Social Media Manager Face-off: MarketMeSuite vs HootSuite

Before I get to my MarketMeSuite and HootSuite comparison it’s important to point out that I currently use a free version of HootSuite (@Hootsuite) and always have, up until this point I’ve never purchased a Twitter manager or social media manager. Before continuing with this comparison you can see my MarketMeSuite Review, this is a most recent review of MarketMetSuite and details a lot of the new features that were not available when I wrote this Faceoff article.

I ended up purchasing MarketMeSuite and gave it a test run before putting this post together, hopefully you find the information below to be useful.

*Please note, I do not read directions before using any of this stuff. If I need to read directions chances are it’s too complicated and I’m not going to use it anyway, reading directions should be optional when it comes to this stuff.

Social Networks I Belong To

I wanted to include a list of some of the social networks I belong to so you have an idea of what type of social media user I might be, or you can take my word for it. I’m an addict.

  • Facebook, Facebook fan page
  • Twitter
  • MySpace
  • YouTube Channel
  • LinkedIn
  • Foursquare
  • Google Buzz
  • Tumblr

Please note these are just a few of the social networks I currently belong to and this list is forever changing and updating. I suggest every small business owner to get involved on the hundreds of social networking sites out there, or at the very least create a public profile for your business so that you have a presence.

Hoot Suite vs Market Me Suite


HootSuite offers a free version or the professional version which runs for $5.99 per month, you can see HootSuite pricing information here. MarketMeSuite has a monthly version (not specifically pro or not) for $5.99 or yearly pricing ranging from $59-$247 per year, currently there is no free version. You can see more MarketMeSuite pricing here. I’m grandfathered in to using HootSuite’s pro version for free, a benefit I appreciate greatly.


Market Me Suite has a pretty clean interface that makes it appealing, however I would have to give the edge to Hoot Suite. Hoot Suite has more design options via easy to select and change themes, where MarketMeSuite is limited to the one design type. Hoot Suite also gets the nod when it came to finding the things I use most, like scheduling status updates and tweets on our Twitter (@extremejohn) and Facebook pages.


As of this comparison there really is no comparison between the two managers when it comes to functionality, Hoot Suite dominates in this area. I can manage more of my social networking accounts with Hoot Suite then I can with Market Me Suite, including the ability to update social networking sites like LinkedIn and Foursquare.

The only way to publish your updates to those social networking sites with Market Me Suite would be to do it via Both managers allow for integration, but Hoot Suite even manages to out class Market Me Suite in this area as well due to the fact that HootSuite allows you to take advantage of Ping lists. Those differences give the user more control and choices within the manager, choices I can’t live without.

Add-Ons and Plugins

Any aggressive social media marketer or small business owner wants add-ons and plugins. HootSuite dominates in this area as expected since Market Me Suite is so new to the market, currently MarketMeTweet doesn’t offer any plugins or add-ons, or at least not any that I can find.

HootSuite on the other hand offers the following apps and add-ons:

P.s. The HootSuite Hootlet allows you to retweet and share things from any or all of your social networks without leaving your active browser window. My favorite feature, without a doubt one I can’t live without.

HootSuite Hootlet in Action

HootSuite Hootlet Video

Click for the HootSuite Hootlet Video

Bells and Whistles

I can’t really say that I give the edge to either of the two in this category as the bells and whistles that each product offers are different and offer different levels of importance for the user. A good example of this would be Market Me Suites ability to brand each of your Twitter messages, all though this is a pretty sweet feature I wouldn’t base using any Twitter manager solely on the ability to do this.

The branding option allows you to edit the portion of your tweet on Twitter that says where the tweet was originally sent from. Example: iPhone, Tweet Deck, Hoot Suite, Market Me Suite. If you follow me on Twitter there’s a good chance that you’ve seen me send tweets via “Extreme John App” (picture below), that’s the personalization that Market Me Suite brings to the table.

Market Me Suite

Both HootSuite and MarketMeSuite have excellent tools to find new Twitter users to connect with, solid search features and tools to manage rss feeds. I suggest trying both social media applications to see which works best for you and your business.

Social Media Manager Videos

MarketMeSuite or MarketMeTweet Video

HootSuite Video

Final Thoughts

Market Me Suite has some serious potential and if the updates keep coming it shouldn’t be long before the good people at Market Me Suite see themselves as a true player in the Twitter manager / social networking manager game. I don’t really see that Market Me Suite is ready to be a subscription based or fee based service as Hoot Suite offers more and offers it for less, as do other Twitter managers like Tweet Deck.

Not to mention HootSuite is just much easier to use and allows me to send messages to various social networks without visiting different tabs or sections of the application. I look forward to see where MarketMeSuite takes the next few updates.

Market Me Suite Wish List

  • Be free of charge until the manager can compare with other managers on the market.
  • Facebook and Twitter Columns on one screen.
  • Foursquare integration.
  • LinkedIn integration.
  • Better “send to” options.
  • More column control for various social networking profiles.
  • Android app, iPhone app and other mobile phone apps.
  • More themes.
  • Making sharing across multiple, but selective networks more simple.
  • Offer browser based add-ons.

Hoot Suite Wish List

  • Specific YouTube Channel integration.
  • Specific Tumblr integration.
  • Hootlet for NetNewsWire for Mac.
  • More themes.

Leave a comment and share your experience with MarketMeSuite or HootSuite, I’m sure everyone would appreciate your feedback. Also don’t forget to check out Keith’s review over at Hot Blog Tips, the article is titled “Review: MarketMeSuite Social Media Application“.

Update: Since writing this post I’ve discontinued my use of MarketMeSuite, I found HootSuite to be a complete social media manager that allows me to run my business more efficiently.

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Hey John, HootSuite is my favorate, but to be fair I did get a chance to try MarketMeSuite!

mm.. but you know what? I think all tools are cool, it just depends on the way you use it, the man not the machine 😉

I would have to agree with you Hesham, I like all the various Twitter tools and social media managers out there. It seems they all have something a little different to offer.

Great comparison John. The one thing that always bothered me about Hootsuite was it is a web app, and I really like the desktop apps that run separate from my 50 million tabs already open in my browser. That is why I always went back to Tweetdeck.

I agree that Marketmesuite needs some better features, especially with Facebook and LinkedIn (those are the only two other networks I try to stay active on). So far, I am going to stick with it for a bit, see what comes from them with updates…

Thanks for the mention!

I see where your coming from with having HootSuite as a web app vs having it as a stand-alone desktop app. However that’s not a problem that I have because I use a MAC which means I can take advantage of the killer Fluid App for MAC that HootSuite has, makes that bad boy run as a stand alone desktop vs burning up an extra tab 😉

Damn that Steve Jobs!!!!! 😆

Haha I thought you might say something along those lines.

You can turn Hootsuite into a desktop application with Google Chrome, see my video here: trust me Hootsuite is effectively a desktop app with this trick and stands separate from your browser.

I do this with HootSuite on my Mac using Fluid, I can’t remember the last time I had to login in to HootSuite or opened it in a browser window. Stand alone just the way I like it.

Thanks for the post. I am new to social marketing and this was extremely useful for me. I never thought such apps exist, by far I’m trying to manage all the social profiles manually. I agree that at least trials should be free, people like free quality software and the company will still get revenue. I will try out hoot suite now solely because I can try it for free, and I’m looking forward to more such software appearing on the market.

Glad this post could help Lora, after you try a few of them out come back and share your opinion on the different social media managers out there.

Huge fan of Hootsuite, at least the online version. The paid Android app is a waste of money. The free one only allows you to control three social media ID’s, the paid is supposed to allow more. I bought the paid, but it doesn’t support Facebook or Facebook pages (and I couldn’t get any help from their support) so I asked for a refund. No response yet, kind of shady so I’d suggest everyone stay away from giving them your money.

Wow have you tried tweeting someone directly @HootSuite ? I always get immediate responses from them, I’m sure they don’t want money for something your not happy with.

Hey John,

Thanks for including us in this write up. We have an update rolling out soon that will be adding some really neat features, and we have a rigorous schedule planned. Bear in mind, we’re not only a subscription model – we do offer a one time fee of $99 – unlimited use. We have no limits for how you use it personally or for promoting your business. No team members… etc.

I truly appreciate all your feedback and I encourage your users to head over to our feature request forum and put in what they’d like to see. We do listen :)

Also, an interesting read is this: – in this I outline why we feel “Freemium” isn’t the way to go :)

All my best and keep on rocking this blog – it’s awesome!

Tammy thank you for stopping by and sharing the link for others to submit feature requests, it shows that your willing to support and improve on the MarketMeSuite product.

In all due respect I don’t see really addressing the “Team Members” portion of HootSuite because it’s not even a service that’s currently available within MarketMeSuite. Would make sense that there is no limit or additional fee.

In regards to the argument about paid vs “freemium”, I would agree if the product delivered at a paid level. Currently it doesn’t deliver what I feel it should if it’s going to be a paid application.

Sure MarketMeSuite might have been created with businesses in mind and that being the basis for the application being fee based, however as a small business owner I can safely say that there is no way I would be able to rely on MarketMeSuite in it’s current form to run and manage my business and personal social media profiles.

I would also have to agree with “Adam” in the comments segment, there should be a free trial so that potential “businesses” as well as personal users can decide if the software is right for them. By right for them I mean price and functionality.

Ultimately I just wouldn’t have seen myself purchasing MarketMeSuite in it’s current form had I tried it before hand, it really does seem to be in the very early stages of development. Might be something to consider.

Thank you again for stopping by and for retweeting I appreciate it.

Hey John, Thanks for the speedy reply. I guess we’re left with “wait and see” 😉

It’s funny – when we got into this game the tools we compared ourselves too were more TweetAdder and Social Oomph – it’s interesting how people have been comparing us to hootsuite more and more. We take it as a compliment. I’ll also add – we follow all the rules. Hootsuite does too, don’t get me wrong, but Tweetadder and a bunch like that hack the site and take marketing to a level that is spammy.

Bear in mind – we are a marketing tool but we realized that to stand out, we also need some kickass management as well. I didn’t see you address our marketing features at all…. next week (or possibly even this friday) we are doing a massive update to reply campaigns which is going to be unique and immense. I hope you’ll check it out!

apologies for my typos above – it’s early 😉

I look forward to the massive update and will be more then happy to check it out. I briefly mentioned a few of the marketing tools, however I skipped going into great detail here because everyone’s marketing demands are different. In addition many of the marketing features are available in HootSuite and TweetDeck as well, I do like the ease of the Unfollow tool. :)

The reason for constant compare to Hootsuite, WebSite Magazine ranks Hootsuite as the #2 Social Media manager application behind Ping.FM, with Tweetdeck being #3.

HootSuite is the brass knuckles. I personally couldn’t live without it and it integrates with making things even more easy to handle and manage.

Hi Extreme John,

Tammy was showing me your post and the comparison of our software with Hootsuite. It’s a great post and I assure you our team are working tirelessly to bring even more functionality and innovation to our users. Mobile versions are under way as well as great new features.

Keep your eye on us :)

Lead Developer @MarketMeSuite

Thank you for stopping by Alan. I will continue to look for updates and new information on MarketMeSuite and post it here when I can. I look forward to the coming updates.

Nice review. I never used MMS but I been with hootesuite for like 2 yrs I think.. Overall I luv that damn tool lol

As far as having it a web app or a desktop.. Nice thing about the web app is it runs on there servers, so things happen if my comp is on or not.. desktop app would have to be online.

I rather lose a tab then lose fat pc resources. I have 50 tabs alweays open, one more isn’t killin me haha

Ours runs on our servers not your computer. That’s why scheduling works when the app is shut (which is different from how tweetdeck does it)

HootSuite doesn’t have an issue sending scheduled tweets, Tweet Deck might. I will consider that in the future in the event I compare Tweet Deck to MarketMeSuite.

I’m with you John, HootSuite makes it happen. I tried Seesmic and Tweet Deck for a while but they just didn’t get it done the way that HootSuite does.

Interesting review. However, comparing MarketMeSuite to anyone is not fair. Fair to the other twitter tools.

Unlike a lot of other people my primary social media tool is twitter. Twitter is an important spoke in my wheel with my blog being at the hub. That being said. The tools available right now in MMS make it more than worth the small fee they charge.

For example, while you did mention the Branding Tweets. I feel many miss how amazing this is. Every time you brand your twitter with a link back to your businesses site, you are gaining search engine juice. And all of those links can be considered back links. Just adding to the authority you are piling on your own site.

Next is the Reply Campaign built right into MMS. This is a huge tool for a business who wants to follow the conversation taking place on twitter about their brand, company and even support questions. I use the Reply Campaign daily to make sure we don’t miss anything. And I can tell you this. We have made new connections, built trust and reputation and gained sales due to this one tool. Again, well worth the small fee MMS charges. And Tammy tells me the new version of Reply Campaign will be amazing too.

Plus, with MMS, I can also feed my post to twitter with MMS’s built in RSS manager.

And unlike other twitter tools, the scheduled tweet feature in MMS works whether you have MMS open or not. And whether your computer is running or not. Something one of the other popular tools can’t say.

Yes, Hootsuite and other twitter tools are free. And I have always received from these free tools just what I paid. Nothing compared to what I get from MMS. I am a firm believer in the paid for model when it comes to applications and tools. The paid for model supports innovation and development. The paid for model supports that too. Support for its users through email and/or forum support. Which, MMS provides some amazing support too.

I was an earlier user of MMS with version 1.0 And from what I have seen since I started using MMS is a company committed to innovation, support and providing a product that meets the needs of its community.

Grant thank you for taking the time to share your personal and preofessional experience with MarketMeSuite, many of the functions you mention are truly great. However I use HootSuite daily and do many of the same exact things, and again for free. My scheduled Tweets always go as planned, I believe TweetDeck has the issue with that.

There is no question that everyone has different needs for how they manage their social media profiles, the RSS feed control is also available in HootSuite not to mention I can rely on my blog to share directly on Twitter as well. A great feature, but certainly one that is readily available in many unpaid applications.

I see no reason why MMS can’t be a paid application in the future, personally I just don’t see it now for ME and my use within my social media campaigns.

Hi ExtemeJohn!

Great post. Thorough and informative. Had not heard of MMS before.

I met the Community Manager for Hoosuite – Dave O – recently at Social Media Camp in Victoria, BC (Hootsuite is Canadian, eh!). Cool guy.

I’ll let my sales guys talk about Sprout Social 😉


– Don

Hey Don whats up man! I want to attend a local social networking event here in Tampa sometime soon, or better yet host one :)

Let me know if you do host one maybe we can sponsor it 😉

Thank you Tammy I appreciate that and will def keep you posted.

On a side note I would like to say that MarketMeSuite at least had the courage to step in here and address a few things and have been on Twitter all day. HootSuite on the other hand, nothing on Twitter, nothing here.

Just a sign of what happens what some companies get huge, kinda like what Mike was referring to above.

Hi ExtremeJohn!

You should host a Tweetup at your flagship location – or even at a local restaurant or bar. I’ve organized 3 Tweetups sop far in Nanaimo and they keep getting better and better. Great way to build on your social media commnunity and to get them to interact with you and each other offline!

I’m not sure if you can see this video from the host restaurant’s Facebook Page (Mazavinos) but here’s a clip of the 2nd tweetup we did where over 60 people came out. I always say that noise is the best indicator of a successful networking event and there is plenty of it here:

It was a blast!

So Tweetup man! And send out your invites via !


– Don

I keep telling myself that I’m going to schedule some time on the side to set one up, but it just never seems to get done. Sadly, I’ve never even attended one.

ExtremeJohn – with all you’re swagga, I can’t BELIEVE you haven’t hosted a Tweetup yet!

Beautiful people, beautiful city, beautiful cars, etc. – you’d have no trouble filling a venue with active Twitterers. And it’s GREAT for brand building on top of the social community building. The people who attend are not like random customers or clients. By definition, people who show up to Tweetups are people who are active online and who come with their own built in communities.

Hitch a prize (can you say Hummer Limo ride with all the fixin’s) to a Twitter/Facebook/Yelp/Foursquare mentions contest (and use an app, like say…Sprout Social for example, to measure, track and interact with your mentions) and ExtremeBob’s your uncle.

Do it my friend, and your local community will be beating a path to your door! (PS: Take VIDEO!)

Viva La Tweetup!

– Don

Hey Don, I noticed you have really done well, haven’t seen you in forever so it’s nice to see where you are headed and the successes you are enjoying…

Hey Keith!

Funny, I was thinking exactly the same thing about you when I saw your comments here – so thanks so much for the mention and kind words.

I jumped out of the ‘blogging about blogging’ world a while back to focus on social media consulting for small businesses in my local, mostly offline, community of Nanaimo.

But now as Editor of the Sprout Social Insights Blog, I’m bringing that role of helping small businesses navigate social media to a global, online audience again. I’m psyched!

How about you? How’s your fence biz? Is your online biz still complementing the offline biz?

Ooops – sorry ExtremeJohn for commandeering your comments section for personal asides – one can only hope that Sprout Insights will one day have the same sense of community that you’ve built here! 😉

In any event, thanks Keith and I’m sure we’ll be crossing paths again, now that I’m fully back in the Online world once again ! Woot! (Thx ExtremeJohn!).

– Don

Hey John, was just stopping by to see how the convo was going on this post. I really appreciate the fact that MMS has stepped in to answer questions and make comments here, and for me the branding part alone is worth the money! I do want to see more features like Facebook and LinkedIn as well as adjustable columns, but I am sure they are working hard to bring all that to us.

I tried Hootsuite many many times, honestly I still preferred Tweetdeck over Hootsuite before I started using MMS. For now I am a monthly subscriber, but may change that if features come out that I think are worth it. To me, I don’t think I miss the $6 a month out of my paypal acct….

Hey Keith,

Thanks. And thanks John for the kind words. We’re still small and nimble so yeah, we get involved in conversations. But it’s more than that – our tool is built on the premise that starting and engaging in conversations = business. So we practice what we preach :)

BTW have either you or John tried the BlogMe element?

I’m sure that you don’t miss the $6, as I don’t miss the $59 that I spent on it for the year. BUT we do it because we just want to see about the product, try it or whatever, where others might not wish to throw down $6 a month for something that might be missing functionality they expected from a Twitter client like MarketMeSuite.

The branding part is a good plus, but with Twitter click %’s on normal links within Tweets being as low as it is, I don’t see too many people paying attention or even noticing. Not a large % at least, take someone like me for instance, I actually read the tweets that the people I follow tweet. Never not once in as long as I can remember (aside from doing it for this post of course) looking at the area to see where someone is Tweeting from. iPhone, Personal name, Tweet Deck, HootSuite, MarketMeSuite, MarketMeTweet, Seesmic and so on. Taking that into consideration even IF I did look at that area, it would be the last thing I would click.

I would love to see a study from multiple clients outside of an affiliate or any other relationship with MarketMeSuite collect how many clicks they received to the branded segment over the coarse of a 3 month period, tweeting heavily say 10,000 tweets a month. I would be willing to bet that taking those numbers into consideration and assume each one of those accounts has 10,000 followers. I bet the click % would be lower than 2% for that duration.

I actually discovered most of the apps I have tried by clicking on those links LOL. I would like to see that study too, especially since you and I do completely opposite when it comes to the links in tweets.

Looks like I need to write a post and ask the people of Twitter if they ever click the app links, or how often they click them. Ok maybe not me, but someone does. If I have time I will.

I remember seeing that article, great article. However assuming the 37% increase was from clicks to the app field would hardly make for a reliable study, regardless of the anchor text.

1) What was the app link before?
2) Depending on the prior app link how do you know how much traffic went through prior to personalizing it.
3) What was the content being tweeted?

You see it’s a very well done graphic article, not to mention it comes with a nice affiliate link attached to the top of the post. Overall we are talking less then 100 overall visits without any real data to support that the traffic came specifically from that app link. I guess I’m saying it’s a very good sponsored post, but the information has a lot of room for play.

Hi John!

The stats reported in my review covers 15 days report. Although the data-set is not huge, the results are certainly on the positive side. It may fluctuate on either side, because there are so many variable factors. How alluring is the ‘Anchor Text’ , your niche (type of followers), your influence and last but not the least – the no. of people following you.

Exactly. Well done post btw.

Hey John, Great post and lots of great feedback in the comments. I just purchased MMS and am actually having trouble getting into it. Tammy has been great with getting back to me and helping me. She referred me to Alan and I am waiting so hopefully I can try this software out.

I currently use both HootSuite and TweetDeck (mostly use HootSuite). So I see about 60 days has gone by and was wondering how you feel about MMS now?

What caught my eye was the self branding. But I see your point about using HootSuite because it is free.

If you get a moment would really appreciate any feedback on what you think of MMS today. Thank you.

Hi Lynn,

I’m sad to report that I moved away from using MarketMeSuite or MarketMeTweet due to it’s lack of Facebook integration at a level that worked for me and my business social media needs. HootSuite is still my Twitter client of choice.

Thanks John for the feedback. I have been using Twitter and HootSuite for about 6 months now. Been building up a great following. But I feel there is so much more to learn how to utilize HootSuite more to my advantage. Your little video above was great. Can you recomment any other videos for HootSuite – so much on YouTube – just thought you might have some favorites!

Hi Lynn, as for videos for HootSuite I have’nt really seen any new ones out lately. I will say that taking advantage of the scheduling tool and the RSS tools in HootSuite can help you take it to the next level.

Hey Lynn – alan replied so hoepfully you’re all set!

John I’d like to challenge you to rematch once version 3 is out. If you’re not blown away I’ll be very suprised :) We have full facebook coming out of beta, dotted tweets, facebook sigs, some pretty wild stuff :)

Hi Tammy, I’m always up for a challenge just let me know when and where. I’ll be more then happy to take another stab at it.

Ok, scheduled to come out by second week of January, so as soon as it’s out the update will be pushed to you, but don’t worry, i’ll remind you! 8)

Haha ok I look forward to it.

Hello everyone,
I have been using Hootsuite for a while now…but since it became a paid service ( at least for the functions I am looking for, like schedule tweets…) I have been exploring new options including MarketMeSuite.
Now can someone tell me about the analytics options in MarketMeSuite?

Oupsss I am new to this Keyword Luv thing..not sure how to use it…

Hey Catherine,

Do you use bitly? We integrate with your bitly key, and you can also use google URL builder to integrate directly with your google analytics account :)


I Catherine and thank you for commenting. In regards to HootSuite being paid and MarketMeTweet is also a paid service.

Great post! i’ve been using HS for a few days now and i must say im impressed. One thing ive not been able to figure out is how to add my YouTube channels? You mention you wish for a ‘specifc’ integration….? does that mean you have somehow set up a feed integration? If so i’d love fo some advice on how i can do this!



Excellent comparison John, I really like Hootsuite and it is one of my fav social media management apps. I still prefer Tweetdeck for somethings however. I wish Hootsuite would allow you to use or other URL shrinking embedded into the app would be one of my major feature requests.

I would have to agree, I still am no fan of the HootSuite short options thats for sure. Gimme old school I’m happy with that.

Hey John, V3 comes out later today! :)

I’ll have to add checking on it to my to-do list, thank you Tammy.

I have tried MarketMeSuite for one month…BAD experience…I am sad because I think there is a great potential. I am really into it…I know it will be a great tool (if it works!!)
Basically, I can’t add my, there is some bug. I cannot add my Facebook Company Page, this does not work either…and I still have not gotten any help from the support services. I understand they are overwhelmed, but I have paid for a service that I cannot even use..
I wish I could at least get some kind of answer…and maybe get another month and chance to try MarketMeSuite when it is working properly.

Catherine drop me a line and I”ll get you sorted out :)

Thanks a lot Tammy :-)
But where should I drop you a line, do you have a direct email?
I have tweeted you few times, you answered super nicely by the way…but nothing came out, and I have sent emails to the support desk to no avail…
I really appreciate your willigness to satisfy your users..that’s great
And thanks to John for letting us use his wall to talk about our problems
You can send me your email adress on Twitter by DM? my twitter user is @commnation or @catherinedaar

I realized that I had to start using a social media manager, like hootsuite, when I was getting mentioned and didn’t even know it. I know like the fact that I have hoosuite on my android phone which updates me whenever I get a mention, without me having to have the app open.

Just another awesome reason to use HootSuite, thanks for commenting Greg.

Hey John – let me give you a tour of v3 whenever you have some time.
Drop me a line – you know my email 😉

This is one of the more robust comparisons I’ve seen! I’ve been hearing more and more about MarketMeSuite so I was going to try it out but your review has given me pause. I love hootsuite because it has the options you mentioned and much more – and that’s just the free version! I haven’t even felt the need to upgrade because the free version is so robust and meets my needs.

Thanks for the taking the time to do this in depth comparison John!


My pleasure Kesha and thanks for taking the time to come by and leave a comment :)

H Kesha,

Tammy from MarketMeSuite here :)

John did this review on our version 2. I’m very eager for his take on our version 3. How about it John? 😉

We are constantly developing, and yes, a web app is on the way as well as mobile. I’d love to answer any questions you have about MarketMeSuite.


Great review, I use both services and hope MarketMeSuite catches up with Hootsuite in the near future.

Thanks Dexter!
Coming Soon, And Free For All Current Subscribers…

MarketMeSuite iPad & iPhone App (free to all MarketMeSuite users).
Updated versions of all our current features, making them even better, including new versions of RSS manager and Scheduled Facebook and Twitter updates.
We’ve introduced a way for you to change your plan in app, to change to a better pricing option.
Soon we are to release our web-based version of the app, codename MarketMeSuite MoonBase, free to all our current users.
MarketMeSuite is changing, in 2011 we are dramatically ramping up our staffing levels to increase the user experience, support and software.
MarketMeSuite is unlimited, in every way, we want to give you access to everything you need, with no limits ever!
MarketMeSuite is listens, if we’re missing a feature, simply request it in our feature request section. We always implement the best suggestions!

John have you tried Version 3 yet?!

nice piece EJ, thank you. top comments too, y’all.

the one thing I’m looking for that seems to be missing with either/any of these apps is Yourls integration. (and that’s worth a google)

.. f’rinstance, I went and bought my – I’m @the_guv, see :) – set it up on my server, along with the very lush WP-to-Twitter to auto-post tutorial updates from my biz site ..

.. now how do I get that to work with HootSuite or MMS?

If anyone can tell me I’d be grateful. Tho I don’t think it’s possible yet .. quite. In which case, @Tammy, there’s a hint 😉

Hi the_guv,

Are you wanting yourls for link shortening or stats? The reason we are hesitant to put more url shorteners in is that twitter is basically planning on wrapping everything as – so if it’s a vanity URL, that’s kinda useless, but if it’s for stats, tell me more :)


It’s about marketing, Tammy. Sorry, I know you know that!

.. Community, SEO, branding, a friendly word along the way and a whole lot of quality info .. packaged up into the Twitter-sized version of the biz site. is @crp for that. So’s Also, those links will never be properly filtered and trusted. Only us users have the chance to self-regulate our content, else to deserve to lose our followers.

You may just have opened a can of worms so sorry if I sound a bit annoyed here. I don’t mean to shoot too many messengers :) ..

Do Twitter really intend to impose – yes I said impose – just their own link shortener on the community, without us having any alternative? Damn, if so, that’s hard lines for a lot of business out there, to to mention the brand-savvy user.

.. surely not?

Yes, Yourls is a great way to use statistics as well and, really, I’d rather have my link stats on my server, or even better to have the option of “your place or mine”.

Maybe I misunderstand you but, unless Twitter intends becoming all Orwellian on us, surely bespoke short-linking is not that much more PHP than having the or other services MMS already provides? (Well, it just isn’t. Consider, say, the WordPress-to-Twitter or TweetUpdater plugins, both of which provide the choice. Their code is GPL if you fancy a look.)

(Yourls has secret key authorisation too, doncha know, very secure.)

Changing tack ..

Are you folks planning any kind of browser plugin, a bit like HootSuite has or like TwitterBar, so that we can compliment our nicely branded campaigns with chatter from from the address bar?

.. most of my Tweets are “best of surfing” type stuff, plus the address bar is just a great place to tap out a tweet.

Otherwise, I think it’s fair to say that EJ’s comparative post is doing what posts do and becoming dated (the later comments aren’t tho yet, course), and that your client is now at v3. It’s maturing well, the features make it viable for purchase – though only now IMHO – and the price is more realistic. There are some issues perhaps but I’m a noob, need to play with it more before yay-naying anything else. You explanatory docs are very helpful as well .. although finding the download page is a bit fiddly.

I’ll be interested to see HootSuite’s response to v3 though. It’s very hard not to compare your products.

.. The truth is, I want a combo of the two but with the bespoke shortlink and browser plugin features and very good scheduled RSS features (I’ve not yet gauged the options with yours) .. at a fair price, with the choice of Desktop or browser integration. So there you go 😛

All in all .. thank you. I appreciate the openness you are demonstrating to accomodate your users’ wishlists. I know how hard that is.

Hi there,
Wow, long reply!

What twitter is doing with is up to them – who knows!

Regarding a ‘combo of the two’ – we are working on our web version so hopefully soon!

Well, a proper reply would help!

So will you help to facilitate Yourls or custom short links?

Will you have something to compete with Hootsuite’s browser add-on?

Hi, Yourls is something we are looking into and we already have a “hootlet” style plugin in development: “Mini MMS.” Should be released in a few months.

I replied in greater detail to your ticket you sent me directly :)

Leaving this totally un-useful comment now since it’s so late… HootSuite all the way! Was a HootSuite free user, and am now a HootSuite pro user, and wouldn’t have it any. other. way.

The true test of a good social media dashboard is in the ability (as you were mentioning) to manage multiple accounts. I have to do this for me as well as my clients. I have tried what seems like ALL the dashboards with the exception of Radian6. None compare; not TweetDeck, Ubersocial (which is very very cool for the phone), Co-Tweet, Seesmic, or SproutSocial.

HootSuite beats them all. What do I like? That I never have to contact customer service, lol.

@Tia .. never too late :)

All depends what you want though, huh?

I like HS very much, have used it for a couple of years and in most ways it’s unbeatable, the multiple accounts management as you say is superb .. and that’s with the free version.

For the paid version, brilliant for corporates who just write off the fees against tax but it’s just not cost-effective for most of us, the pajama Tweeters, if you like, that work from home, don’t need their team capability and don’t want their stats facility, else would prefer to manage our stats on our servers (HS stats services actually benefit them more than their customers).

They have a custom URLs options, which is great .. if you can afford an annual $600!

It seems pretty rich to me that you pay for Pro and have HS brand Your tweets with Their company as well. A bit like paying for a company to erect a billboard advertising their company in your back yard.

As for MMS, @Tammy, blessed if I know where you posted up the detailed response you mentioned. I’ve asked your support department with no response. In fairness, I’m not getting answers to the above questions from HS either.

Reply just sent again :)

tx Tammy .. got it, appreciated :)

Tia this is hardly a dead post so your comment is excellent. Thank you for commenting.

Hi John,

I’d still love for you to have a go at version 3. I’ve checked and you’ve not yet upgraded. I appreciate you’ve already made up your mind, and that’s fine, hootsuite is a fine tool, it really is, but for the benefit of your readers, have a look at version 3 :)

I’d be happy to do a demo for your blog so people can see what they think. Just let me know.

~Tammy, CEO @MarketMeSuite
PS – i agree…. @tia – john’s posts never die 😉

Hey John,
Your comparison helped me to make my decision on which platform to use and it saved me a lot of research time. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Dave, happy I was able to help. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

One thing that was really bad with Hootsuite is that they hijacked your branding in every post you did. Every post on Twitter or FB has this “via Hootsuite” link. There is no way to customize that and place your brand in it. This is even for the premium version! They had no plans to change that. I hated it so much that I switched. This was *very* important to my business. So, I switched over to MarketMeSuite, and loving every minute of it!

Hey jake, thanks for taking the time to comment. I like the branding feature that MarketMeSuite offers, BUT I’m not willing to lose the other functionality that HootSuite offers over MarketMeSuite. Having the branding is nice, but I for one have never clicked a branded link, not to HootSuite, or any other, so I’m a little curious as to just how much of anything is generated from the branding feature in MarketMeSuite…. taking in to consideration the traffic loss from the social networks that I can’t access when using MarketMeTweet.

Jon, At this point you’ve never tried our version 3 – we have an update coming out the first week of june, try it with an open mind and I think you’ll find you’re pretty happy. Also we haven’t been MarketMeTweet for about 8 months 😉

Thank you for the clarification Tammy, I am aware of the name change and the article is titled properly, however I have reasons behind why I reference it as both MarketMeSuite and MarketMeTweet.

In regards to not trying the latest version it’s much in part because every time someone comments on this post and we get to discussing it again there’s a newer version on the way :) After the June release if it contains some of the other features that I find useful I will be more then happy to try it out and re-review it. If it doesn’t really offer those tools yet, there’s a good chance I’ll write about it if/when those features become available. There would be no sense in me re-reviewing something if it doesn’t contain features close to something else I’ve reviewed and use daily.

I hope you understand.

I guess I just wish you’d update the video to show Version 3 – it’s not just that you have an old version, you have a completely different version. We have a rigorous update schedule, but major version changes are what I’m referring to:

By the way, i’m on firefox and the box to comment on this blog is completely black – i can sort of see the text but it’s mostly guessing 😉

Thank you for sharing the link Tammy, the new dashboard looks great. Nice production on the video too, if you don’t mind me asking who did it for you? I’m looking to have a video done for and was curious.

It looks like a solid product, I’ve always said there was plenty of potential to grow off of and that’s true. I’ll test MarketMeSuite some time this week, it will work out well because I have another Twitter tool I need to review as well.

Hi Jon (reply box still black – only reply – not leave a reply at the top)

The person we used was – not sure he does them anymore. I tweeted him to find out. He worked with a guy called @genuinechris – at the time it was called “Flat Rate Videos” or something like that. They did a fantastic job!

What is TanCash?

Thanks for agreeing to look at it again. June 7th our latest update comes out – 3.5 – but not a big change to version 3 as it is now. Adding in a few UI tweaks and integrating with PeerIndex. I appreciate that by now you’re probably sick of me – but hey, what is the ‘subscribe to comments’ button for? 😉

We just hit our 5000th sign up to MarketMeSuite the other day, so it’s really moving along nicely – small businesses are really enjoying it.

Tammy, not at all. That’s why the subscribe box is there and this is a business based blog, the fact that you respond and keep track of the discussions about your product so well is something to appreciate and respect, not get annoyed with :)

TanCash is our new online affiliate marketing program.

Downloaded the new version, playing with it a little now.

Hi Jake! So glad you are enjoying it!

Thank you Tammy, no worries there will be an updated area to the top of this post, it’s been on my list since Wed.

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