Las Vegas Bellagio Water Show Pictures

After the Blue Man Group show ended we jumped in a car and headed over to the Bellagio so that we could show the kids the water show that goes on over there every 15 minutes. Aside from the massive and I MEAN MASSIVE crowd of people that flock to this corner it’s worth heading over there to see, of course I’m sure the best seat in the house would be at one of the Bellagio restaurants or hotel suites.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures from the Bellagio water show.

Bellagio Las Vegas – Water Show

Bellagio Las Vegas

Las Vegas Belaggio

This is just another one of the MANY FREE Las Vegas attractions that you can bring the family to, trust me the kids love it.

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The show is amazing. It’s actually my favorite. I stayed there for a couple of times and I still want to watch the water splashes turn into art.(and it’s free) :)

My kids loved the Bellagio show. In fact, it was the highlight of our visit last time. I have to say though, the rest of Vegas was far less appealing to us, and having been there with kids, I’d say there are far better family holiday destinations.

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