How You Can Make Money Off My Social Networking eBook

You guys might remember not too long ago that I announced the launch of my social networking eBook teaching you how you boost your small business earnings through the use of social media. I choose to write my eBook: How to Succeed With Social Media because as a small business owner I know just how difficult it can be to keep every aspect of promoting your business in check. Well did you know that you can also make a few bucks for recommending my eBook to your friends?

Recommend My eBook and Get Paid

How to Succeed with Social Media

I hope that my eBook: How to Succeed with Social Media has helped you to improve your small business through the use of social media but I also hope that you have been able to share what you have learned with your close friends and associates. For that very reason I have set up an affiliate program to help you to make money from referring your friends to my eBook! Every time your friends purchase a copy of my eBook 50% of the cost goes directly to you! So whether you are sending an email to friends or whether you are placing a banner on your personal blog you can always make a profit! Simply head to my affiliate page and get your information to start making profit from my eBook today!

Parting Shots

Joining my affiliate program for my eBook is a great way to refer your friends to my eBook if you found it helpful while also making a profit!

Your Turn

Have you already read about promoting your business through social media in my eBook? Leave a comment and let me know what tip you liked the most!

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Great idea John, hope it sells well!

Thanks Keith, seems to be doing decent. I need more promo time in my life.

is it avaible on facebook ? Could you please tweet it to me ?

i gotta admit i didn’t buy your book (yet:D), but I read the first free chapter and you caught my attention and I’m thinking about buying it and promoting it as affiliate. one question: can I buy it though my clickbank account?:D in this way, it will be 5 little bucks :)

Hi Sammy, it’s setup through ClickBank so go nuts :)

Sure I will recommend this book to my friend. I have also introduced your blog to some of my friends.

Thank you Shani I appreciate it :)

I somewho doubt he recommended it… i’m 90% sure he commented that only for the anchor-rich dofollow link, but anyway, maybe he can do a good deed in exchange for that link and really recommend the book :)

It’s always fun to play along, especially when you’be been doing this for as long as I have.

Well your idea is not bad for earning money I will surely give a try to it.

I will recommend this ebook to my friends. I like reading social media related ebooks.
Thanks for sharing Extreme John.

Hello John. I’ll definitely sign up for this. But first, I’m gonna get it and read it firsts. Great idea giving away the first chapter to promote the book. A VERY smart SP tactic you got there.

Yeah Baby!! I’m loading up the banner on my sidebar now! Cheers!!

To be honest, I don’t have any idea how to make some bucks through social media. I will read your eBook (free chapter only since I don’t money, yet), I will drop by again to ask some questions about it (maybe promoting it will earn me some bucks, lol). Thanks for sharing it!

Reading the first chapter, will come back with reviews soon ! all the best with your affiliate marketing

Thank you David, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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