Stripper Pole Pictures

I am one of those people that really feels that stripper poles are pretty overrated, sure there are plenty of people that will make the argument that stripper poles are the greatest thing ever.

Before all of the stripper pole lovers start getting bent out of shape I should probably explain why I am not the type to get all fired up about a stripper pole.

I am that strange guy that also could care less about going to a strip club, better yet I will typically only go to a strip club for a couple of reasons. I go either because I want to hear strip club music, or because I know someone there and they ask me to meet them.

My dislike for strip clubs has nothing to do with not liking strippers or anything along those lines. I hate the strip club game, it’s beyond pathetic to me that girls try it and guys are dumb enough to fall for it. Those of you that have been to a strip club or have worked in a strip club know exactly what game I am talking about. You can also add dumb ass $1 dances and front counter tip jars to the list of silly shit at a strip club. Sure those things all make money and being in business always has something to do with wanting to make money.

I can go on and on about the things that I think are really annoying when it comes to strip clubs, but that would be way off on a tangent. Instead this post should include some pictures from the Extreme Tan and Smoothies Memorial Weekend Party. Melissa one of the girls that works for Extreme Tan and Smoothies was nice enough to bring her Carmen Electra Stripper Pole to the party. It’s actually marketed as a fitness pole and I think thats more fitting for what it actually does.

After getting the “fitness pole” set up, which didn’t take very long at all a couple of the girls from Extreme Tan and Smoothies decided to “get fit” 😉 One of the thinkers at the party remembered to grab a camera and snap a few pictures, consider yourself lucky. Here are some of the Extreme Tan and Smoothies girls on the Stripper Pole, oh yeah … don’t say anything…. But I think Melissa might have an addiction to “fitness poles”, we found this video of her destroying a stripper pole in a limo. GET IT GIRL!

I never said I didn’t like pictures of girls on stripper poles.

Jamie has been practicing

Melissa obviously has been practicing too


Lakin rockin the “Bad Girl” Bikini as she takes a spin

Even Mike took a shot at the stripper pole

I will post the [intlink id=”954″ type=”page”]stripper pole picture album[/intlink] in a couple of days, subscribe to my RSS Feed or follow me on twitter to be notified when I add the album. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the “Bikini Beer Pong Pictures” that closes out the Extreme Tan and Smoothies Memorial Weekend Party Pictures.

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lol i love it! <3 you’re the best

Yeah, Such nice girls are making the parties living, Every photos given are nice. I am waiting for more photos like this.

You just have to find the right girl to swing on your pole.

AHA finally someone post pictures of this new “fitness Craze”
I say we start a fitness bar where we can watch this
.-= Phil@workplace wellness´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

😯 😯 😯 sexy

I would not say more words. But I will definitely mentioned that….wow these girls rocks……

Those stripper poles can help you get fit, I just wish I could learn how to do pole dancing. I envy the lady with a pink bikini shes so hot.

I like these pictures your blog is awesome.

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