Job Abandonment to Receive Unemployment Benefits or Not?

I’m going to try and see if I can get this post written and out before a phone meeting that will be taking place a little bit later on with the unemployment compensation office and a previous associate of my business. The scheduled meeting is due to a previous associate being denied unemployment benefits because the associate hadn’t paid enough into the unemployment fund or something along those lines.

It looks like the associate requested a new meeting to oversee the reason and potential resolution behind the unemployment claim and why the claim had been denied. What I can tell you is that one of the main reasons in my opinion that the unemployment claim was denied could have something to do with the fact that the associate applying for unemployment actually had a job and long-term position in my company, until she abandoned her position.

Job Abandonment Unemployment Claims Discussion

Now, after the associate abandoned their position with the company they feel the need to try and collect unemployment benefits when the real fact is that she had a job and decided to pass up on the new position she was being placed in. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t point out that after at least 10 counseling sessions, documentation notices, that the new position was in fact a demotion from her previously held position with the company.

The new position was a better fit and actually the same position that this associate was promoted from about a year or so earlier, so it was in fact a position that the associate was comfortable with and actually excelled in. If we have an associate that is struggling in a new position like this associate was, we often get them back into a position where we can further training and assist in the long-term success of that associate.

Needless to say after trying to have a sit down meeting with this associate for a week, the associate finally showed up and even managed to accept her new position within the company. After the meeting I remember thinking that maybe, just maybe this particular individual was mature enough to handle the change in positions knowing fully that she never met expectations in her previous role within the company.

I was wrong. Said associate never showed up to her new position the day after our sit down meeting. Job abandonment.

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Of course it’s obvious that as a small business owner I’m no fan of paying unemployment benefits if the benefits aren’t rightfully deserved. In the case of individuals that abandon their positions with a company, I will have a very hard time ever accepting that as a reason to be approved to collect unemployment. Especially since there are truly so many people out there without jobs that truly want to work hard and provide for themselves


Since writing this post this morning there’s been a few odd things to happen, all though I’m not sure why exactly. In addition to dropping off paperwork to the office this morning which contained copies of conversations from within in our associate forum areas. Now the person I’m referring to in this post has decided to print out this post and fax it to the office along with some random receipts.

Looks like I still have a reader, but not really sure what any of this silliness has to do with unemployment and the question I posted here for all of you. Why the silliness? Wouldn’t it have just been easier to show up to your scheduled shift and move forward with the opportunities that were given to you? And, if not and you wanted to quit, why not find another job like most people do and quit. Not sure where the abandonment and the rest of the stuff comes from, but interesting.

It’s always interesting how quickly some people forget.

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