Memorial Day Party Picture Flashback

I am a little late with this post today because I wanted to have a quick chat with my princess about Memorial Day and how important it is to reflect back and remember all of the young men and woman that have lost their lives protecting this country. I also spent a little time explaining how important it is to think of those men and woman that currently serve and protect this country on days like today, especially while we have fun with friends and family.

Arlington on Memorial Day

While you BBQ, get drunk and party please don’t forget what Memorial Day is about. Enjoy these throwback Memorial Day pool party pictures from 2009.

Memorial Day Pictures

Pool Party Pictures

Kandra and Lakin play with one of Mark “The Balloon Guy” balloons.

Memorial Day 2009

Lisa and Shayna before the water slide and pool party got moving.


Melba, EJ and Kandra strike a pose.

Hot Bikini

Kandra, hot bikini, water slide.

Water Slide

Lakin shows some camera love on the way down.

Sexy Bikini

I posted this picture because I honestly have no memory of fog, a fog machine or taking this picture of fog that was obviously generated by a fog machine. Read that 5x fast.

As I wrap up this post I still have no idea what plans if any I have today, not sure I will have the same exciting pictures to post as I did last year. It looks like you might have to consider taking a moment to subscribe to my rss feed or connect with me via my Facebook fan page if you want to know when I post my next update, who knows maybe it will be some crazy video.

Please be safe out there today don’t drink and drive (call Insane Limos 727-584-8888) and don’t forget what Memorial Day is about.

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Thanks for this post – the pool party does look like fun, but yeah, this Memorial Day feels more somber than most for some reason. It took me a little while to put my reflections together for today – I ran into a number of bloggers who talked about people who served they’ve lost, and not all the posts were easy to read.
.-= ashok´s last blog ..Abraham Lincoln, “Letter to Ephraim D. and Phoebe Ellsworth” =-.

Wow, you have all the cool parties 😉 But on a serious note, it is important that whatever country you we live in, we should always remember those that have given their lives in the fight to protect their country..
.-= Karen @ Blazing Minds´s last blog ..Do You Have A Donate Button On Your Blog? =-.

To much BUD or Bud Light with cause a Fog in your memory.
Are you sure thats a ballon that Kendra & Lakin are holding in the pool? It appears to have a realistic flesh-like color to it.
Memorial day is always special when you have family that is serving or has served in the US Military. My brother served 20 and my grandfather was in combat in WW2.
.-= SafariDave´s last blog ..Carl Crawford – Keep Carl in Tampa Bay =-.


I don’t know how you did it. You were actually able to combine the seriousness of the holiday along with some photos that reminded me of why those soldiers gave their lives for us all. Truly great job man.

The first photo represents the price those soldiers paid for us to have the ability to take photos like the rest of the ones you have posted.
.-= Dave@Buffalo Dave´s last blog ..Europe Will Not Grow Its Way Out Of This Debt Crisis =-.

@Dave@Buffalo Dave, thank you Dave I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and especially for leaving a comment.

There really aren’t a lot of people that would view this post the same way that you did, just goes to show how some readers connect and some don’t. You obviously do, thank you :)

The persons who lost their lives for the protection of our country are the hero of the nation. They are alive in our memories till we are alive because we are enjoying freedom because of their sacrifices.

These are the persons that have courage to fight in one to one correspondence with enemies.They knew how to perform their duty.

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