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I swear it has been probably about a month and a half that I have wanted to write this post, I have a few posts about WordPress and WordPress Plugins that I would like to put on here to help any new blog owner with their new blog. I am hardly a master of blogging and am pretty amateur myself, a lot of the stuff I have learned about blogging comes thanks to RSS Builders and by reading other people’s blogs like your reading mine. Maybe.. I decided that I do have enough blogging experience and overall internet marketing and business experience to write a decent post about Must have WordPress Plugins for any Successful blog owner to use. If you feel I missed one please feel free to comment with a link to your favorite WordPress Plugins.

My Top 5 WordPress Plugins:
These are a list of My Top 5 WordPress Plugins, the rest of my must have wordpress plugins are listed below.

aLinks – A wordpress plugin that will automatically link words within your posts to sites of your choice. Pefect example Insane Limos…. I did not link it, aLinks hyperlinked the text automatically.

Comment Luv – this is an excellent plugin for users who like to work with other blog owners. This will display your most recent blog post in your comment response on someone else’s wordpress blog. If your looking to be part of a WordPress network or to work with other bloggers than this plugin is tasty.

NextGen gallery – A photo gallery plugin for wordpress that allows you to create albums, pages, place alt text on images, mass upload, zip file support, bulk re-sizing options as well as bulk watermarking options for your pictures.

Social Bookmarks – I have used plenty of social bookmark plugins on my wordpress blog, but Lace found and installed this one which I like the best. It has excellent options for which social bookmark sites you want to display. You can display the Social Bookmarks of your choice at the bottom of each of your posts. I like this one the best, it doesn’t lag down site load like Share This and some of the other Social Bookmark plugins.

Top Commentators – this is a pretty sweet plugin if your looking to share the love with everyone that comments on your blog. Basically it compiles a list of Top Commentators for you to slap on your side bar. A great way to say thank you to the people that support your blog by commenting and being active.

Now that you have seen my list of my personal Top 5 Favorite WordPress Plugins I will take some time to list the rest of the plugins used here on Extreme John.

Akismet – pretty much anyone that has a word press blog is using this plugin, or will be at some time. You can read about it everywhere and in short it’s excellent for keeping all of your Comment spam away.

All in One SEO Pack – pretty self explanitory it gives you an additional tool to help aid in increasing your blogs exposure by generating some additional SEO tools for your wordpress blog.

Custom Smilies – this will give you customizable smilies to use on your comments section of your blog. Let your users show their emotions with some Smilies.

Diggz-Et – this little helpful plugin will throw a nice Digg button on each of your blog posts and blog pages. You can adjust all of those options in your settings as well as the placement of the Digg icon.

DoFollow – show some more love to the other blog owners that visit your site, make your site DoFollow instead of NoFollow. Don’t worry about all the extra spam and whatever else, Askimet will take care of that for you.

Feedburner Feedsmith – this plugin will automatically detect all possible ways for your RSS feed to be displayed and will redirect all of your feed viewers to Feedburner so you can easily track all of your blog subscribers.

Get Recent Comments – a pretty simple comment plugin that will allow you to display your most recent comments on your sidebar.

Live Comment Preview – increase your blog comments by letting guests and registered users preview their blog comment live as they type it on your comments for any post.

Liz Comment Counter – this gives you a chance to show off all of your blog comments, as in the total amount of blog comments left on your blog. Display the badge on your sidebar or anywhere else you choose and show off how many… or how few total blog comments you might have.

On This Day – nice and simple, I like it so I use it. Basically this plugin will automatically display posts from previous years on the same date your currently on. You can see this wordpress plugin on my sidebar.

Post Rank – I stole this one from Pot Politics I saw John was using it over there and I liked it so much I put it on my blog also. In short this plugin will rank your posts based on the Social Bookmark activity that those posts get. This one can be a little tricky to get rolling but it’s an excellent plugin. You can see it on my side bar as well as on each of my comment pages.

RSS Builders – this is not actually a word press plugin, however it is an excellent service for Multiple  Blog owners or people who own various blog domains marketing similar products. RSS Builders can install and or manage your entire blog network and daily posting, done with quality and precision and not by low quality writters.

Similar posts – if your looking to increase your readership and keep surfers on your blog for a longer period of time than it might be a good idea to show them some content that is similar to the content they came there to read. This excellent and widely used plugin will display Similar posts right at the bottom of the current post, which often causes readers to click through and read like stories.

Subscribe to Comments – Keep people active on your blog with this plugin, it allows your guests and users to subscribe to specific discussions on your blog, they will be notified everytime someone comments on a blog post they were subscribed to, which can often keep the conversation growing… I mean going.

Twitter for WordPress – this plugin is the plugin that allows me to pull my Twitter messages right into the top of my blog, automatically and every single time I make a new tweet. If your a Tweeter on Twitter and have a blog, it’s a good addition.

Vipers Video Quick Tags – this is a quick plugin that allows you to add video’s from most if not all of the popular tube sites like You Tube, Yahoo!, Google and even Spike TV.

WP-DBManager – a handy plugin for wordpress blogs that are larger in size or simply packed with content, this will manage all of your databases automatically and keep things running smooth and fast for you and your blog.

WP-Polls – you have to create some user interactivity on your blog, people digg it and it often gives them something to do if your starting to bore them with your yada yada yada crap and whatever else. Much like here, I use Polls to learn things about my visitors as well as have some topic fun.

WP-PostViews – I like to see stats at a glance and I especially like seeing the direct views that specific blog posts get. Post Views makes it nice and easy to see some numbers at a glance without logging in to some other program, install and your views for that post are placed directly within the post itself. Look at my site.

WP-UserOnline – a simple but effective way to see how many bots, google spiders, guests or members are on your blog at any given time.

WP Ajax Edit Comments – allow your users to edit their comment after they have already posted it.

Now of course there will be a bunch of important wordpress widgets I will need to list as well which will help you get some of the Awesome WordPress Plugins listed above working just the way you want them to. I will follow up this post in two days with a post about Important WordPress Widgets that go with the WordPress Plugins I have listed above. I hope someone finds this info useful. Don’t forget you can find a full listing of wordpress plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

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Good list. I even learned about a couple there.

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I actually fucked up and have to add a few.

You should write a post on the downsides to the increased accessibility of personal publishing tools like these. Sure, easy-to-use blogging tools have given millions of people a global platform to share their unique experiences and opinions, and that’s a great thing. Unfortunately this also means that every undereducated, overly opinionated, frat boy retard with an internet connection and a self-inflated ego has the same ability.

You’re not a very good writer, and that’s alright. Worse than that though is you have nothing valuable to say about anything. So let’s do us all a favor, shut this down and move on over to myspace where everyone’s expected to share their night out pics and poorly worded gripes.

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HAHA! Stupid people are always blissfully unaware of how stupid they really are. ..If that person knew anything about wordpress or blogging in general he would feel like such an idiot. This is good info – thanks! I just added you to my blogroll.

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Yeah that was due to a little “Blog Battle” I had this week with a few shitheads from another blog screwing with me, it was good fun. They always give it up that they know nothing about blogs at all and Christina thank you and you already know I check out your site 😉

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I made a gaming site with WordPress, but I feel that it still just looks like a simple WordPress blog. I want it to look like most popular sites, like Engadget. I’d like to know if there are plugins I can use to change the basic WordPress look, so it won’t look like your basic blog.

this is a great list of plug ins.thanks for sharing. pretty useful.

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