Knee to the Face or Walk Away with Grace

Decisions are always tough, and for many deciding which side of the street to take can be very challenging. Typically, I’m more of the simple approach to solutions and decisions kind of guy, there’s a fork in the road, pick a side and live with it. No regrets. I’ve recently had something pretty interesting come up that’s caused me to stare at the fork in the road, OK, let’s face it combine my small business ownership life with my personal life and I stare at a lot of forks in the road. I don’t stare long, and sometimes I can be known for not starring long enough.

The Quick Version

I’m going to be going waaaaay back for this post, if you haven’t read my blog for at least the last two years there’s a good chance that you missed classics like; “A Letter to ASD“, “Big T You’re Still a Jackass“, “Larry the Liar” (video below) and “The Bigger You Are the Harder You Fall“. In short, each of those articles were written in reference to the home theater company that installed the a/v system in my house, the same company that was re-hired to assemble my movie theater / ultimate sports room. Overall I spent well over $100,000 with ASD (if I say the company name my lawyer gets pissed) with the Movie Theater job being the biggest bulk of the a/v system in my house. Sadly, “Big T” as I like to refer to him dug himself a hole he couldn’t get out of and quoted me and received money for a system, too bad that system didn’t work right and after months and months of going back and forth it was time for us to tell each other to go-to-hell and move on.

Clowns will Be Clowns

Here’s where things get interesting, you see “Big T” decided that he would make up some remaining balance on the work that his shit bag company ASDΒ never finished. Bit T decided it would be a good idea to try and take me to court for somewhere in the area of $24,000 to pay for the work he never completed and the box of useless components he left sitting in my closet when he abandoned the job. Obviously, I wasn’t excited about this because it forced me to hire another company, Entertainment Pros to get the job done. Their bill was a little less than the $24k Big T was dreaming about getting after ripping me off already, regardless Entertainment Pros service, prices and time frame make ASD’s operation look like it’s run by ferrets.

ASD sued, and we “settled” out of court for $13k…. From my pocket to Big T’s table, to feed his ripping off ass. No sweat, like I said above, pick a path and roll with it, no looking back.

Fast Forward to Now

Allegedly ASD has been involved in numerous lawsuits brought on by previous ASD of Tarpon Springs, Florida customers for the very same claims that I made in the beginning. I’ve been hearing about this through the grapevine for a while now, quietly lifting the corner of my lip along the way. Karma is a bitch Big T, I told you. Sorry, he still reads so I figured I’d remind him of what I told him a long time ago.

Things took an even funnier turn a few weeks ago when I received an email from someone that previously worked for ASD, someone letting me know they would be willing to testify against Big T and ASD of Tarpon Springs if I brought a case against them in the same fashion 11 others have.

To Knee or Not to Knee?

Faced with an option for a little redemption, a little payback, perhaps a large knee to the face or walk away with grace the same way I did when Big T showed the true colors I had previously heard so much about.

What would you do? Would you go for the knee to the face or would you walk away with grace and leave that tomb to rot? Comment and share your thoughts.

Knee to the Face

Parting Shots

I spent a minute or two considering the option of repaying the “take you to court” move that Big T pulled, but the reality is that I’m a firm believer in Karma. I decided to move on years ago, I have more fun slipping in a tweet or Facebook status update and writing a quick post about Big T than I ever would seeing his mug in court.

Larry the Liar Video

I developed the Larry the Liar series around the ridiculous responses I would get from Big T anytime I brought up a concern or a problem with the system that he had been working on at the time.

Keep runnin’ with that flame under your feet Big T :)


Hi John, loved the video and the clown wig fitted in very well.

Whether to walk away or see Big T in court: I can understand the hassle and exspense of returning to court John but I think of those people that are lining up to have work done by this company. We all know that money is tight right now and if this company continue with their shoddy work will the next man be in a postion to call in another firm to put it right?

I think everyone should be held accountable for their shoddy work and rip off ways, especially when it costs so much. That’s easy for me to say when I’m not the one having to pay lawyers to sort it out.

11 previous claims shows the mans work ethics so I’d like to see his butt kicked.

But then thinking of you John I’d put another way…

Fun or Stress?

You’re having fun with your posts tweets etc and lighting the fire under Big T’s feet so do you really want to replace your fun with the stress of a court case?

Best of luck John,

Time is money Barry, all though Big T is worth a blog post or tweet once in a while he’s not worth my time in regards to assembling a case and revisiting the past. I think my payoff comes in the fact that I know he knows the truth, I know he knows the real deal and regardless of how unwilling he is to face that reality now, some day he will.

Very interesting concept there EJ.
If you place to much effort in Revenge you may end up taking the knee to the face. Your time and effort is better spent reminding everyone what a D-Bag Big T is.
There is always a reason things happen, Without getting Tea-Bagged by Big T then how else would you of met Big James? Thats worth 13k right there.
I have a 50k chunk I could go after myself from a business venture but at this point in my life it’s just not worth the time, effort or aggravation. Plus who wants to put more $$ in the pocket of an attorney.

So very true on all points there big Dave.

He should be Larry the Compulsive Liar.. I’ve watched him lie to customers and my eyes have rolled out of my head …Always had a story to top someone elses.. I feel bad for all the clients that don’t read all his microscopic print before they sign the paperwork… HIs stories are misleading to customers.. Big T has many enemies .

That he does Sang, that he does.

I really enjoyed the video… I think I heard the camera man giggled!! rolling eyes.. haha! what a liar!! scammer to the bones.. lol

Happy you enjoyed the Larry the Liar video, no doubt a liar to the bone.

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