The guy also tells me he had to drive an hour and forty five minutes to my house for this and he was not happy. I don’t blame ya buddy, I tried to tell them MULTIPLE times! At least he was professional and handled things quite well. He even told me something that I’d rather not post here for his sake! Just use your imagination. He leaves and I’m back on the phone with Comcast yet again.

By this time, I’ve got Robin @ the Comcast administrative offices on speed dial and give her a ring. She tells me she is extremely sorry and will see what they can do and call me back. Needless to say, I never received any calls back. Next day, I call her again with no answer and leave a voicemail. Next day, I still have NOT heard back and I call again. This continues and it seems like “Robin” is flat out ignoring me now and not fulfilling her promises again and again. I finally get in touch with Robin and she explains they are going to compensate me for my troubles and she removes the $32 install fee. What a deal, let me tell you! I’ve been unable to work for 3 weeks now and you credit me $32…What a joke! How about ALL of the money I’ve lost while I COULDN’T WORK??? How about the air card I had to get just to have internet? Are you going to pay for that? Doubtful.

Sick and tired of the lies and nonsense, I find the Comcast corporate office number in Philadelphia (215-665-1700) and give them a call. The lady was extremely nice and told me I would be hearing from someone that day which was Tuesday (6/2). You guessed it, no call! The next morning at 6:30AM my phone rings and it’s the contracting company calling me to tell me they would dig today. I finally get in touch with them since I was SLEEPING when they called and was told that they would bore the line across the street that day and finish up tomorrow. Why not do it all in one day is beyond me but when they arrived, the guys were quite nice and actually finished it all right then and there. They did quite a good job too.

Now I’m completely ecstatic and ready to get my services installed. Since the last time I spoke to Robin, they had someone come out the next day, I tried to call her. Called three times throughout the day and finally I just called the main office line since she isn’t picking up or answering voicemails and they just forward me over to the install reps. “The earliest we can have someone out is Tuesday.” No, this is bullshit, it’s Wednesday! I hang up, try to call Robin again with no answer so I call back Comcast and explain to them what was going on. The guy tells me “We have Monday open but it’s all day long instead of a three hour window. Tuesday would probably be better for you” How the hell do you know asshole? I’ve been waiting for three weeks, unable to work and losing my mind, I want it done ASAP! If I have to waste another day, what does it matter now?

Now, I sit and wait until Monday (6/8) for them to get their idiotic asses back out here to install internet and TV. For some odd reason, I have a huge feeling there is going to be something else that gets in the way of them completing this install and I’m going to have to wait another month and deal with their moronic management. If Comcast ***ks me yet again, I’m done. I’ll pay twice as much to have another service that’s slower at this point! It’s really unfortunate that I am trying to give this company my money and they continuously screw me over again and again and again. Wonder how long it’ll be before they’re bought out or end up merging? Bets anyone?

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I would have put Verizon Vios in and not dig up my yard and go thru the B.S. that you have gone thru. Call & Lodge a complaint with the Public Utilities Commission (P.U.C.).

@kisco kid if my Brighthouse keeps being crappy and inconsistent I might make the move to FIOS, they ran the lines about two years ago. One thing I hate is how hey are always knocking on the front door trying to sell it, like the kick ass commercials aren’t enough.


We’re sorry for the frustrations we caused. I have been advised that @ComcastSteve was able to expedite the appointment for tomorrow, 12-3. We’re looking into this to see who dropped the ball and improve the customer experience.

Kind Regards,
Melissa Mendoza
Comcast Customer Connect
National Customer Operations

@Melissa Mendoza wow it’s nice to see the quick response to Lace’s problem and post, thank you for taking the time to get involved. You have to respect Comcast’s willingness to address the issue.

Well today is the big day. Lets see if it happens…

@Lace be confident Im sure it will go very smooth

All went well thankfully enough! I’ve got my wifi going and I’m ready to get BACK to work! 😉

One of my friend also telling the same about Comcast cable, by hearing this i may got doubted whether it’s his own. Ha 😀

Extreme John, the two Guest Posts you have chosen have been excellent.

I actually just mentioned this post and your blog on a post I wrote about consumerism. Reading this post gave me the fuel I needed to get it completed.

Lace, I’m sorry to hear about your issue. I’m going to visit your blog and comment.

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I also having some experience like this, One day I accidentally met a Comcast rep, He made me clear about this.

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Had an appointment with Comcast to install a new box with DVR, a service they called us about and we agreed to try. That was Last Saturday, July 10, 2010. My Girlfriend and I wasted a beautiful Saturday afternoon waiting for their technicians to show up. When they didn’t show, We called and were told We were mistaken, the appointment was for the FOLLOWING Saturday. They told Us we could wait, or come in and get the new box and hook it up ourselves. We went to our local Comcast office, got the box, hooked it up, called the office, they pinged Us, and the box didn’t work. “Too bad”, the Lady at Comcast told Us, “We’ll have someone out to your place next Saturday.” So, here it is, Saturday, July 17, our appointment set for a window between 11:00 AM and 1:00PM, except it is now 1:45 and still no sight of a Comcast Technician. I can’t believe I’m still doing business with these incompetent ASSHOLES. Unfortunately they are the only game in town, at least until FIOS hits the neighborhood. May be they should cut out the huge expense of FALSE advertising and invest in some competent managers who know how to run a customer service department. COMCAST SUCKS!

This is too funny! It’s hard to believe how many Americans hate Comcast. Check out my last post. I know Extreme John will love it. Comcast-Top 5 Reasons America Hates Them. Tell me what you think

3 words: monopoly, monopoly, monopoly. There is no room for competition. Therefore, there is no need to exceed expectations…….you know CAUSE THEY SET THE STANDARDS!!!

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