An Example of Square Apps Customer Service

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Back in February of 2012 I announced that I would be replacing my merchant services provider with the new Square App. It’s now two years later and I’m still using the Square credit card reader along with the SquareApp to process credit card transactions at my tanning salon business, Extreme Tan and Smoothies. Bottom line, I’ve never been more happy with a merchant services provider. Yes, this is even true after all of the doom and gloom crap that I hear from those all to friendly sales folks pushing traditional (and massive) credit card machines. Based on my experience, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Hell, even my customers love the Square app.

My Most Recent Square Customer Service Experience

I wanted to share my most recent Square experience with you. When it comes to trips to the mailbox, I’m hardly the most excited guy on the planet. The mail usually consists of the typical ads, bills and crap that most of us are accustomed to. My friends at #Square were nice enough to change the redundancy of the typical mailbox trip by hooking me up with a little surprise. The awesome team at Square hooked me up with a few new credit card readers, and the best part is… I never even requested it!

I’ve been using merchant service providers for well over 10 years, if I used one crappy merchant services company, I’ve used them all. Of course, First Data Global Leasing is the worst. As of this moment, FDLG owes me over $3,400 for billing me over the past 5 years for someone else’s business account, and they continue to automatically draft charges from my business account for accounts that were canceled 6 years ago. Square makes all other merch providers that I’ve tried look like they should have been in the business of scooping duck crap in the park, instead of working with the public.

There’s something special about receiving things without requesting it.

Square Customer Service Experience

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How This Helps My Brick and Mortar Business

  • Now I have backup readers in the event one of mine breaks
  • Indoor tanning season is coming, I have more readers to process more transactions
  • The ability to service my customers won’t be compromised
  • No cost to my small business

Have an awesome day, make it a productive one!

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Great example of why great customer service is very important. I have never been a fan of those massive credit card machines.

or the ridiculous fee’s they constantly nail you with.

Very good read, enjoyed this blog very much!

Thank you for coming by and taking the time to comment.

Square Credit Card is good. I love to use it. Thanks for the post.

Hey John, I have the one that Paypal gives out but have not used it yet. How does your compare with that one? And what about the interest rates they charge; how do they compare to others.Thanks for the insights as to how this one performs.

This app is really perfect, thanks again John for sharing this, I am actually reading some of your archived posts, it soothes me! :-)

That’s great to know Steph, thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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