SundaySmash: Startups Decline, Groupon and Business, Social Media Tips and Tools

I took a few weeks away from posting new #SundaySmash updates because I hadn’t fully cleaned out my reader yet. When I refer to my “reader” I am referring to NetNewsWire the RSS feed reader that I use to stay connected to something like 200+ business, social media and blogging tips blogs.

The main reason for the break was due to a little “spring cleaning” I felt I needed to do. I still have a long way to go with finding new blogs to subscribe to in order to replace the blogs that I felt just weren’t delivering. I can honestly only take so much of the same old crap being re-spewed and as I mentioned last week I don’t have any patience for the new Twitter strategies that suck. I bring Twitter in to the mix because I try to be very social in regards to the items I read, if I like’em I share’em on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The new thing with Twitter and bloggers seems to be talking about Twitter, preaching about Twitter and everything else that goes in to blogging yet they truly suck at following up with any real delivery.

With that said, let’s get down to this week’s #SundaySmash. I can assure you there will be some new blogs and bloggers listed in next week’s Sunday Smash.

Sunday Smash

Every week I put together a list of my favorite articles that came through the blogs that I currently subscribe to with NetNewsWire. If you would like your article to be included in a future Sunday Smash article please tweet me a link to your business, blogging or social media related article @extremejohn. If Twitter isn’t your thing you can say hey on my Facebook Page or leave a comment below. Basically, jump forward and say hey so I know you’re there and can check out what type of content you’re delivering.

Business Tips for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Small Biz Trends released information about the decline in start-ups.

Solo Biz Coach had an excellent article on the 5 ways your relationship with work MUST change.

I also really enjoyed “This is a Time for Leaders to Lead and Not React” by Brian Solis

Abnormal Marketing has an interesting article questioning, “Are group buying deals good for business?” that I commented on. Interesting numbers.

Blogging Tips for Business and Personal Brand Bloggers

New Super Affiliate Blog has an excellent article about How subscribing to RSS feed can make your life easier.

Social Mouths offered up some sweet tips on how to bulletproof your WordPress blog.

The business bloggers that read my blog should enjoy Big Feet Marketing’s, “What Your Customers Really Want to read on your Blog“.

Social Media Tips and Information

Simply Zesty has a list of 7 essential business social media tools that had a few tools I hadn’t tried before. Enjoy.

One of the new blogs in my RSS reader is Momcomm. I enjoyed their article on “Why Twitter DM’s are evil and what you should do instead“, thought you might find it helpful.

Social Media Examiner is what of my favorite blogs. Here’s “4 tips to maximize your Twitter marketing” that I think might come in handy to those of you that recently started using Twitter for marketing.

Facebook enables Facial Recognition for Millions, Here’s How to Turn it Off” by All Facebook is a must share for obvious reasons.

Aaron Lee has “9 reasons social media is not working for you” to top out this week’s SundaySmash.

Top Referring Blogging Sites

I want to say thanks to the following for linking back to Extreme John ( ). These are the top referring sites for the previous week. If you would like to be included in a future SundaySmash or want to trade some traffic links, simply text link “Extreme John – Blogging CEO” , if you want to get nuts you can hot link the image below and link it to the same url. Show up in the top list and you’ll receive DoFollow backlinks in return when I list you here.

  1. Blog Engage – recent article “How to Become a Popular Blogger Using the Blog Engage Network
  2. Nice Blogger – recent article “How to Index a Site in Google Faster then Everyone
  3. Kikolani – recent article “CommentLuv 2.9 Guide for Blow Owners and Commenters
  4. Net Chunks – recent article “How to get a Reader Base for Your Blog
  5. YoungPrePro – recent article “The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

Parting Shots

If you missed my Weekly Link Dump there’s the link, it’s a MUST READ if you want some sweet social media tips and tools because I let it fly this week. Of yeah, don’t forget to check out my recent breaking Twitter News.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I noticed while going through my Google Analytics that something very odd has occurred for the first time….. Twitter now refers more traffic to my blog then Facebook does, neither of which are remotely close to Google, Bing or even Yahoo for that matter. I wonder what this might mean.

About Google Analytics

Your Turn

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Hey John,

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It was an excellent article Fred, it needed to be included :) Thx for taking the time to comment I appreciate it.

Hey John- thanks SO much for the shout-out! I’m a little giddy about being in a post that also features the likes of Social Media Examiner, Social Mouths and Brian Solis! I’ve got quite a bit of reading to do!

Also, thanks for your comments on my blog. You know your stuff!

My pleasure Melissa, thanks for taking the time to come by and comment I appreciate it.

Thanks for mentioning my article on Social Media Examiner, John. You’ve created a great list of resources here. Thanks for including me.

My pleasure Charelene thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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