One Good Reason NOT to Tweet and Drive

All though the following video was meant to send a message to teenage drivers that are oh so constantly texting and driving, this video also serves as an excellent reason not to tweet while you drive either. With applications like Uber Twitter and Twitterberry for Blackberry and the Twitter apps for iPhone it could not be much easier for people to update their Twitter status right from their cell phone while driving, BAD CALL!

I decided to show the following video to my fourteen year old son after hearing about the video one morning a week or so ago on the MJ Morning Show, a local morning show that I listen to daily on 93.3 FLZ. I will warn you the video is graphic and it does the right thing, it creates awareness and sends a message to those teen drivers or soon to be teen drivers that would never think twice about sending text messages or updating Twitter status.


One Reason NOT to Text or Tweet and Drive

I personally think there are a lot more reasons to not send twitter status updates or text messages when you drive, I will also say that prior to watching this video I might have thought twice about texting or tweeting while driving, but I still did it anyway. After watching this video I no longer send status updates or text, I will of course check my messages and respond at the severely long and frequent traffic lights

After watching the video (I hope you watched the entire thing) do you still think that you will find yourself sending Twitter status updates and texting friends while your driving? Leave a comment and share your thoughts, I am curious to see what everyone thinks of this video and if you have any intention on showing it to someone you might be concerned about.

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Dude, I saw this video two days ago and I honestly have stopped texting, emailing, and even talking on the phone since then. I used think it was OK with a little phone use while driving but not after this ad. I just hope that more people see this ad, and get something useful out of it.
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@jason, I still use my phone when I am driving, however it’s through Blue-Tooth. It’s unreal how quickly that video can make you think about some of the more important things in life… which when it comes to texting everything is more important.

Thanks for sharing that! Sent it to my kids and some! They think nothing will ever happen.

@, my guess is if you asked any of the millions of teens that drive none of them even consider the risk of texting and driving.

Silly $20 and $50 fines are not going to scare them into not doing it either.

Oh! John 😐 Phones while driving are supposed to be used for emergency only because accidents happen in ‘femto-seconds’ not milli-seconds so twittering?! :roll: Please guys whoever tweet while driving, quit this because it’s not only your life but everybody!
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It’s not just the texting that people should worry about! It’s the mindless idiots on the road that are texting, eating and drinking all at the same time! I kid you not! I saw a guy on the other side of the road the other day doing it and then a few minutes later another driver playing with his phone and shaving! And they wonder why there are so many accidents on the road 😯 Ok, I’ll get off my soap box now 😆 😉
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I agree driving should not be mixed with anything be it drinking, texting or even tweeting. This is a major cause of road accidents everywhere. Some people think they can multitask but they can’t and so they get themselves hurt
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Extremely graphic video, but maybe that will work for people to stop txt and driving

I’ve told two friends about this video since yesterday, lets continue to pass it on…

VIDEO One Good Reason NOT to Tweet and Drive…

A video example of One very good reason not to use Twitter, Tweet or text message while driving. WARNING!!!!! This video is GRAPHIC!!!…

Missouri just passed a law against teens texting while driving. I wish it would have applied to everyone, not just teens. I stopped texting while driving except at a dead stop after watching the Will Smith movie, ‘7 Pounds’.

Straight to the point. And you are absolutely right, it is graphic in nature. I really did not even bother watching it to the end. Got the message across at the very first minute of it. Now how do we get this message across all the teens out there. My kids are now aware of the danger but don’t forget that in this example, there was more than one car involved. Sad..
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I am going to stop driving & twitting also! after clicked on this link I am not going anywhere for a week!! it’s horrible, nice tricks on the clip!
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This is a very shocking video, but it has to be. The shock factor grabs people’s attention, and hopefully will convince people of the dangers involved.

Don’t drink and drive, you might spill the drink.

Don’t tweet and drive, you might spill the beans.


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I’ve seen this video on another blog as well, I think this video gives a great lesson to every teenager and not only them but seniors as well. It’s important to get your phone connected to the bluetooth and talk as quickly as possibly you can, so you can concentrate mainly on your driving. Texting is very risky. I’ve text-ed a few times but gladly after then I also avoid it.

The only thing I do while driving is listening to educational programs on my ipod -1 ear only. This is much easier since I screwed up one of the earbuds.

All it takes is less than a second of not paying attention to really screw up.
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If I see another blonde in an SUV on her cell phone or texting, I am going to pull her over with my fake cop lights and siren and give her hell.
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Ah comeon it only happens to the “other guy” right. I can multi task and drive. Cell phone in one hand, cigarette in the other, coffee between the legs, stereo on and putting on make up. No problem! You would think that people don’t get the fact that they are in a 3,000 projectile moving at 30-60 mph. Turns out anytime the human body is moving faster than it can walk under it’s own power there is the potential for some pretty serious consequences. But these kind of PSA’s are not making a difference to anyone but the Advertising Companies who are billing the people who want to make them. Unfortunate.
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You know Extreme, I blogged about this earlier today on my own blog. Your post has provided me with lots of food for thought and I feel you made lots of intriguing points. I really wish I’d read it before writing my own post!

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