How to Edit Photos in Google+

If you haven’t noticed yet, Google+ allows you to edit your photos after you have uploaded them. There is a plethora of editing options from cropping and rotating your pictures to aging your photo and even adding face paint. For those of you unfamiliar with Adobe Photoshop or any other photo editing tools, you’re going to absolutely love this option!

Getting Started Editing Your Google+ Photos

To get started, we’ll choose a photo that I’ve recently uploaded to my Google+ profile for testing purposes. On the bottom right of the photo, you’ll notice a link to edit the photo.

Clicking on the “edit” link pops up a little menu with a few quick links; rotate clockwise and counter clockwise, auto-fix and creative kit. Auto fix is a neat feature which will automatically adjust the brightness and contrast of your photos, making them look just a little better for the web. This is great for those dark indoor shots at your latest party. For this how-to, we’ll be working on the creative kit which gives you full control over your photos.

Google+ Creative Kit Options

Now, that you’ve got your photo uploaded and you’re in the creative kit from Google+, you will notice a few tabs and menus which a ton of different features.

If you take a look at the screen shot above, you’ll see the left side navigation, and a top navigation with more options. There is also a huge button for the auto fix feature again to fix this individual picture instead of every picture you upload.

Google+ Basic Editing Features

On the main menu under Basic Edits, you can use the most common photo editing options – crop, rotate, exposure, colors, sharpen and resize. These are fairly self explanatory and easy to use as well.

Google+ Photo Effects

Under the Effects tab, there are 17 different color adjustment presets as well as a blemish fix, shine-be-gone, airbrush and a sunless tan option. They seem to work fairly well. I played with the sunless tan option and it looked quite realistic if I do say so myself.

Google+ Vandalize

Moving onto the Vandalize section, you get some more fun tools. There are speech bubbles, beards, face paint and even wounds to make your picture look like a real zombie! There are a ton of other options as well, but there are simply too many to go through one-by-one. Some of the options I played with looked a little goofy, more cartoon like but they were still fun.

Google+ Text to Your Photos

On the last tab, you can add any kind of text your little heart desires. Google+ has a huge selection of different fonts as well, and even some holiday themed fonts. There are over 70 different fonts. Yes, I began to count but there were too many listed!

Google+ Photo Editing Conclusion

That pretty much covers the different editing options within Google+. You could literally spend hours working and toying with different photos with their creative kit. I’m not sure why another huge social network hasn’t implemented these options yet! From what I’ve seen, there are more business-minded people on Google+ so I’m not sure just how useful these features are with the current users but within time, as Google+ grows, people will love these options, especially those without any photo editing software or those on the go.

Parting Shots

Google+ Creative Kit blows away anything that Facebook has to offer with Facebook photos, editing and having fun with pictures without using a stand alone photo editor or graphics program has never been easier.

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You’re Up

Have you tried the Google+ Creative Kit photo editing tools? Comment here and share your thoughts.

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Another interesting feature on Google+, this feature seems really impressive and everyone would try it to have attractive photos. Though I haven’t noticed it before but going to check it now. 😉 Thanks for sharing this interesting feature.

I never noticed it,thank you EJ…It’s a very useful and also funny feature!

Google can amaze everyone) I think that this great variety of opportunities that deal with photos can be very useful and interesting in use!

Its funny and interesting to edit my photos as i want.. +1 does this attractively…

It’s amazing, I never know that we can also edit pictures with google. Thanks for sharing this info. Love it!

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