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Back on April 29, 2009 I posted this press release from Extreme Tan and Smoothies, Inc. that informed everyone that we will be testing Mobile Airbrush Tanning. Spray tanning and just about all forms of uvfree sunless tanning and self tanning have all increased tremendously over the past few years. With so many people world wide looking to stay tan and do it without spending countless hours in the dangerous sun spray tanning is an excellent alternative.

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Any time we offer a new service or a product we look for ways to bring that product to life on the web in order to inform potential customers and existing customers of the new product or service we are offering. This can be a challenging task since there is really not an effective way to do this for every new tanning product or new service we might be offering. Mobile Airbrush Tanning does however give us a chance to not only show the instant results of Mobile Spray Tanning, but it also allows us to show you the airbrush tanning process.

I recently had the pleasure of filming one of our certified airbrush technicians performing a Mobile Airbrush Tan on a young lady named Nicole. I will be releasing these tanning pictures in two stages, this stage will simply show you some pictures of the airbrush tanning process and the next stage will be a review of the mobile airbrush tanning process itself.

Jamie begins the Mobile Airbrush Tanning process on Nicole

it is extremely important to prep or prepare your skin prior to applying any sunless self tanner or airbrush tanning solution, this is also the same for Mystic Tan as well. For detailed information on exfoliating and preparing your skin for an airbrush tan please visit our before you airbrush tan information page.

Jamie applies the sugar cane extract based sunless spray to Nicole’s back

Once Jamie or any of our certified airbrush technicians arrives at the customers home, office, hotel or function the technician will set up the area for spray tanning. Setup time typically takes between three and five minutes, tear down also takes between three and five minutes as well. The actual spray tanning portion of the mobile spray tan takes between fifteen and twenty minutes depending on the application. Overall you should plan on the entire process from start to finish taking between thirty and forty five minutes from setup to completion. Information on what Mobile Airbrush tanning is.

Nicole shows off the results of her Mobile Spray Tan from Extreme Tan and Smoothies

Nicole shows her tan lines from the Mobile Spray Tan

The results of a high quality spray tan are instant as you can see from Nicole’s Tan Lines above, if you are looking to get the most out of your spray tan check out our information on caring for your spray tan. Extreme Tan and Smoothies recommends California Tan’s airbrush tan extender which will extend the life of your spray tan. Using the Cal tan spray tan extender will also keep your airbrush even on areas of the skin that rub together and are known to break down the airbrush tanning solution over time. If you would like more information on Extreme Tan and Smoothies Mobile Airbrush Tanning service please feel free to call 727-385-8885.

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A special thanks to Nicole and Jamie.

Nicole certainly does have a great back.

OK, what did the post say again – I was too busy looking at the ladies!!! OK, I just went and read the post. I may have to develop a fund where your readers can donate to ladies who are less fortunate, then we can pay to have them get spray tanned and see the results on here!!! Sweet.

The Constant Complainer’s last blog post..General Irritants in the Air 2

@TCC always thinking and looking out for the good of people! It’s no wonder why your so damn popular, pimp! Haha. There is nothing wrong with good looking or better yet sexy looking ladies getting an airbrush tan. I am pretty pissed about this the video is taking forever to put together, ahhhhh HD video thank you.

Can the mobil spray tanning give me a fake six pack for the summer ?

@Sangalicious No but a healthy diet, exercise and our Sports Nutrition product line can :)

call me to book an apt. for a mobile airbrush 727.385.8885 😛

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Hi. Interesting to see all the uses for airbrushes on the net. Airbrush tanning is a great idea! We use it for something completely different: cake decorating. I’ve enjoyed looking around your site and clicking on a few links. Cheers.
.-= J-McRae@Cake Airbrush´s last blog ..Video: ‘Celestial Blue’ Fondant Cake =-.


great Airbrush technike
i like this blog i will bookmark it 😳

I can see how this works for a lot of women, but I prefer to apply self-tanner lotion at home. Just like my personal tanning routine :)

Nice way to tan and to get the tough spots. Great that it can be done on a mobile basis too. I guess it depends on the price if I would pay for in-home service.

Great idea John for UV Free Tanning in Tampa, or anywhere else!
It would be a cool idea to put some UV Protection into the spray, so we can show off our Tan in the hot Tampa Sun, w/o fear of the Suns UV Rays. Kind of killing 2 birds, with one stone.

There’s a lot to be said about UV protection and how “protecting” it really is, but who knows maybe in the near future.

I think you should do an airless tanning mobile promotion here in the Tampa Bay Area at Shepards over in Clearwater for example.
Many of Tampa Bay’s “beautiful people” hang out there.
Many live in the Gym lifting weights or doing aerobics, and have little time left for tanning. I think Mobile Tanning is a great idea, and may even save lives.

This certainly looks like a great service.But Is the spray safe, I mean will it not cause any skin reactions.Besides I love Nicole’s Posterior pose.

Nicole comes with the mobile Spray Tan?

Interesting way to tan and of course very nice girl in pictures, thanks for sharing :)).

I’m not really one to subscribe to fake tans or solariums or anything like that, but I just had to say that your model there is a bit of a cutie :)

Hahaha, well we will have to thank her good genes for that one I guess huh Jacob.

Wow, this is surprising! Most people are not content with what they have. Here in the Philippines, we have brown, tan skin. But many Filipinos want to have a fair and white skin. There in America, many people wanted to have a touch of tan in their skin.

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