How to Add a Business to Foursquare

Foursquare is a newer online social media service that allows for individuals to check in to locations that they frequent through their cell phones. Each time a client checks in they receive special offers and rewards made available to them, in addition each of your client’s friends receives a message that your location has been visited, exposing more individuals to your business name.

Claim Business Foursquare

How to Adding Your Business to Foursquare

Adding your business to Foursquare can be done quickly and by announcing to clients that you are now offering Foursquare services can greatly increase your business exposure with very little work on your part.

1. Visit Foursquare’s Business page

2. Click on the Venue Owners link

3. Click the “Search and Claim Your Venue” button and fill in your business name and location and search.

4. If you see your business name, click on it and then click the button to the right which says “Do you manage this venue? Claim here” so that you can claim your business.

5. If you don’t see your business name add it as a new venue by scrolling to the bottom of the search results page and clicking the “Add a new venue to Foursquare” link

Adding your business to Foursquare is a great way to expose your business with very little maintenance. Each time that your client checks in to your location it is the client that is spreading the word about your business to their network contacts, as a business you simply need to maintain up to date business contact information.

Parting Shots

In addition to using Forusquare for your business and customers you can also use it as a marketing tool and present special offers to Foursquare Mayors and users who check-in frequently. SCVNGR is another excellent location based that your business and customers can also benefit from.

Your Turn

Do you use Foursquare in your business or any other location based check-in service? Leave a comment and share your thoughts, have you seen results and do you have any tips you would like to add for business owners looking to leverage Foursquare.

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I always wondered about the tweets I get about people checking into different locations, this like a nice way to promote your business and for users a great way to earn some rewards, especially if you are frequenting a place

Hi Nishada, thank you for commenting. The benefits for brick and mortar small businesses are excellent if you take advantage of them.

I’m loving 4 square.
I have been using this for months now for personal use.
I have just begun to tap into the business aspect of 4 square.
4 square lets you add specials and rewards to visitors that frequent your business and may end up being a great tool in the future once its gains some followers. 5 days till UFC , whoot whoot

I like the specials and different features that Foursquare finally started adding for small business owners. Good stuff, all though I might not use it as much as I did in the beginning it’s still part of the pizza.

I’m building a website for a fitness owner, so this is good to know. Is there any fee for submitting? Thanks!

No fee. You can register as the business owner or manager online to add specials to your business also.

also make sure to put in the correct Icon for fitness / gym. This will show up next to the business and people can open badges etc for going to the gym 10x in a month. The GYM RAT badge. Lots of interesting stuff to keep people coming back.

I need to do some updating there because when I had our business on foursquare there were no icons. haha

I’m not currently using FourSquare, but I’ll certainly save this tutorial, just in case. Thanks. 😉

I’m surprised you haven’t done anything with Foursquare yet, or does it not really fit into your business scheme?

I rarely leave the house unless it’s a doctors appt. lol

Great one John, thanks for the knowledge. I had only heard of 4square vaguely, but now I understand what it is. I still use only Twitter for my blog, but I am going into foursquare too now.

My pleasure Steve, I hope you’re also leveraging Facebook for your business as well. Twitter is nice but Facebook is more.

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