How to Connect Twitter with Facebook

I usually try to stay away from articles like this because I make the mistake of assuming that everyone MUST already know how to connect Twitter with Facebook, as if everyone reads the same information all the time. Needless to say I know this has been written probably a thousand times before, I decided to write it for my site because I have friends and family that constantly ask me how to connect their Facebook with Twitter.
There are probably people that are new to Facebook or Twitter reading this article and there are probably even a few people reading this aticle that don’t even understand what I mean when I say “Connect Facebook to Twitter”.

By connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts you can do your status updates right in Twitter and have them appear on your Facebook account without worrying about posting updates on your Facebook account as well, pretty convenient huh?

Twitter makes injecting your Twitter status updates into Facebook very easy with a convenient application or “app“, for use with Facebook.

The Twitter Facebook app to combine your status updates into one by using your Twitter account is not some strange third party software that you have to install. It’s something as simple as logging into your Facebook account or clicking on the Twitter Facebook application link below which will take you right to the application page on Facebook.

Getting your Facebook and Twitter account is as simple as two easy steps, well three if you count clicking on my Twitter Facebook application link to get over to the proper Facebook application area.

Connect your Twitter and Facebook account

Step 1: Clicky Clicky Linky Linky

Click this link to access the Twitter Facebook application

Step 2: Give permission

Twitter is going to ask you for permission to grant access from Facebook to grab your tweets (status updates) and make them visible on your Facebook wall. You can always revoke this access by removing the application by editing your applications in Facebook.

Twitter Facebook app
Twitter Facebook app

Step 3: Login to Twitter

Ok your almost outta here and ready to start doing status updates from one place, Twitter. Please note that using this application does not stop you from being able to do status updates on Facebook, if your a status update addict get your fill tweeting and posting status updates on Facebook.

Facebook connect with Twitter
Facebook connect with Twitter

That’s it! You did it, you can now send Twitter messages from your Blackberry phone with Uber Twitter or use just about any cell phone to post tweets while your on the go and party hard knowing your friends see your status updates about the shots you just did with some strange guy. Oh yeah you might want to read some of my [intlink id=”2201″ type=”post”]Twitter Safety tips[/intlink] if you are either new to Twitter or use cell applications to tweet, there’s actually some decent info in there.

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Is this method still working well? Honestly, I’m just thinking of starting a new twitter account from scratch. I barely have the time to tweet and stuff thus my account was left untouched since 2009!!

Its a very useful as well informative tutorials. Now, i can merge my both accounts. Thanks of sharing this.

Old, but useful post=). Ok, Twitter to Facebook is fine, but what about Facebook to Twitter? I would rather have Facebook update my twitter and if the characters go over 140 then it will split it into more than one tweet.

Any way to do that?

Hey there! I’ve been following your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the fantastic job!

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