Sunday Smash: 11 Killer Small Business, Social Media and Blogging Reads

Each week I try to post a few links to excellent blogging tips, business tips and information on social media sites that I came across during the week. I do this for a few reasons one of which is to share blogging information with newbie bloggers or business bloggers that are looking to create a greater online presence for their business.

When I first started this series I called it the Sunday Smash, which is basically my version of a mashup for the week and it gives me a chance to spread some Do Follow link luv on to other blogs that I read, in some cases those bloggers are nice enough to shoot me a few backlinks in return. I actively read over 500 blog posts over the course of the week on everything from business tips, blogging tips, social media tips and of course I feed my addiction to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as well.

If you have your own blog on business tips, blogging tips, SEO tips, WordPress info, plugins, social media or you’re a local Tampa blogger, take a second to leave a comment and I’ll check your blog out, this is a U Comment I Follow Blog.


Small Business

Social Media

Other Cool Finds

Top Referring Blogs or Websites

These are the good folks that are nice enough to link back to the Extreme John blog with either a text link or the button below (you can hotlink it), send enough traffic to knock the last blog or website off the list and your there. Who knows you might even get some traffic back from being listed in this list, and if nothing else Extreme is DO Follow.

  1. Specky Boy
  2. Mashable
  3. Pelfusion
  4. Geek Blogger
  5. Thesis Theme HQ

Top Contributors

  1. Joy
  2. Jen from SMM Cast
  3. Mike from Daily Shot of Coffee

If you want to be featured in a Sunday Smash post in the future please consider taking the time to leave a comment so I know that you are a U Comment I Follow Blogger, if your not so concerned with networking through leaving comments try following me on Twitter @extremejohn or subscribe to my rss feed.

P.s. I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone that comes through each week, thanks to you Extreme had over 30,000 page views last week. That would be the 10th consecutive week in a row, THANK YOU!

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Hey John,
Thanks for including me in your list. By the way this is really a great list. Nice information for all sections of business.


my pleasure Alease, thanks for the great post and coming by to say hi.

Love the 404 Error Fun Customizations post! I’ve been teaching meself Thesis customizations too – much different than your normal theme.

Every time I see a good 404 post I manage to include it in my weekly recap, but seem to never finish my own page.

Another great wrap up John. Although I have read mostly all that are in the list, I absolutely loved the website that is one of your top referrers. First time I will (have) visited ThesisThemeHQ. Nice theme they have over there :)

Yeah, that Thesis Theme has some great stuff going on thats for sure. Thank you for commenting bro.

Damn, it just goes to show how actually little I read out in the blogosphere. I’ve got to start reading more :roll:

Hi John! I checked 404 Error – Fun Customizations bi Lisa. I didn’t know that this can be done. 8-O. Thanks for providing me a regular dose of cool infos!

My pleasure Percy and thank you for stopping by.

Love the 404 Error Fun Customizations post! 8)

Glad you were able to find something useful today Sidash

Hey John –

I love your Sunday Smash! Do you know how incredible you are? It has been so much fun getting to know you. Your use of social media rocks! You are amazingly generous. I’ve really enjoyed following the links in this weeks post… the variety is awesome. I’ve found some new blogs I’ve never visited before. And some really fun posts. Thanks so much for sharing! And, I have to say, I’m utterly thrilled that you included me. Thank you.


btw – Peter did get busy!

Hi Theresa and thanks for coming by and commenting, I’m constantly on the hunt for new social media marketing tips, and small business tips and your blog coughs of plenty of what my readers enjoy, hopefully you will pick up a few new readers from my way.

Great list thanks John, I will work my way through this lot when I get home.. even if I am a bit late on the scene!

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