Stuck on Facebook? I’m so sorry.

I’m not sure when it happened or why it happened, but I know it’s something that needs to change. Since when have American’s gotten so lazy to the point that they won’t try new things, even if it might be for their own good? When did people become sooooooo dependent and “happy” with Facebook that they would rather sit there and put up with incredible amounts of changes, numerous questions in regards to privacy and yet still sit and stay… Happy, content…. BORING.

There was a time where I really believed that the Facebook fall from the all mighty internet heavens would be much sooner, and even worse then the MySpace (memba that social networking site?) plunge. I obviously failed to calculate something in to the mix, maybe two things. Stupidity and laziness.

Facebook Might Be King, But It Doesn’t Mean it’s The Best

I typically start my morning off by checking Twitter, then I jump in to my NetNewsWire to see what breaking news, business news and whatever else might be important to know heading in to the day. Once I’m done going through my articles, I schedule my retweets on Twitter with MarketMeSuite and HootSuite, then head over to Google+ to consume a little more of the early morning buzz from the like minded small business people and bloggers that I connect with.

Once I knock out Twitter @extremejohn and Google+ I head over to… Wait… Yep, you guessed it, Skype. I like to respond to any of my Skype messages first thing in the morning, unless it’s a project that I need to address later in the day.

Now, some of you might have noticed something. I failed to mention Facebook in my list of top 3 things that I get done first thing in the morning, it wouldn’t be number 4 or 5 either. Email and text messages get that nod.

Missing an Entire World

I don’t feel as if I miss anything by not visiting Facebook in my morning ritual, truth be told when I do get over there it will be to check on the Extreme Tan and Smoothies Facebook page and my Facebook page. IF, and it’s a HUGE IF, if I have time I will scroll through to see if any of my immediate friends or family members have anything exciting to share, if not I’m gone and on to the next thing.

The crazy part about the “next thing” for me, is that it always consists of more Twitter and Google+ follow up, engagement and consumption and that message repeats itself throughout the day.

I couldn’t imagine what life would be like if I latched on to Facebook and never considered learning something new, learning a different way of communicating, a different way to use social media. I’m actually amazed that there are people out there that heard of these crazy things…. like Twitter and Google+ or even Tumblr, but yet they never even load the web page to check things out, or give it a shot. Sad, but true.

Here’s a tweet I received from @kenyattanJackie earlier this morning, it’s one of the things that prompted me to write this post:

Twitter vs Facebook vs Google+

This makes my soul hurt.

Why!?! What’s so sticky about Facebook that people get stuck there? I’ve never even moved slow enough through there to come close to breaking down – in order to get STUCK. Don’t get me wrong, Markie Mark and the Funky Bunch have a good thing going over there at the Facebook mega compound, but it’s hardly the greatest or only show on earth.

There’s so much more out there.

Small Business Owners Using Social Media

I’m not going to get in to s0me long why, how and everything else, instead I’ll shoot one tip at you and you can do what you want with it.

Be sure that your business is prepared on all social media outlets, but focus on the social media outlets that you KNOW your customers use most.

More on social media for small business: “How to Succeed with Social Media – A Guide for Small Business“.

Parting Shots

Tell your friends to stop being so damn narrow minded and try some new things out. If they need a few hardcore reasons to try Google+ or Twitter GIVE THEM THE REASONS, tell them why you like Twitter’s fast paced, 140 character controlled environment. Explain how Google+’s privacy settings and launch caused a massive knee jerk reaction at Zukie’s Facebook HQ’s. Tell them something, but don’t give up.

There’s plenty of reasons to try EVERY social media platform. There’s even more reason to break your time up across each of them so that you can take advantage of the things you enjoy about each specific platform. I know one of the best things about exposing myself to multiple social networking sites is that I keep meeting new people and learning new things in the process.

On the Social Media and Networking Menu

I know, even after all of that there’s probably a few of you that still don’t know what to try. Here’s a list of a few social media networking sites to keep you jumping from window to window instead of being STUCK on Facebook wanting to jump out of one.

You’re Up

Jump in to the conversation and share your thoughts on the social media lost. Is Facebook just soooooooo awesome (slight movie lisp) that the majority of people are willing to just sit around there waiting to see what change is next? Comment here

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Hi John,
Your name actually does you justice!! I agree that Twitter and google+ are more of the movers and shakers in the ‘web’ world. But you really really believe it! Gotta love you for it. I think mainly, it’s the speed and most people (that use them) are instantly in touch. That is important. Thanks for sharing a great article. Lots and lots of energy!!

I find that I am using Facebook less and less. I am new to twitter and like it a lot so far.

Hey John, I agree with you everyone does seem to be so wrapped up in the facebook world. I mean I like facebook but I think some people spend way to much time and effort on just facebook when they could just spread there efforts across other social websites and get a better come back. I think facebook has just become more of an addiction.

Thanks for the advice John. I really don’t use Facebook much, because I think it is better as a tool for my personal relationships. I still share everything, but most of my friends are not going to be the best at promoting my blog for me. I have worshipped Twitter, but I am paying more attention to my other networks now too. I am trying to use Digg more. Been a big Reddit user, but I honestly don’t think you can get as much out of that community. I am not as familiar with Tumblr. I thought that was just an alternate blogging platform. What else can it do for you?

I think that the main reason why many people are stuck with Facebook is because of the benefits and interests that they get from it. as a matter of fact, a lot of people are online for almost a day. And with the updates and applications, they were able to have something which will satisfy themselves.

Facebook is more popular in teens and students and if you’re marketers or business owner then your first priority would be twitter and LikedIn.

The reason behind the popularity of FB is that it provides huge number of interesting games, apps and of course connectivity with your friends, family and like minded people.

Though Google has tried to take Facebook place with Google Plus but it’s too early to predict any outcome.

Facebook is introduced far before Google + but I have never try to explore it but with the introduction of Google +, my interest developed in social media. Your book is mile stone in this regard.

Thanks for this post! I really love visiting your blog.. I can say this is one of the few blogs worth reading. Well Said!

Anna@Cosmetic Dentistry

Hi John, nice post. Sometimes I just feel like I am addicted to Facebook. And I just want to erase me account and be invisible. But yet I don’t have the courage. What to do?

I’ll admit it. I’m on Facebook because I have not had the time or effort to move to something new. YES, I hate the lag time on FB but for as much as I use it, its fine for now.

I just went off bit on Facebook the other day because after avoiding it for a time I went on and seen the same old copy and paste queens, cutesy pics and a ton of misinformation being spead without any investigation. I’d drop FB in a minute if it weren’t for my business pages.

Even with the business pages it’s tough to drive traffic to your blog because it’s far easier for people to click the like button or comment on the facebook page.

Personally, I’m not that interested in most of them following me on Twitter or G+.

Hmm very interesting Brian, so it seems that without the business angle of things you really aren’t all that hot about Twitter, Facebook and Google+ huh? I never would have known that because you’ve always been a solid follow for me, always moving right along from my perspective. I guess the same would probably be said by a few of my Facebook connections, I’m sure they think I love the place, but the reality is I’m just reallly efficient with it ๐Ÿ˜‰

On the traffic note, I hate trying to work the Facebook system for traffic, it’s a nice little drip, but hardly something I’m going to spend a ton of time trying to do. The best traffic is organic traffic built inside of my own hub ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was on my phone with that comment John and I think I wasn’t very clear. I love the social networks, I just have a hard time on my personal FB account when it comes to family. That’s what I meant when I said I had no interest in them (family) following me on other networks.

Ahh I definitely misunderstood, thank you for clearing that up Brian and it makes all the sense in the world now :)

I have almost given up facebook, using twitter and much more Google-plus (which I love because of its circles)
The Facebook problem arises when some of my friends tell me: “…but you did not know it? You have not read on FB?”
By now some of my friends do not even use the phone to send text messages!!!

That’s a great point Albert, all though i guess at this point my friends and family know that it’s safe to say, I probably did not hear it on Facebook. Most likely the reason behind why they don’t tell me stuff about it or from there.

I was actually thinking about all of this today because I was telling a friend that I was not making a lot of connections on FB anymore with my customers (and friends) since the recent changes on there. While I have many more followers on Twitter than FB, I mostly am connecting with other bloggers and businesses for networking or learning purposes. I am a little stuck with Google + because most of the people I talk to on there say the same things on their FB and Twitter pages. Coincidently, very few of my IRL friends or customers follow Twitter or Google + and right now I feel a little stuck on what I should do in regards to social media for my blog and business.

I prefer Twitter… Although I am using Facebook and Google+, I spend much time on Twitter.

Twitter is pretty sweet, I love how fast pace it is. It does take time for people to get use to but once they get use to it (at least the ones I’ve gotten hooked), they love it.

I love Facebook JOHN, but anyway thanks for the insight.

I hope other networks will gain the mass appeal that Facebook has or something close at one point. But the decline of MySpace might be proof that there is not room for more than one network.

Actually I am convincing my friends to try other social media like twitter and google+ but the common answer I get from them is.. ” What will I do with that thing if my friends are in Facebook” then, I’ll just answer them “Well, you have me :)”

I think most people are afraid of leaving facebook because facebook is where their friends and love ones are. It is where they have built relationships with people. And they are frightened that they may lose those people they’ve connected with if they will move to another social media platform.

It’s nice to hear that someone is out there pressing Google+ Noel, I know I am as well and for good reason, G+ is really on fire and the networks seem to grow very quick with relevant content vs the typical useless FB crap that can fill a stream. Keep pushin’ Noel!!

I have Facebook account.I really like this one. I think its help to easily interact with others people by chatting process. I have a twitter account,but it’s new for me.

As you describe it, your morning regime sounds completely insane.

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