Sunday Smash: Good Tweeps, #FollowFriday, Twitter Toys

Getting right back into the swing of things and closing out a short week after our Memorial Weekend Party it seems the time has come for another Sunday Smash.

I really need to take my hat off to those bloggers that work hard everyday to contribute useful information to other bloggers around the world which helps bloggers increase their blog traffic. Putting together large pieces of information and SEO tips takes a tremendous amount of time, which is exactly why I take the easy road and only do posts like this once a week.

When I did [intlink id=”1878″ type=”post”]my first Sunday Smash article[/intlink] I honestly didn’t expect anyone to read it or pay attention to anything that I had posted, I mean let’s face it my blog does not really have one specific reason or niche that it covers. Niche blogs offer a more specific topic of conversation than a blog like Extreme, where I post various articles like [intlink id=”2004″ type=”post”]twitter tools[/intlink], [intlink id=”1166″ type=”category”]current events[/intlink], [intlink id=”1120″ type=”category”]indoor tanning[/intlink], [intlink id=”147″ type=”category”]limousines[/intlink], and [intlink id=”25″ type=”category”]pictures[/intlink].

My first Sunday Smash article blew up, EXPLODED! Ok maybe not, but there were plenty of comments from my daily readers that seemed to have some use for the information I posted. Now when we get to my second Sunday Smash article, that’s when things get serious… BIG traffic people, BIG! Ok again, not so much however the people who did check out my second Sunday Smash article titled “Sunday Smash: Twitter Manager Review, Retweet Review, #FollowFriday” commented with some nice feedback, which has motivated me to do another Sunday Smash.

Good Tweeps
Twitter can be many things to many people, business folk use it to promote their business and brand recognition, others use twitter simply for the fun of it. One key thing to twitter is having followers that actually follow you, they read your tweets, re-tweet and communicate with you through twitter. Having a huge number of useless followers that use [intlink id=”2067″ type=”post”]twitter managers[/intlink] that allow them to avoid your tweets couldn’t possibly be any fun.

I enjoy interacting daily with good twitter users (tweeps) who offer feedback, advice and offer some excellent tweets to read. Here are a few of my twitter followers that offered some excellent quality twitter interaction over the last week, thank you.

  • @Momspective
  • @steaknightmag
  • @Focuzmedia

Thank you to the following twitter friends that were nice enough to re-tweet:
@dirtymartinigal @noberg @retweet_central @flignats @KushMoney @ezblogger @thestarceleb @jsinkeywest @LaceRocks @digby00 @dtagurit @ShatCast @thekatalist @northernsweetie @promotertv @findingjoey @PacoSaiso @LaceRocks @divascancook  @powerpoole

As always it seems that twitter users are constantly evolving, much faster than I can possibly keep track of. One of the latest changes in #followfriday is simply the shortening of the concept to #ff instead of the longer #followfriday which eats up more of your 140 character limit. Follow Friday is that special day of the week where you find out if anyone is actually paying attanetion to you on twitter and of course it allows you to recommend some people that you enjoy following on twitter.

Here is an example of a #FollowFriday or #ff tweet that gets sent out on Friday’s throughout the twitterverse.

Happy #ff everyone here are some great twitter friends @ezblogger @Momspective @steaknightmag @shotofcoffee @thestarceleb

Typically you recommend twitter friends on #followfriday in batches of five, I typically send out three different #ff messages on Follow Friday. I take notes throughout the week of twitter friends that don’t re-tweet messages, twitter friends that do re-tweet messages and of course any twitter friends that recommend me on #followfriday. I than take my notes for the week and add the names of the twitter friends I had interaction with and post them in my Sunday Smash. It’s pretty simple to get a mention here in my Sunday Smash, either leave a comment, re-tweet this article (or any of my articles) or follow me on twitter during the course of the week. Chances are I will list you in my Sunday Smash, I also find more blogs to read and follow by the comments you leave and tweets I read, it’s an excellent way to network.

Thank you to the following Twitter friends that recommended me on #FollowFriday:
@ezblogger @intrepid316 @thewildjoker @northernsweetie @heavensfireeyes @Momspective @steaknightmag @MMAMAFIAnet @TheAmazingTweet @kimshannon @Rdude118 @thekatalist @Bor64 @kzredhead @lavasite @Focuzmedia @FlaFreakshow @GusGallows @missourijewel @michaeldeverett @intrepid316 @LimousineLAX @dtagurit @horno @StephanieSteele @steaknightmag @TheRealDJames @jsinkeywest @dtagurit @northernsweetie @Terrybelle @simplypimpin @Ballyhoo @deukgu @StilettoSportsJ @Focuzmedia @kikolani

Here are my #followfriday recommendations:
@jessica_biel @kzredhead @thewildjoker @ezblogger @intrepid316
@Momspective @steaknightmag @MMAMAFIAnet @TheAmazingTweet @kimshannon @Rdude118 @thekatalist @Bor64 @kzredhead @lavasite @Focuzmedia @FlaFreakshow @GusGallows @missourijewel @michaeldeverett @intrepid316 @LimousineLAX @dtagurit @JohnAguiar @SRowl @LaceRocks @BrnzBarbie @horno

Twitter Toys
Each week I close out my Sunday Smash with links to new [intlink id=”2004″ type=”post”]twitter resources[/intlink] I have found and personally tried, or [intlink id=”2004″ type=”post”]twitter tools[/intlink] that I checked out during the week. I am the type of guy that tests all kinds of things, I have no problem testing tools to [intlink id=”1495″ type=”post”]increase your twitter followers[/intlink] or twitter tools for business. Pretty much if I find it I will try it and let you know what I thought of it, or at least what it does.

This seemed like a decent service, you pay $10.95 and get a few thousand twitter followers in a hurry. They claim thousands however the reality is that there are only a little over 5,000 twitter users in the TweepMe database, unless every single one of them follows you, your not getting thousands of followers in a hurry. This article on Tycoon Blogger goes into a little more detail in regards to just how many followers he achieved from using TweepMe, as you will see the results are hardly exciting… Better yet, hardly worth the measly $10.95 this service costs. On a larger scale I think people should stay far away from the TweepMe “Lifetime Account” which is a reccuring billing system, if you barely get any followers in the first month why would you want to pay long term for it.

Tweet My Blog
This service claims to have the tools to “Transform your twitter account into a Monster and Automatically drive a stampede of traffic to your WordPress blog.” Tweet My Blog is a WordPress plugin that installs in about 30 seconds, it will automatically tweet your latest blog update to your twitter account.

I am really not a “gimmickie” kinda guy, there’s way too much hype on the front page to convince me that it will create a “Stampede of traffic”. Be warned that Tweet My Blog is all about the “Fast Action Bonus’s” and “Special Offers”, I find that stuff to be a rediculous pain in the ass. The reality of Tweet My Blog (in my experience) is that you will get a few readers from it and it’s a decent concept, I still feel that obtaining higher quality twitter followers will generate a higher quality of traffic, regardless if it’s a “stampede” or not.

Tweet My Blog does however offer a solution that does fill a need for me, I wanted the ability to have my blog posts cross posted on my twitter account without having to manually do it. I have noticed an increase of readers at the time that my blog post is automatically tweeted, again nothing major. Regardless an increase in readers is always a plus, in this case if I had the option of signing up to Tweet My Blog again I probably would not. Those of you with large numbers of twitter followers will of course see a greater return than I had in my experience.

If your looking for more people to follow on twitter than Twubble might be a pretty good assistant in helping you do so. Twubble gets some type of six degrees of seperation thing going and recommends people for you to follow based on the people you currently follow on twitter. In the event you follow a large number of people on twitter, Twubble may have a problem recommending people to follow due to a Twitter API limitation.

On the Brink
Here is a quick peek at a few of the articles you will see posted on Extreme this week, if any of them get’cha excited subscribe to my RSS feed so you know when the article you wanted to see is posted.

The Wrap Up
I hope everyone had an excellent and safe Memorial Weekend, thank you again to everyone that watched the party we had for Extreme Tan and Smoothies that we streamed live thanks to @lacerocks.

Thanks again to everyone that takes the time to leave a comment, you helped me reach 2000 comments earlier this week and I greatly appreciate all of your input and feedback.

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Yeah, I also started using Twubble if Crazybob, I think it’s much easier than manual work. can we overcome Twitter API limitation?

Thanks for including me in your post, and having such great links and resources! These are definitely the best types of articles to find. I’m now headed over to Twitter Safety Tips! :)

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