How to Add Your Business to Yelp!

Last week I posted, “How to Claim Your Business on Google Places” and figured it might be helpful to a few others if I showed you how quick it is to add your business to Yelp! Not that it took a genius to figure things out with a title like, “How to Add Your Business to Yelp!” Anyway, Yelp is an online business service that provides businesses a method of sharing their services with the public and provides the public with an online city guide to all of the services and products that they might be looking for!

Add Business to Yelp!

Yelp! Search: Extreme Tan and Smoothies Pinellas Park, Florida – Our Pinellas Tanning Salon Location

Adding Your Business to Yelp!

Adding your business to Yelp is a relatively quick process that will not only increase your businesses online presence but it will also increase your businesses exposure to a local targeted audience when utilized correctly. The first step in taking advantage of the Yelp service, however, is to add your business to the Yelp directory.

1. Sign up for a free business owner’s Yelp account at
2. Fill in your business name and location to search for listings that exist already.
3. Unlock your business if it already exists in the database and has not been claimed.
4. Add your business here if it is not currently listed.
5. Wait for your added business to be approved and while you wait fill in your business profile on so that once it is added to the search database.

Parting Shots

Adding your business to Yelp is a great way to be seen online but it is also a great way for your clients to share reviews about your products and services and share their experiences with other people who are interested in giving your business a chance.

Your Turn

Have you claimed your business on Yelp! or do you have that, “I can’t bothered” approach to things? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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Thanks for the Link. Just added my two businesses.
Looks like 4 square information on there site, did they buy 4 square possibly?


I have been working with some offline clients and following you has really helped me come up with ways to get them noticed online.

I bookmarking this page in my marketing folder. Thank you.

As you say, it is no real rocket science, but I like when people are writing about the different options available. There are so many places to add your business to, so it is important to understand where you get a better exposure.

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