Make Social Media Work For Your Search Engine Ranking

This guest post has been contributed by Nitin Aggarwal. He’s the owner and founder of Offshore Ally – A virtual assistant company.

Most blogs are tied with Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) efforts to get higher search engine rankings for their website and have even jumped on the Social Media bandwagon to promote their blog using their network of friends (and their friends) via Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. Yes, SEO and Social Media by themselves make great marketing platforms, but social media works very well to turn up your SEO. In fact, many SEO experts and agencies promote social media as crucial to SEO nowadays. Here’s how and why:

New websites (or blogs) might have a more difficult time ranking on Google but have a better chance ranking a page on a social media site instead. This includes social bookmarking sites like Delicious, social news site like Digg, and social website recommendations like StumbleUpon. These types of websites not surprisingly rank very well on search engines themselves.

Therefore, if you are impatient to get ranked, create a profile on Facebook or MySpace and upload a video on YouTube with a few good links to pages on your website/blog. While you still want to rank on Google and other search engines, it is better than nothing.

In addition, the searcher’s frame of mind has now evolved from perusing Google’s sponsored ads and natural search results of yesteryear. However, now, many searchers want to get to the source especially if they have a tough problem needing some immediate attention. Nothing is more immediate than the two-way interaction social networks like Facebook offer, including finding others seeking the same answers.

Actually, being visible on social media sites is something on its own. To improve your SEO ranking, you need quality inbound links. A social media marketing campaign can create these quality inbound links. Unlike those offers to swap links or even buy links, the links offered by social media are all natural and cannot be bought, sold, or swapped.

Another connection between social media and SEO is control over your reputation or reputation management. Social media sites like Facebook rank high in search engines like Google. Have you ever searched your own brand name or your personal name? Chances are if you have a Facebook Profile, it will be one of the highest ranked for your name search. That opens up both opportunities and liabilities in the realm of reputation management.

If you have crafted a complete profile for your business or self, searchers can immediately find more information about you, including the important points you usually make on a website like “About Us,” “Products and Services,” and even more prominently, “Customer Testimonials.” Moreover, your Facebook profile is easy to control. Just update it!

Of course, this requires more than the usual 10-minute profile. You need to put a lot of thought into the fields that Facebook or any other social media site provides you. Think of this page as your business card or yellow page directory listing that gets your potential customers quickly into the door.

Therefore, you need to follow-up with hard-to-refuse call-to-actions to keep them interested, including content.

On the other hand, bad reviews on social product/service review sites like Yelp cannot be controlled and show up on the search results as well. However, social media gives you the opportunity to address issues and even counter negative buzz with positive news and special offers.

Therefore, social media proves itself to be a plus
and minus only in how you respond. Even a minus can be easily turned into a plus.

Social media and SEO are indeed partners-in-crime while remaining unique marketing platforms.

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Matt Cutts (the face of Google SEO) has recently tweeted that social networking does impact Google rankings so increasing your social signals can work to great effect.

Great article.

You’re very right here. SEO and Social Media work together to improve result and ranking. Now a days no one can think to improve ranking without social networking & social bookmarking.

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Didn’t realize how important the socail sites were to my ranking.
I am going to start slamming youtube with petcare vids and see how it works for my site.
Thanks Bro

Majority of websites only use Twitter and Facebook as their social media, they neglect other sites like stumbleupon, digg, myspace, Linkedin, etc.

You have hit it on the head again EJ.
You and your skilled I.T. staff are so right with the rankings/serach engine traffic. I was checking some of my sites and did a comparison of traffic between your site and the Highest rated Local TV News station. and you out perform them on a regular basis.
All I need besides your knowledge is your DRIVE, also your ride would be nice.

Great post. Love that you have a guest today EJ! I’m definitely going to take the time to complete those fields FB has given me as an opportunity to promote. I keep putting it off. So what’s up with digg though? Is it worth the bother?

Excellent advice…

Thats a nice info on Social Media for search engine ranking. thanks need to work with it..

Exactly. This shows that social media marketing is an integral part of SEO and ORM strategies. In other words, those businesses who have a strong, positive social media presence are the ones who will succeed in 2011.

That’s why we developed chatmeter, chatmeter is a free tool you can use to monitor reviews and chatter about your business all across the web, get listed on local search engines, and track your social media pages. You can give chatmeter a free test-drive here:


I agree with Lyle there is no one shoe fits all. Finding the right medium and then taking taking full advantage by learning all you can and putting in to action is key. This is great advice for making the most of Facebook.

Hi Nitin,
Social media and SEO are definitely intertwined. Thinking any SEO campaign can be run to it’s fullest without social media is a mistake I have seen happen more than once. Google and Bing have both admitted that the amount of shares as well as the authority of the people sharing a website through social media have a major influence on SERPs. Thanks for the informative post!

So far ranking high in google does not depend on how popular your are in social media websites. But it seem as pretty soon without established profiles on facebook and others you are not going to get high ranking in google either.

@Theresa Bradley-Banta

Its definitely worth the effort, go for it!


As you said, the effect of Social media on SERP isn’t really as apparent as it should be, Michael gray has some cool case studies on it. However, it looks that the way ahead is social and not just link building.

Excelent advice, I know there are alot of tools out there to help you manage and automate some of these tasks that can be time consuming as well.

No doubt Crystal and it’s important to find a tool that you’re comfortable with and put it to good use.

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