New Years Eve Party Pictures

Nothing beats a bunch of drunk girls and guys snapping countless pictures at an amazing New Years Eve Party, well a couple of things beat it but it sounded like a good start. I figured I would get these New Years Eve Party Pictures from the Silver and Black Party we had last year since after a ton of thought and consideration we decided not to do our Something Sexy Party or maybe we had some other name for it I don’t remember. Last years New years Eve Party was a blast but to be honest I just wasn’t feeling the overall destruction and trashing of my house, and I know for damn sure I didn’t feel like doing any babysitting this year. I have also been tossing around the idea of a Themed Superbowl Party this year and I know if we did the New Years Eve Party there would be no way I would even consider doing the Superbowl Party.

Tessa gives her final two gun salute of 2007

I can say I didnt miss the mayhem of last year’s party and not having one this year, but that would probably be a lie. Anyone that knows me knows I like to party and New Years Eve Parties are probably one of my favorite parties of them all, not to mention I like throwing themed parties. I will say I don’t miss the mess and I don’t miss the hangover I woke up with last year and I am sure there will be plenty in the future.

Lisa gets ready to pop a top

I needed some Pasties

Happy New Year Everyone, and thank you for helping the Extreme John Blog reach 100,000 views and a shit load of New Subscribers over the last year. Hopefully during your boring times of the day in 2009 you will remember to check back and see what Im yammering on about like a schoolgirl on rock candy. Not sure what the year brings, regardless I wish you a Happy New Year! And if this is your first time here Subscribe.

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fine like a dime man….nice….

Im due for another hot girl party real soon, it seems like it’s been way too long.

Meow! Looks like it was a fun time 😀

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Boy looks like you had a blast over there.

All the girls look very hot

I also enjoyed the new year party here in my home , but it was more of a family affair.

Thanks for sharing all the nice pics.

Wow this is what I call a party.

What music you guys were playing over there?

Wish I could be there , it must be so fun.

Happy new year to all of you guys.

Thanks for posting all these pics.

There has to be something incredible about girls ?

Why everybody is wearing black?

Tessa looks amazing in the pic. Though she looks angry lol

It must be hell lot of fun out there.

Thanks for sharing all the pics. It is incredible fun.

I second that thought.

Well , 100,000 views are lot of views. Great job man.

Wow, how you generate so much traffic?

I agree 100k is lot of traffic. It rocks.

There has to be something incredible about this party. The girls simply rock.

I love the pics. Way cooool

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