I Don’t Think So

All of these crazy New Years resolutions and promises to give up things you love or start challenging yourself with things you usually are terrible at in hopes of being better at those things in 2011. It sounds like so much pressure, especially on the final regular season NFL Sunday of the year. I mean it’s only two days into the New Year, on a Sunday and I’m already feeling the pressures of cracking on these silly self promises.

OK, maybe not cracking all that bad and more so of a personal challenge for fun then anything.

Basically, as m0st of you that read my blog on a daily basis or subscribe to my RSS feed know I wrote a “Sunday Smash” series on a weekly basis throughout most of 2010. The Sunday Smash series was to share the best articles on business tips, business blogging tips and social media. I read and currently subscribe to around 300 blogs ranging on everything from tech blogs, social media marketing, and entrepreneur blogs to everyday business news and, imagine that politics.

In any case as 2010 came to a close so did the old format for how I did my Sunday Smash posts. I’m not even sure the new version in 2011 will even be called the Sunday Smash, I do know that it will start again next week and it will contain a different format and only the highest quality articles. I want the topics and articles shared here to help the small business owners and young entrepreneurs that read my blog looking for information to help them grow their own online presence.

Wow, I really started to get off topics there. Anyway, all of the stress today came when I realized I didn’t have a decent post scheduled for today and I didn’t have my Sunday Smash to fall back on in the pinch. I know, it really doesn’t seem like a big deal but one of the stupid things I am trying to commit to in 2011 is seeing how many days I can go before missing a blog update. I know for a fact I don’t want to be out of the game on January 2, 2011.

That would piss me off.

I hope all of you crazy kids are enjoying the weekend, stay out of trouble and I’ll hopefully get something ready for tomorrow morning. If you have any suggestions about a topic you would like to see me write on leave a comment, I’m always open to pretending to work on the things you want me to write about 😉 I kid, I kid.

P.s. In case you missed it, Abnormal Marketing was kind enough (or smashed) to include me in their list of “10 Great Bloggers of 2010“. I know I mentioned i on Saturday in my Twitter recap, but let’s face it this is huge. You can expect me to ride it out for at least six months. Oh yeah, not to mention Kristi the social media genius behind Kikolani was nice enough to include my, “13 Hardcore Reasons Every Business Needs a Facebook Page” in her final Fetching Friday Resources Mashup of 2010. Wooop!

P.s. II > I’m looking forward to some of Lisa’s homemade chili today!


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More MMA-related posts, you know your stuff and I enjoy reading your UFC predictions. Plus there is a ton of great stuff coming up in 2011 to write about. Great PPV last night and Silva’s next fight should be interesting as well.

Hey Tony thank you for the idea, I do have a somewhat MMA-Business related post I would like to get cranked out. Only have the base of it thought I’ll have to see what happens.

Thank you as always for commenting, and I agree that Silva fight should be interesting. I think it might be more hype then anything else, we are talking about a guy coming back from a rough injury and fighting a guy who hasn’t lost in the octagon. Ring rust is rough on it’s own, imagine what it will be like against one of the best ever.

Chili is looking good, always great on a cool day.
The Bucs did their part for the TAMPA Fans now we need some help from the Redskins and Bears if we ae going to the playoffs.
Glad to see your 2 day post streak is still alive. If your posting I’m commenting and keeping my comment streak alive also.
Keep those fingers peckin and keep posting 😉

Haha OK Ill keep pecking away and see who keeps the streak alive.

Something about this doesn’t seem fair, Go Skins and Go Bears!

Yeah! I don’t believe in New Years resolutions and promises. It’s kind of headache for me. I simply want to do things which I like and believe beneficial for me, my family and my friends. That’s what important for me.

Mmmm… Home made chili…

I’m interested to see what your new Sunday Smash (or whatever you decide to call it) looks like. And congrats on making that list of great bloggers! That’s awesome, man. Keep up the great work, and I hope your 2011 is successful beyond your wildest dreams :)

John – That homemade chili is looking too good in that picture. But I couldn’t agree with you more when it comes to keeping New Years’ resolutions.

It’s definitely a lot of pressure involved with keeping a New Years promise or resolution, especially when it involves giving up on things you really love. This is why I didn’t make a New Years Resolution this year, but I still plan on making myself a better me.

I am looking forward to seeing the new version of your Sunday Smash, and I wish you and your Jets good luck against the Colts in the playoffs.

Thank you Jason I appreciate it, in regards to the Jets and Colts… There’s always that Payton factor, ugh.

I like your plan of action go after being a better you vs taking away the things you enjoy doing in your life like way too many people do. Happy New Year.

Haha, new year resolutions are just a waste of time, a really lame tradition that people are used to imo
Why wait for the beginning of a new year just to decide to set some new goals. Doesn’t make any sense if you ask me! 😀

Goals should be ongoing, in life and in business so the resolution can be silly.

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