Making the Most of Internet to promote your band or Music Album

The debate of online marketing vs. offline marketing is a thing of past. The boundaries are getting more and more blurred with each passing day. Regardless of the nature of product that you are looking to promote, you cannot have a marketing mix without incorporating Internet or social media in one way or another, especially when we are talking about a product like music that caters the youth or teenagers, because online population consists of youth in large proportions.

Therefore, if you are looking to promote your newly formed music band, you cannot have a better platform than Internet. World Wide Web combined with the social media is a Godsend for artists and bands looking to make a mark, without having to spend hundreds and thousands on publicity campaigns.

Here’s how to make the most of Internet to promote your band.

How to advertise your music online

Launch a website

This is, of course, a no-brainer. In order to take full advantage of Internet marketing, you need to have some presence at web, and you cannot have the presence without owning a piece of web (i.e. your own domain). Having a website will let you have an outlet that you can use to share news and information about your band, genre, albums, or upcoming concerts. Besides, this is where you will be directing the visitors when promoting your band on social media websites or any other online platform.

Contrary to the popular belief, launching and maintaining a website is incredibly easy, owing to some freely available CMS like WordPress. So, you don’t need to invest on professional web developing or graphic designing services, except if you are looking to do it “in style”.

Create an FB Page

There are a number of social networks on web, some with general themes, while others are meant solely for music enthusiasts. While we have a number of really good forums or communities, no other network can come closer to Facebook, when it comes to the size and grandeur of the community. So, when you are looking to exploit the power of social media, your first target should be the Facebook. With a community nearing a whopping one billion users, you are sure to find plenty of fans, critics, and support for your band, regardless of your genre or target audience.

Remember, creating an FB page is just the first step, and you will have to follow up with active participation in the discussions and talks to reap the benefits.


Another blue-eyed boy of the World Wide Web, YouTube gets over 800 million unique visitors every month. If you’ve the talent, then you won’t get a more easily accessible stage than Just create a good quality video of your song and upload it on your channel. Promote the link on social media websites, forums, and music communities, and you will be getting some healthy response in next to no time. True that you will be getting some mocks or inflammatory comments every now and then, but that’s part of the package, and being a true artist, you should be ready for all sorts of response. There are a number of artists who actually made it really big by starting off from a simple video at

Online Radios

There are a number of online radio channels and some are quite popular at that. Getting the air time on some of these channels might be easier than some of those local stations which are few and far between. Listening to your song going on air from a radio channel (even if it’s online), or getting the chance to be interviewed by an RJ, and listening to the public response can be a pretty fulfilling experience for any music artist or band.

Hire a Social Media Expert

If you have long term ambitions as a band or an artist, and you are not Internet savvy, it’d help if you can get a professional social media expert on board, and let him/her take care of this front. Of course you will have to pay for the services, but not only you will be getting a specialized service, but it will also save you from spending countless hours on trying to get the hang of things.


B. Jut is a contributing writer for Morris Brothers, a music store in Brisbane selling all sorts of music instruments. He loves to help aspiring artists and bands with marketing and promotion of songs, albums, or concerts.

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