Rot in Pieces OSAMA [Warning Graphic]

Ten years ago a worthless piece of shit took the lives of many innocent people and it may have taken ten years to see the end of that demon spawn but here’s to the celebration of the end of one of the biggest douches of our time- may he rot in pieces for eternity.

Osama Bin Laden Killed by US Navy Seals

Osama Bin Laden Dead

For their service to our country and the free world, this is a shout out to all of our military personnel, particularly the Navy Seals and my family, friends and…hell, everyone else who has put their life on the line fighting to prove that we’re not about to sit back and take shit from anyone. I, for one am proud to be an American and will be having a few beers tonight to celebrate the death of that worthless douche.

Truly, fuck you Osama. Right in your bullet riddled head.


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Indeed, the US Navy are making us all proud of what they did. Nothing can pay off such heroic acts of serving our nation and risking their own lives to save a lot of people.

To Osama, your reign of terror has ended right in your bullet riddle head!

Cheers everyone!

If only this would solve or problems of all the other douche-bag terrorist running around with bombs strapped to their backs. Glad to see the Ass-hola Bin Ladin with a bullet throw his skull but lets all hope it dosen’t stir up more crazy extremists. Nice Post EJ.

It won’t Dave but at least it’s one big asshole taken out.

I totally agree. Osama is one big assohole and a pain in the neck of every US citizen.

haha. Let me correct it.

“Osama WAS one big ASSHOLE!”

Much better :) Thank you,

hopefully it’s true, can’t wait to see the proofs to be released. but if the President is so sure, why would we shouldn’t

At last, after over a decade of searching. Who would’ve thought he could be living near a military compound in Pakistan?

Hitler and Bin Laden both have the distinction of dying on the same day, 66 years later!

What’s amazing is how many conspiracy theories sprung out after hos death. So many people asked me “Do you believe that Osama is dead?”. Of course the mother-lover is dead! If he turned out alive after all this, the reputation of our military and special forces would be ruined. Of course they made sure they got it right.

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