My CommentLuv Project

I decided back on June 17th that I wanted to spend some time looking into CommentLuv and really taking advantage of the entire concept behind having the WordPress plugin CommentLuv installed on my blog. For those new bloggers out there and none bloggers that read my site and don’t really understand what CommentLuv is or what it does, I will explain why CommentLuv is important to Bloggers as well as what it does and where you might see CommentLuv being used.

CommentLuv can be a best friend to someone that just started a new blog or has taken up blogging about something they enjoy. If you have been visiting my blog for a while you know that I have written [intlink id=”2239″ type=”post”]articles about CommentLuv[/intlink] and it’s benefits in the past. CommentLuv is a WordPress plugin that can be easily installed on your WordPress blog, once installed CommentLuv will reward bloggers that are registered with CommentLuv for leaving comments on your blog. Remeber without all of you dandy daily readers and the comments that you post, there would really be no reason for the Extreme John blog.

CommentLuv Sample Link
CommentLuv Sample Link from Dad

CommentLuv is a nice additional feature for non-bloggers (if there are any) that simply enjoy visiting their favorite blogs and surfing the web, CommentLuv exposes readers to articles that other readers recently posted on their own blogs. Chances are that someone registered with CommentLuv that is commenting on another individuals blog shares a common interest with the blog they are commenting on, which means if your a reader of that blog there is a good chance you might like and even click on the authors latest post.

My Comment Luv Project Info:

  • Locate 5 CommentLuv active sites
  • Choose 5 sites that interest me
  • Leave at least one comment at each blog I visit
  • Complete the above tasks for 5 days

Start Date: June 17, 2009

CommentLuv Active Site #1
Subscribed to the Shout Me Loud RSS Feed
Followed on Twitter @shoutmeloud

Articles I commented on at Shout Me Loud:
Mind Map Your Ideas for Non Stop Blog Post Ideads

Understand the Importance of Commenting Don’t Be a Passive

CommentLuv Active Site #2

The Bold
Followed on Twitter @theboldlife

Articles I commented on at The Bold Life:
Unmaterialistic Joys for a Bold Life

CommentLuv Active Site #3

Subscribed to the Ekkontros Life RSS Feed (I like real people sites)
Followed on Twitter @ekkentroslife

Articles I commented on at Ekkontros Life:
Junk Drawer

CommentLuv Active Site #4

Dad’s House
Subscribed to Dad’s House Blog RSS Feed
Followed on Twitter @dadshouseblog

Articles I commented on at Dad’s House Blog:
Tivo Killed Family TV Night

Sarah Palin David Letterman Jokes

CommentLuv Active Site #5
Subscribed to Hotfessional RSS Feed

Articles I commented on at Hotfessional:
Letters from Monday

MM Texture

I really didn’t have much trouble locating active CommentLuv sites that were interesting to me, this was a big concern of mine because I can’t possibly comment on things that I really could care less about. I found a few blogs that were listed on the site that were not actually active when it came to leaving comments, this made me wonder if CommentLuv still works even if you have a different comment system that does not display others CommentLuv articles in their comment. I decided to test this myself by installing the Disqus commenting system which doesn’t seem to take advantage of the CommentLuv plugin, my article options still showed up when I went to leave comments even though at the current moment I have no CommentLuv article options for people leaving comments here, don’t worry CommentLuv will be going back on my site this was for test purposes only.

One thing that I did notice while visiting the different CommentLuv blogs that I visited was that not every blog had updated their CommentLuv plugin to the latest CommentLuv version. This is a big mistake for any blog owner to make, you should always keep your plugins up to date, and honestly your missing out on some nice new functions in the latest CommentLuv plugin update. One of the major issues with using the older plugin is that you limit your blog commenters to which of their most recent blog posts they can choose from when leaving a comment on your site, the latest version lists more articles to choose from giving the commenter a chance to target their traffic when leaving a comment. Remember it’s about sharing the love.

Tips for maximizing your CommentLuv experience

  • When visting CommentLuv blogs look for [intlink id=”2239″ type=”post”]DoFollow information[/intlink], a DoFollow blog like mine offers Search Engine Ranking benefits
  • Target sites that fit the niche you like to blog about and of course something you enjoy reading
  • When possible target your most recent article in your CommentLuv list of articles to the article you are commenting on.
  • Use a simple RSS Feed reader like Feedly to make subscribing to the blogs you enjoyed quick and easy
  • Create a separate group/category for the CommentLuv blogs that you subscribe to in your feed reader

In order to save most of you from extreme boredum and making this the longest CommentLuv information article on the planet, I will be breaking this article up into three different parts. My next CommentLuv article will feature the CommentLuv active blogs that I visited on Day 2 and Day 3 of my CommentLuv project, I have yet to do Days 3, 4 and 5 so if you have a CommentLuv blog please leave a comment with a link to your blog I would be more than happy to include it in my CommentLuv project articles over the next few days. If your curious if your CommentLuv blog was one of the blogs I visited during my project subscribe to my RSS Feed so your informed when I post the next two CommentLuv project articles. Oh yeah, it would be pretty sweet if a few of you Twitter maniacs  would ReTweet this for me… Please and thank you :)

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Hiya, thanks for visiting! I love commentluv too and you´re doing a great job of bringing attention to it :)

@RML it was my pleasure to stop by and check out the site, I like your writing style. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and say hi.

I’m a big fan of comment luv. I got the plugin, too, and I know they just made some cool upgrades to it.
.-= Julie@Momspective´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts – My Head Is Spinning =-.

@Julie yeah I love the new changes to CommentLuv, being able to select from a larger list of my most recent articles is a big plus for me because I really don’t write about one specific topic, it allows me to tie my CommentLuv backlink a post that makes sense.

I am a big fan of commentluv as well and it seems like over 90% of the blogs that I comment on have it installed. I love the “project” as I am always looking for new blogs and especially bloggers that share the love. All 5 sites you mentioned are new to me so I will be checking them out and adding them to my list.
.-= Tycoon Blogger @Promote your blog´s last blog ..Top 10 Blog Designs =-.

@Tycoon Blogger See my goal with this CommentLuv project overall was to increase the amount of CommentLuv blogs that I comment on, which wasn’t something I really ever cared about or tried before.

Pretty cool post. I just found your site and wanted to say
that I’ve really liked browsing your posts. Anyway
I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

@Katy thank you for stopping by Katy and def a big thank you for subscribing to my RSS feed I appreciate that. Glad you found my site, if your on Twitter follow me @extremejohn if your not on Twitter, give it a shot.

This is a great feature…I need to talk to Alex about getting this for our site too…

@Keg of Wisdom no doubt put Alex to work, it’s a good traffic compliment for sure. Installing CommentLuv is very easy, it also gives you some payback when you post on blogs that have it which is a plus.

I went to the site and got a little confused. I want to get it installed, so I’m going to have to tinker with it. I always screw up the codes, but we’ll get it to work bro. I love when you do the educational posts.

@TCC I think you will like it, all though your blog seems to have a massive amount of commenters and followers which is huge, you may not even want to use CommentLuv all though it can certainly help increase everything you already have going on at

I love CommentLuv plugin and normally visit other sites when I read the commentators last blog posts. It has to catch my eye though otherwise I just pass it by.

I liked the way you summarized the sites you visited :)

@George I agree, if I don’t like the article title shown is not something that gets me excited I just cruise right by it. Thank you for commenting George I appreciate it.

Hi, I also like CommentLuv plugin, I think it brings me to a lot of nice posts from this blog, Thanks for adiing it in your blog.

[…] I am fresh of of celebrating with my “Back up the Blog King is here” article and “My CommentLuv Project“, there’s no sense pretending I’m not having fun with […]

Hi,I just found your blog with the keyword”CommentLuv blogs”,because I’m totally new to this plugin,I want to know how it works actually.

Yeah,I can see my comment post above now.
Does it mean my post is successful?

Yes it means it was successful.

Very nice post.Lot of people are have lot of concern about the commentluv plug-in.Now I am satisfy by reading the blog that your commentluv project was successful.
Thanks for the sharing.

Thanks for taking the time to put these articles together. I am finding the info quite helpful.


.-= Jesse Jameson´s last blog ..‘Cove’ Director Surfaces Deep (And Dark) Secrets : NPR =-.

@Jesse Jameson thats good news Im happy someone found some use out of the information I post.

A week or two ago I wandered across your site and have been reading along steadily. I decided I could write my first comment. I dont know what to write but that Ive really loved perusing. Nice site. I intend to continue coming to this site now and again. I have also taken the rss feed for any updates.

Hey, great post. I’d also have to recommend top commenter as the ultimate way to get good backlinks, plus attract comments to your blog.

Does anyone know of a good list of high PR blogs with commentluv and top commenter on them?
.-= bill @ transformer costume´s last blog ..Transformer BumbleBee Costume =-.

Nice commentluv exercise.

I have a commentluv blog about advertising, copywriting and Internet marketing.

[…] My CommentLuv Project Posted on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 in Blogging Tips – Comments: (26) I decided back on June 17th that I wanted to spend some time looking into CommentLuv and really taking advantage of the entire concept behind having the WordPress plugin CommentLuv installed on my blog. For those new bloggers out there and none bloggers that read my site and don’t really understand what CommentLuv is or what it does, I will explain why CommentLuv is important to Bloggers as well as what it does and where you might see CommentLuv being used. […]

I use Commentlu on all of my blogs. I thinks it’s a great win win situation for both the commenter and the blogger. Yes, as a result of the increased traffic, you may have to deal with a potential of increased spam, but I think it’s well worth it, and if you use other plugins like Askimet, much of the spam can be avoiding automatically!
.-= Darvin @ Discount Yoga Mat´s last blog ..Manduka Yoga Mats =-.

Thank you for the list. I started using comment luv and i guess is very easy way, using it correctly to get some external links.
.-= ARQUIGRAFICO´s last blog ..Proceso de instalacion de una Piscina Prefabricada =-.

Hi John
Found CommentLuv recently and have just installed it and registered.
A great idea.. to get a link back to your latest post.
Keep finding more and more blogs using it, looks like it’s taking over the world.
Not sure how to get it to display other poste… any help out there?
And I notice that there is now an upgrade 2.7.66 anybody using it?
.-= Keith Davis@public speaking and presentation skills´s last blog ..Practice, practice, practice… =-.

I really enjoyed your project and I think I will follow your lead. It’s a great exercise that should create many backlinks. This is a tool all good bloggers should have available on their site.
.-= Marie Leonard´s last blog ..How To Write A Great Press Release =-.

I love it, I’m a new blogger and CommentLuv has driven me all over the net to interesting places through peoples attached links. It’s like StumbleUpon in a way, it’s great and I’ve had people comment on my site from other places; which as a new blogger, especially one about to redesign the site… It’s really nice to get feedback from others.
.-= Thomas O´s last blog ..Fighting for Success: Lessons from the Cage Applied to Life =-.

CommentLuv is really the new plugin where now a days , blogger hunts for such sites in order to comment :laughat: , thanks for such list , but the the first blog you mentioned in this list is now no commentluv active 😳 . Still , keep with your cool project
.-= Ajinkya´s last blog ..QwertyWEB gets Page Rank 4 =-.

@Ajinkya, no doubt. Things change, I wrote this post a long time ago, haha. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Yeah, you did – but amazing how it’s still drawing folks to the post and your site! I’m thinking it’ll be perfect for my new little project, a UFO site some Army buds and I thought would be fun. Help the UFO community get to know each other a little better, it’s not the biggest niche with a pretty hardcore group of fans…

So anyway, here I am again, a couple months later after CommentLuv brought me here the first time! Hope you’re doing well, all the best!
.-= ThomasO´s last blog ..Sightings on the rise in Tennessee =-.

It has to catch my eye though otherwise I just pass it by.

If you don’t wanna have kids with me, then why don’t we just practice?

I really enjoyed your project and I think I will follow your lead Ps Serge B
.-= Veto Corleone´s last blog ..Sacramento SEO =-.

Oh wow, I don’t remember reading this post, but it is a good one. You’re right, it’s easy to find ComLuv blogs worth commenting on. Most of the bloggers are the “blog about blogging” types, and that works well for most on the network (although it probably is hurting the network’s expansion). Your point about upgrading plug-ins should be said over and over again in every post. Not upgrading plug-ins is begging for disaster; most upgrades occur because of security concerns.
.-= ashok´s last blog ..Abraham Lincoln, “Letter to Ephraim D. and Phoebe Ellsworth” =-.

😉 enjoyed your post i may go follow what you have been doing, sounds really interesting

I think it’s a pretty good plugin as long as you have a good anti spam filter. When we tried it recently, we seemed to get flooded with comments of no relevance to the stories.

Nice post. I’m really reading up on apps because I think its the wave of the future. The internet is dying imho. I found a software which lets you create apps pretty easily, its called Droid Generator. I made my first app this weekend and it already brought 400+ people to my blog. Funny because it took my only 5 minutes to make the app, and the payoff is just dumbfounding.

Hi Extreme John! Thanks for giving emphasis on the benefits of having CommentLuv in our blogs. I’m new in blogging and because of your article I appreciate more CommentLuv and its tons of benefits. God bless you!

I’m more convinced now that Commentluv is a very helpful and a necessary plugin because it really helps bloggers get more traffic and quality backlinks in their sites. Thanks for such a very wonderful article about Commentluv.

Do you currently use CommentLuv now?

Today the legendary founder of CommentLuv Andy Bailey announced the release of v2.9 of the CommentLuv plugin.

Big thank you to Andy for his work.

That’s great news for Andy, he has a nice product.

@Reni pillai hopefully more bloggers will see the benefits of using CommentLuv

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