Sunday Smash Blogging Tips on Monday

Between being really busy lately with our indoor tanning salon business and working on some new things for our limousine business Insane Limos I really haven’t had the creative energy to get on here and post much, having six extra hours in the day might help. Anyway, each week I like to post a collection of Do Follow link juice filled backlinks to excellent blogging tips and social networking information that came through my Feedly rss feed reader.

In addition to posting links to my favorite blogging tips for newbies and bloggers I also use my weekly series to thank a few of my top contributors that were nice enough to leave a comment here on my blog, I also post the top referring blogs and search engine tips.

This week’s edition of the Sunday Smash is another Sunday Smash on Monday post instead of the typical Sunday post, I took most of the day Sunday to play Mega Touch, watch football and relax with the family. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday as much as I enjoyed mine.

Feedly RSS ReaderThis week’s Sunday Smash on Monday was put together from 75 Do Follow blogs and 116 blog posts that I read through after sifting out the blog posts that didn’t interest me.

Top Contributors

If you enjoy blog posts about business tips, blogging tips, social media tips, social networking tips and a mix of just about everything else take a moment to subscribe to my rss feed, if you see a post you enjoy leave a comment and you can be featured here. Learn how to leave a comment.

1. Karen from Blazing Minds – 32 comments
2. Dave Dauber from Dave Dauber – 15 comments
3. Ned from Baltimore Real Estate Investing Blog – 7 comments

Top Referring Blogs

Every once and a while another blogger from the world of blogging is nice enough to link to one of my articles or to Extreme, when they do it often leads to some of their visitors visiting my blog. Here’s the top referring blogs from last week, if you want to be listed here grab my button from below or include a text link to “Extreme John Blogging CEO”.

Extreme John Blogging CEO

1. Pot Politics – everything from the best blogging tips to crazy political rants.
2. Thesis Theme HQ – Thesis Theme and blogging tips for WordPress bloggers.
3. Don Power – everyday personal blog and newbie blogging tips

Best Blogging Tips

1. Search Engine Domination Stage One – Pot Politics (just sick!)
2. Sunday: Dominating the Home Stretch – Website in a Weekend
3. Blogging on the Side – Dragon Blogger
4. 7 Bloging Goals for 2010 – It’s All a Matter of Perspective
5. What Are the Best Links for SEO – FMS SEO
6. 10 Big and Bold Slab Fonts – Webmag
7. How to Preview Your Google Search Engine Listing – Blaine Blogger
8. Fetching Friday Resources Mashup – Kikolani

Best Business Tips

1. Branding Battle Favicon to the Rescue – Blogussion
2. Online Faxing – Nothing but Random
3. Make Blogging Work for Business – Kikolani

Best Social Media Tips

1. New to Twitter? Tips to make Twittering a Rewarding Experience
2. How to Customize Facebook Fan Page Widget – Shout Me Loud
3. Control Your Twitter Followers – Blazing Minds
4. All My Life – Pot Politics
5. Twitter Icons – Annanta

Top Referring Search Engine / Blog Directories

1. Google
2. Yahoo
3. Bing
4. Twitter
5. Blog Engage

O.k it’s time for me to get out of here, if your a newbie blogger looking for blogging tips for newbies you might want to consider taking a moment to subscribe to my rss feed, follow me on twitter or become a fan of my Facebook Fan Page.

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As always, great collection of blogging tips. you’re almost like the Reader’s Digest of blogging. I can skip to the Smash and get what I need, all on your recommendation. Thanks John.

By the way, I have to assume that I did not win the contest last month. Will the winner be announced or did I just miss it?
.-= Keith@Norman Rockwell Art´s last blog ..Jan 10, Norman Rockwell The Dugout, Saturday Evening Post Cover =-.

@Keith@Norman Rockwell Art, did you have to use Readers Digest as a comparison? haha

It’s a good way for me to share what I am reading and learning with others that might be interested in the same topics, it’s also a nice way of showing props to the bloggers that write the content I enjoy reading.

Wow I wanted that damn TOP referrer spot and Got it COOL. For some reason I have been having some awesome things happen to me lately. I hope it’s Never one of those jinx patterns where I’m up and you down and vice versa. I remember when my blog was down for a week and I had to watch yours blowing up LOL :) BUT even more important is the way people have been working together man it’s really starting to have an effect on me, my blog,attitude all that. Of course I still blow a gasket over little things but I get away from letting it hold me back faster and faster. Glad your posting man :) and thanks for the link :)
.-= John Sullivan´s last blog ..Facebook vs Twitter =-.

@John Sullivan, that’s because your keeping a positive attitude and driving forward, not letting the things of past hold you back.

Sunday Smash Blogging Tips on Monday…

A collection of the best business tips, blogging tips and social media tips from the previous week with special blogging tips for newbies and business blogging tips….

Great collection of blogging tips. I’ll be sure to check some of them out. Gave you a thumbs up at BE.

@Rose, thank you as always it’s greatly appreciated.

i still amaze with your traffic source… seems like google love you more than me…lol

Woo Hoo, I’m top of the commentators 😉
.-= Karen @ Blazing Minds´s last blog ..Who’s the Band – Sunrise Sunset =-.

@Karen @ Blazing Minds, congrats Karen and thanks for working that Guest Post as hard as you did.

Just for the record, I wasn’t making fun of your blog when I was talking about blogs that do round ups for two posts!

Also, if you played less Mega Touch and let other people have some records, you’d have more time to blog.
.-= Mike @DailyShotOfCoffee´s last blog ..Fresh Brews: Coffee Pranks And Coffee To The Rescue! =-.

@Mike @DailyShotOfCoffee, that will be enough out of you for today.

Nice set of linky luv! Just curious, you linked to all the search engines except Google?
.-= Keith@Need Information´s last blog ..Blogger Luv =-.

I see it as a sign that we must be doing something right when I get a mention on here John looking at the other great and very useful articles you link out to.

A big thank you to you and all the best in 2010.


.-= Karl Foxley@SEO Services´s last blog ..Have You Seen The Brand New OnTheGo Theme? =-.

@Karl Foxley@SEO Services, all of your posts are killer over there. I easily could have added 2 more of your posts to the list, but I like to share :)

I myself actually found your website through potpolitics 😛
.-= Kaja@Kajanova´s last blog ..Lady Loses it at McDonolds After Denied Refund =-.

@Kaja@Kajanova, thanks to you finding my blog from Pot Politics I found your blog :)

I’m not on the comment list?!?!?!? Check spam buddy…lol
.-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..I’m Unsubscribing From Your Blog…..Again =-.

@Dennis Edell, you might be right Dennis I haven’t gotten caught up enough to get into the spam box just yet. There’s like 960 spam messages in there and that will take a few minutes to say the least. haha.

@Extreme John,

Clean it out and start checking regularly. lol

Seriously though, over the past couple weeks somethings been hating me on blogs all over the sphere.
.-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..7 DAYS ONLY – ProBloggers-31 Days To Build A Better Blog- + 3 Awesome Bonuses! =-.

Great list as usual! I always learn something new.
.-= Matt@Atlanta Real Estate´s last blog ..Details on New Tax Credit Extension =-.

Wow!!! I haven’t been to your blog for a while. Good to see that you are still going pretty strong. I hope I will able to make up in this link love post. I was busy with my theme design. I will be spamming few blogs from now on :high:
.-= Ricky´s last blog ..Releasing New WordPress Theme Pltheme Beta Version =-.

I’ve missed out quite a lot articles on the blogosphere that you listed here, am going to check out some of them that I find them interesting to read.

No wonder didn’t see you update your blog as often as usual, but everything goes smooth John. :) Take enough rest before you can move further!

.-= Lee Ka Hoong@Make Money Blogging´s last blog ..Sunday Killer Link Love Post #7 =-.

:laughat: :high: Blogging is still a relatively new term, having combined the aspect (and terminology) of the web with the action of logging your thoughts, actions or daily activities. As a trend, however, blogging is rather established. It’s no longer uncommon to learn that someone or some business entity has a blog. Marketing around blogs has driven an entire web-based economy all its own, but for those running the blogs, new marketing tactics are always a challenge resulting in staying one step ahead of the curve.

I like the title…two days in one post :) And as usual excellent picks of links John.

Thank you once again for the mention John.
.-= ZXT´s last blog ..Shopping Galore =-.

I set up my RSS reader, but keep forgetting to go check it out. It’s a good thing I still get your blog through email or I’d miss great things here, too. Not that I don’t just pop in on occasion anyway. Organization is on my to do list this year [notice I didn’t say ‘better’ organization]. :roll:
.-= Anne´s last blog ..Auto Speak with Dip Stick =-.

@Anne, you need to jump all over that blog reader, you would be surprised how much time it will save you and how much easier it makes networking and staying up to date on things. :mrgreen:

My pleasure John. I hope I didn’t overstep. Please let me know if I did.

All the best.

.-= Rose´s last blog ..Broken Link Checker =-.

Thanks for including my articles in your Smash! You’ve got some great referrer blogs too! :)
.-= Kikolani´s last blog ..How Blog Commenting Has Made a Difference =-.

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